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nest building

  1. H

    Sensitive wildlife camera to capture blue tits coming and going from nest

    Hi, For the first year ever some blue tits decided to nest in the box I put up two years ago. I was over the moon and the past couple of weeks have been so happy for me watching the parents come and go. As soon as I realised they were there I bought a Usogood wildlife camera which I set up on...
  2. Nuthatch food sharing at the nest hole

    Nuthatch food sharing at the nest hole

    I spotted this nest site a couple of weeks back and re-visited today on a walk, great to see the birds still building and as is the case with many photographs, great to be in the right place at the right time, for a food share. I'll try to keep an eye on the nest from here on.
  3. L

    Mystery Material

    Hello all, Each year I have noticed our blue tits bring in the slightest bit of red nesting material (see pic). I have also noticed this on other images of other people's blue tit nests. Does anyone have any idea what it is? And more importantly does anyone have any idea why the blue tit feels...
  4. Great spotted Woodpecker making its nest (Grote bonte specht)

    Great spotted Woodpecker making its nest (Grote bonte specht)

    The Great spotted Woodpecker making its nest. Widespread black-and-white woodpecker with a range that covers much of Eurasia. This woodpecker occurs in all types of woodlands and eats a variety of foods, being capable of extracting seeds from pine cones, insect larvae from inside trees or eggs...
  5. M

    House Finch Nest on back patio

    Hi everyone! I I'm slightly concerned about the house finches that have built a nest on my back patio. I will be having a get-together for the 4th of July next week.The nest is right above where everyone will be mostly congregating for the day. My hope is that one day won't scare them off and...
  6. surprising nest building in urban area

    surprising nest building in urban area

    Easter Sunday on my way with a friend to a house in nearby Plaka where friends are hosting in their garden the traditional luncheon of lamb roasted on the spit. Several small birds sweep down to street level to pick up nest building material, I reach for my camera but they are so quick it is...
  7. I'm only posing for a second

    I'm only posing for a second

    I was in a blind at the local lagoons when the swallow appeared. I liked the shallow perspective and the blur of the bird behind.
  8. Wren Nest Building

    Wren Nest Building

    Wren nest building with moss
  9. Bald Eagle

    Bald Eagle

    This is the female Bald Eagle from the nest I've been following since March 2008. I've been going back though some older captures and re-editing them. It was an amazing morning observing/photographing the adult pair work on their nest for the 2010 nesting season in which 3 male Bald Eagles...
  10. Bald Eagle with stick

    Bald Eagle with stick

    I have been observing/photographing a pair of American Bald Eagles since March 2008. This year the adults decided to build an entirely new nest close to their other two nests in the same area. This is the male as he brought back one of many sticks used to build the nest. Both adults do the...
  11. One deft move

    One deft move

    Reloaded photo, The pr of BTs were happily making a nest in a 6 inch wide gate post in a vertical hole although when they both left I had a peek and couldn't see the bottom, lets hope the work isn't in vain and it doesn't rain too hard.....
  12. Busy busy busy

    Busy busy busy

    The nest is coming on and will shortly be finished, its not in the best place, too close for the local fishermen to disturb
  13. pied wagtail building nest

    pied wagtail building nest