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Recent content by foresttones

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    Focuser smoothness on NL Pure?

    Update: my replacement 8x42 NLs arrived and are as perfect as anyone could want.
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    Focuser smoothness on NL Pure?

    I had a pair of 8x42 NLs whose focuser had a noticeable and annoying rough spot. Over the course of a week the issue became worse and worse until it became effectively stuck. I had to use two fingers to get it unstuck from its position. I sent them back and a replacement is currently en route. I...
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    8x56 SLC

    I'm very close to picking up the 8x56 SLCs. My reference bin is the 7x42 FL my wife uses. I love its ease of view, big, bright image, wide FOV. Am I right in thinking that the 8x56s will be similar (or better) in that regard? Of course, it would make sense to pick up a used 7x42. But I rarely...
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    Binomania video review of Zeiss Victory Pocket 8x25

    Nicely done, thanks!
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    How to get into reptiles and amphibians?

    For those in the US, I've found this CA website to be really nice. http://www.californiaherps.com In addition to species profiles, it includes information on habitat, which I find really helpful.
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    Optics and Herping

    I wonder how folks make use of binoculars for herping. My interest is anurans, but I imagine a lot of the same advice applies to the entire field. My hunch is that a larger exit pupil will help. But even a x56 might need some help past dusk, no? I wonder how useful a headlamp might be with...
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    Review of 8x25 Victory Pocket

    I picked up two of these, one for me and my wife. While my wife will be sticking with her FL 7x42s, I find this a very convincing instrument. Save for its inherent limitations in lowlight, I agree that it stands up to a lot of alphas out there.
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    I was following those auctions closely. My wife has the 7x42 FL, and I'd really like to pick up one for myself. But man, ~2300 is nuts.
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    Swarovski SLC New 7X42

    I love the 7x42 size and am jealous of my wife's FLs. It's too bad the size isn't more popular. It would be nice to see Swaro do an updated version.
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    8x56 SLC

    Thanks to CharleyBird for the low price alert in the UK. Unfortunately, it looks like I'm unable to have them shipped to the US. The good news is that it some US Swaro dealers are now offering the 8x56, though not at such a good price.
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    US Zeiss Dealers

    I've set my sights (sorry!) on the SF 8x42. In reading through this forum, it seems that there are some dealers that are willing to move well below msrp. Might anyone provide some direction here? I've read that the SF has been picked up fro less thank 2000, which makes it much more in my reach.
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    Buying Zeiss from Overseas?

    Thanks so much for your reply. I hadn't considered warranty issues. I contacted Zeiss USA and they say that they would honor the warranty stateside but only for as long as it is offered in the country of purchase.
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    Buying Zeiss from Overseas?

    I'm new to this forum and have fallen in love with the Victory SF, much to my wife's chagrin. There seem to be a few dealers on ebay who offer the 8x42 model and quite a deep discount. Has anyone had experience picking up binoculars this way? Besides the normal caveats for ebay buyers, is...