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    Decent tripod for less than £100?

    Have a look at Zomei range on Amazon or eBay. For my money they are top notch and very well built. With usual top end features such as a hook to give stability and you can use one leg as a monopod.
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    Third party eyepiece covers...

    If you lived in South Yorkshire I would say pop round to Rspb Old Moor we have a box of eye piece covers that's been accumulated over time from people leaving them behind
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    first binoculars

    Just a thought if you don't wear glasses have you got the eyecups out.
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    SRB 25mm On-It tripod

    Bought their digiscoping kit which is well made but not tripod's. I can recommend the Zomei ones sold on Amazon and Ebay. Good quality fittings and features such as beingable touse one leg as a monopod and also a hook to hang your bag o n for additional stabilty in wind thats found on the more...
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    Universal adaptor for smartphone

    If you were in the UK I would recommend looking at SRB Photographic Web site. But you may want to see whose they sell and find on you side of the pond.
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    Kowa 883 + iPhone in Hawaii

    Try adjusting the eyecup up or down
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    Monopod recommendations

    Have a look at the Zomei range of tripod's on Amazon or eBay. Build quality excellent, plus some have one leg that unscrews to use as a monopod. A lot cheaper than some of the well known names.
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    Lightweight tripod and head needed

    Have a look at the Zomei ones on Amazon and Ebay. I've got the aluminium one and the quality is up with the big names but a lot cheaper. It looks really good and has a removable leg to use as a monopod, My Photographer lecturer was really impressed.
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    Horizon 8115 Tripod - Best Head Replacement

    Not sure what you mean. The qr plate is identical to the Manfrotto The Quick Release Plate is Compatible with for Manfrotto heads that use the RC5 quick release system (501, 503 & 701 NG Heads).
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    Horizon 8115 Tripod - Best Head Replacement

    Have a look at the Kingjoy heads on ebay. It's a direct ripoff of the Manfrotto but everything as good at 1/3 price. Plus it takes the Manfrotto plate so I got 3 one for scope 1 for telephoto lens and one for camera.
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    Olympus E-PL2, Canon Powershot S95 or iPhone for digiscoping?

    Digiscoping Hi Dave I've just started with the Kowa same as you. Instead of buying another lens at great expense have a look a t SRB photographic website. They do an adaptor which replaces the lens and fits over the eyepiece. You then use ISO to achieve a good shutter speed to avoid shake. I...
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    DONT pay Kowa prices have a look at SRB Photographics website for a suitable adaptor,I have a Dslr with a Kowa scope and got an adaptor that fits over the eye piece, works very well. It was a third of the Kowa price.
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    Protection from midges

    Skin so Soft worked for us on holiday against that notorious beastie. The Scottish Midge��
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    Bino dealers in the countryside

    The Rspb reserves with a shop usually stock a wide range of Bins. I work at RSPB Old Moor and we are very happy to help people choose from a wide range we have .Once they have a short list we will go up to the cafe balcony so they can choose without looking through murky windows etc looking...
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    Any experiences with Opticron Photo Adaptors?

    I'm using a SFB photographic push on adaptor with my Kowa scope and Nikon Dslr, great results. 1/3 price of manufacturers own. Just need eyepiece diameter and appropriate T Mount for yourcamera