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Recent content by paperweight

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    Comment by 'paperweight' in media 'Wryneck'

    Thanks, Delia, I'll make sure the helpful information is embedded in future contributions.
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    Comment by 'paperweight' in media 'Wryneck'

    I have never been able to watch a Wryneck, and today it was there beneath our bushes feasting on ants. I had to ask a friend what it was to be honest. It was very shy and I had to wait for the right moment until it left the shadow and came out into the sunlight.
  3. Wryneck


    Shy little fellow and a rare guest in our garden.
  4. Hawfinch


    A rare visitor in our garden. I haven't seen one for a couple of years. This winter is colder than last year's, and it seems our feeding place is attracting more species than during the preceding winters. They are very shy and fly away when I move. So I had to sit and wait for things to happen...
  5. Hawfinch


    Second picture in this series; all information in the other picture.
  6. Redstart (first year)

    Redstart (first year)

    This male Redstart in our garden is in his first year because he has not got his typical dark colour. This does not keep him from singing all day long. Obviously, he has not found a parter, and so he's very busy displaying his rich, young voice.
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    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Short-toed Treecreeper'

    Thanks for the nice comments and the good wishes for the Treecreeper family.
  8. Short-toed Treecreeper

    Short-toed Treecreeper

    An old plum tree in our garden is near the end of its life. One of the main branches at the stem is threatening to come off, and there's already a deep crack. That's exactly where a short-toed treecreeper has decided to nest. We do hope the next summer-thunderstorm is weeks away because if the...
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    Kowa TE 10 Z compared to Kowa TE 11 Z

    I just compared the TE-11 (right picture) to the TE-10 (left picture) because I own both these eyepieces. I sold my TE-10 a while ago but could buy another one. In a former comparison, the TE-10 seemed to be sharper off-centre. Tonight's test did not prove this. Magnificication was 60x on both...
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    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Red Kite Resting'

    Thanks a lot for all your positive feedback. I can only humbly confirm I'm indeed blessed to have those wonderful birds in my neighborhood. This fact and a fine scope (Kowa 883) help a lot.
  11. Red Kite Resting

    Red Kite Resting

    Isn't it funny? Yesterday I caught a family of kestrels in the meadow behind our house at about 150 yards. Today a red kite occupied exactly the same fence pole that I had caught the kestrel on yesterday in my gallery contribution. Seems like a claim for territory is going on: the kestrels kept...
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    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Kestrel Gymnastics'

    Thanks. Yes, I'm blessed with bird families in our village: Little Owls, Red Kites, Red-backed shrikes, kestrels and some more.
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    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Red-backed Shrike Keeping Watch'

    Thanks for all your encouraging comments.
  14. Kestrel Gymnastics

    Kestrel Gymnastics

    This bird was neither taking off nor landing, it was just doing gymnastics... A whole family of kestrels had assembled in the meadow behind our house. Their home must be close by, because I had heard their calls throughout this summer. I did the best I could focussing, but at 96x this is not an...
  15. Red-backed Shrike Keeping Watch

    Red-backed Shrike Keeping Watch

    About a week ago I posted some shots of a family of red-backed shrikes. As I come by their "living-room" on my daily walk I feel they somehow have got used to me sitting there on a bench about 30 yards from them. I would like to share two more pictures that were taken in a series...