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Recent content by GeorgeL

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    Celestron X-Cel’LX 7mm saves the day!

    I’m assuming your HB scope accepts standard 1.25” astro eyepieces….. ?…. in other words, they simply slide in and secured in place.
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    Celestron X-Cel’LX 7mm saves the day!

    Scratch my previous suggestion on the ES 82 ep’s…
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    Celestron X-Cel’LX 7mm saves the day!

    Speaking of cheap, I have a couple of SvBony eyepieces that work well with my spotters. Not bad at $35, this one is a clone of the Orion Expanse eyepiece. Good eye relief too.
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    Celestron X-Cel’LX 7mm saves the day!

    Well, with my ES 82 eyepieces, I can see the field stops, even with the ones with short eye relief. I don’t wear glasses, btw. But for pure viewing comfort I prefer my Pentax XW’s a lot better with their large eye lens and eye relief.
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    Celestron X-Cel’LX 7mm saves the day!

    You picked up a good eyepiece. Nice to see it’s working well with your scope with good AFOV. Celestron also has their Luminos line of eyepieces with wide, 82* AFOV but don’t seem to be very popular amongst the CN crowd. I have a few Explore Scientific 68* & 82* eyepieces which I use on my...
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    Tripod and head for slight female birder

    Just to throw this option at you have you ever considered a monopod with a tilt only head? That’s my usual setup with my 65mm straight scope.
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    Tripod head with handle locking?

    In general, I don’t like locking handles due to the slight play (at least on most tripods I’ve tried) on the loosened handle itself while panning/tilting.
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    Can't decide on a scope

    For stationary viewing have you also considered large binoculars?
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    Can't decide on a scope

    I like the interchangeability of eyepieces on my Pentax scope. I bought the scope without the zoom eyepiece. And as mentioned above the scope accepts most any other astronomical eyepieces. I have about a dozen other eyepieces for my telescopes and they are all compatible with the two...
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    lens filter to protect binocular objective lens?

    Typicall, if you use a filter the screw-in lens hood would screw onto the filter.
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    lens filter to protect binocular objective lens?

    Additionally, small diameter filters and screw-in lens hoods are almost impossible to find these days…
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    lens filter to protect binocular objective lens?

    I have UV filters on my spotting scopes and the lens shades extend well beyond the filters. But with nothing to shade the filters on your bins, that may possibly create some sort of glare or reflection problems?
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    Possibly Using Spotting Scope Wrong. Advice?

    Make sure the eyepiece is inserted correctly.
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    Lens Covers - Do You Use Them?

    If they work well I use them. If they don’t I don’t bother with them.
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    PF 65 ED eyepieces?

    No, I have not them for seawatching. I’ve had the EP’s for my telescopes, primarily. For my 65mm Pentax I like the 14XW. Also, the Explore Scientific 11 & 14mm. I sometimes favor the ES eyepieces over the XW’s for their compact size, especially when hiking.