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Recent content by Petri

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    Japan in september

    Miyakejima My understanding is that many of the Miyake Island specialities are still there in September, + migrants/vagrants. Moreover, this probably is the best and least expensive way to do some pelagic birding. Locating some of the target birds is going to be a challenge, though, because...
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    Sunda Coucal/Muara Angke

    More details Hi Alan, Leaving the avenue (just enough space for one taxi to park) and passing the entrance shelter, one soon (5-10 meters?) sees an opening on the right. In there, 50 to 100 meters away, there are some trees by the edge of the water, in-between the avenue and the water...
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    Mt. Mitutouge/Mitsutoge

    I'd like to share some good experiences in the Mt. Fuji area, at Mt. Mitutouge/Mitsutoge. On the 3rd of July, I went there to find a Japanese Leaf Warbler and scored in 15 minutes. Two more territories were discovered later on. Remarkably, there was also a Japanese Night Heron at the first site...
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    Sunda Coucal/Muara Angke

    Here is an update to an already closed thread: I recently (18th JUly) visited Muara Angke, Jakarta, on the 18th of July, and scored with a Sunda Coucal. The bird was warming itself up in a sunny spot on a mid-canopy branch, appearing at 6.40 AM and staying there for 45 minutes. Javan White-eay...
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    Subandi Homestay

    Back from Sumatra Well, I stayed two nights at his place in early July, but had already made my own arrangements in Padang and Sungai Penuh, e.g. car with a driver, only stopping at Keresik Tua on my way back to Padang. Normally, the drive KT - Padang takes 6+ hours. In Padang, I would...
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    Subandi Homestay

    Thank you for your advice, Andy! The Subandi Homestay is there, but Mr. Subandi remains evasive, for unknown reasons. I guess I need to look for other service providers. Already know a lot more than in April, in regard to prices etc. Petri
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    Dulit Frogmouth/Bakelalan?

    Thank you very much, Paul! I had somehow missed the report. Petri
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    Dulit Frogmouth/Bakelalan?

    I will be visiting Bakelalan, Sarawak, next July, in search for the Dulit Frogmouth. Would anybody know where the usual site for the species is located in the valley? I suppose it is relatively close to the airfield and Apple Lodge. The information (private or public) would be most useful for...
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    Forthcoming trip report

    Could not agree more. Good to hear that the mergansers have been present in such a good site for their observation.
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    Subandi Homestay

    About one month ago, I contacted Mr. Pak Subandi of Subandi Homestay (Kerisik Tua), about organizing my visit at Kerinci Valley (Sumatra). He is well known as 'the man' for the area. There was a brief reply, an ok and a promise that he would pick me up in Padang, but my subsequent emails have...
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    2015 trip reports

    There apparently has been some variation in the treatment of day visitors, for various reasons. Some have been able to talk themselves in (sometimes with the support of a Asa Wright business partner, whose services they have already used), to be able to walk the trails, also in 2015. The same...
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    Bohol update

    Dear Bananafishbones and Temmie, Thank you for your kind words! One needs look for alternative realities in order to remain sane on these round-the-world birding trips. I have done six, so far, and somehow survived, despite all these people who have tried to interfere with my birding...
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    Birding around Nagoya and Kyoto

    In regard to culture, the spirit of Japan may not necessarily be discovered at the well known sights. A visit in a small town, a village perhaps, walking around and stopping at a supermarket, and commuting in less crowded local trains may help in discovering it, in connection with walking the...
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    2015 trip reports

    Hi, I visited Togabo and Trinidad in July, on an independent tour. Here are links to my trip reports http://www.bongariliitto.fi/files/7296/Tobago_July_2015_Hottola_P.pdf http://www.bongariliitto.fi/files/7297/Trinidad_July_August_2015_Hottola_P.pdf Sorry, I could not be more positive about...
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    Recent Barbados visit

    Consider that done! I have added more links to appropriate sections.