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Recent content by andrew147

  1. andrew147


    I've not seen it included in any study, but Ninox odiosa is generally thought to be close to the jacquinoti complex. Wondering if it should also be moved to Athene. Anyone have any experience with this species?
  2. andrew147


    As it stands, Ninox in HBW and other checklists is poly- and paraphyletic. Sceloglaux and probably Uroglaux are embedded within it, and some 'Ninox' species belong in or near to Athene... seems likely that, in time and after more work, Hieracoglaux (type = connivens) will be needed once more for...
  3. andrew147


    Yes please :)
  4. andrew147

    Type species of mammalian genera

    Hi, I'm looking for a mammalian taxonomy resource (or resources) which clearly shows (1) designated type species and (2) generic synonyms. The best thing I have is Wilson's 'Mammal Species of the World' but it's a bit inconsistent with the information provided. Anyone have suggestion for a...
  5. andrew147


    The 8 distinct lineages from Lui et al organised into 3 species are: 1. Phasianus elegans YUNNAN PHEASANT probably incl. ssp rothschildi 2. Phasianus colchicus TURKESTAN PHEASANT a. Phasianus [c.] colchicus Black-necked Pheasant incl. sspp talischensis, persicus and presumably...
  6. andrew147


    They designate ornatus as the type species of Saudareos.
  7. andrew147

    AOU-NACC Proposals 2019

    It's not an English-language word so, if it had been adopted, it would have simply meant Peucedramus. I think it's a Mexican name for the species.
  8. andrew147

    AOU-NACC Proposals 2019

    1. Thanks for writing an erudite and (mostly) polite post. 2. I don't think that changing bird names is the place to start either but it is certainly the only part of the discussion relevant to the present forum! 3. Understand that not everyone who opposes some of your ideas can be...
  9. andrew147

    AOU-NACC Proposals 2019

    Yes, I know all that already and actually agree with some of it. You don't engage with what I'm saying - instead you just respond generically, like you're having some phantom argument with Jeremy Corbyn.
  10. andrew147

    AOU-NACC Proposals 2019

    Because it's all about you isn't it? What you've heard of, what matters to you, what your political views are, your idea of what is and is not "real". Maybe you should go along to a BLM demo - try understanding how life is for people whose societal position isn't constantly validated by...
  11. andrew147

    AOU-NACC Proposals 2019

    And we're back with the catastrophising... and an interesting perspective on where 'denial' is situated in this narrative.
  12. andrew147

    AOU-NACC Proposals 2019

    But who gets to decide what is meaningful? That the voices of certain demographics are heard (and considered meaningful), while others are disempowered, is key to this whole discussion. Incredible, positive social change is happening around us right now and the use of language is a...
  13. andrew147

    AOU-NACC Proposals 2019

    Seems like you can be arsed with me there. Do make up your mind! Anyway, I'm not interested in engaging with you about fripperies because, well, I just can't see us ever becoming friends - and I don't imagine anyone else is interested in reading it. I am, however, compelled to challenge...
  14. andrew147

    AOU-NACC Proposals 2019

    ...well, of course not. However, as I don't want the international community of BirdForum to think that you somehow represent English people in general, I'm going to have to be 'arsed' with you.
  15. andrew147

    AOU-NACC Proposals 2019

    No it isn't. A list of common names for birds used by English-speaking people is not the same as a list of common names of birds exclusively in the English language. Clearly we all use the former as the latter is something that doesn't exist - unless you've personally renamed the avifauna of...