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Recent content by kahraba

  1. kahraba

    Bird of Prey Identification, Korcula, Croatia

    Visible thick barring on the flanks definitely tilts toward Short-toed Eagle for me.
  2. kahraba

    Lesser kestrel ? Sardegna

    Thank you all for the answers. A difficult ID ; the distant shots with a lot of heat haze are of little help. Nevertheless, I had hope that someone could confirm my feelings, mainly based on coloration (face, cere, underparts...) and the very limited spotting. I shall leave this bird...
  3. kahraba

    Lesser kestrel ? Sardegna

    Hi all, two weeks ago in Sardegna, Stintino (NW) - above the steppe behind the house where I stayed, one kestrel drew my attention as a possible Lesser. I took a few photos before it went a little out of sight and all I could see was it met another one, which I could not see properly - if at...
  4. kahraba

    Fly-catching nuthatch (no pics) - Northumberland 15/04/22

    Hello, interesting ! These are quite different birds of course but I have seen Treecreepers do that.
  5. kahraba

    Ethiopia January 2019 - Is this an Eastern Imperial Eagle?

    Thank you for your insight, Tom ! For my information and personal improvement (probably a few others' too), is the age you are referring to 4cy ?
  6. kahraba

    Ethiopia January 2019 - Is this an Eastern Imperial Eagle?

    Double underwing band, long gape, along with the smallish head and upperwing markings point towards Steppe IMHO but I am also hoping for other opinions.
  7. kahraba

    Duck from Poland

    Thank you Butty and Alexander for your replies, especially Alexander for - once again - taking the time for thorough and precise argumentation ! To me this bird looked like a straight-out-of-the-book juvenile greater Scaup according to the first two points that you mentioned. I regret not...
  8. kahraba

    Duck from Poland

    Nice juvenile Greater Scaup (Aythya marila) !
  9. kahraba

    ID a help I’m 99% sure it’s Marsh Tit but…

    I admit the bib is on the wide side but the rather shiny cap and the pale bill spot tend to confirm Marsh Tit.
  10. kahraba

    Firth of Forth, Scotland

    I believe #2 is a male Goldeneye and #3 a female
  11. kahraba

    Which wheatear do you think is this?

    Probably a fairly worn Black-eared. Was the picture taken in summer ? Let's wait for other opinions. Cheers !
  12. kahraba

    Stubble field Bunting, Fife.

    This is a Skylark. Note general color, habitat and terrestrial habits, facial pattern, streaked breast...
  13. kahraba

    Medellin, Colombia

    I would say Social Flycatcher for #1 ; ok for Great Kiskadee for #2 but I have only seen these two a handful of times each and do not know the other possibilities in the region. Nice pictures !
  14. kahraba

    From Thailand

    Sooty-headed Bulbul
  15. kahraba

    Bird ID help please. - Mersin Turkey

    Thank you for the input ! I was unaware that Pied occurred so far west and hence it is indeed as likely as Cyprus, if not more. Virtually impossible to ID confidently, isn't it ? Pied appears as the most reasonable option.