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Recent content by Tanager

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    Kowa 773 v. Kowa 883

    Excellent choice, hope it gives you many happy hours, I know mine has.
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    Kowa 773 v. Kowa 883

    I have the 883, tried the 773 when deciding which one to buy, the 883 image was much better to my eye; sharpness and chromatic aberration. If you can afford it buy the 883, I’ve never regretted it.
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    A7iii + 200-600 - a good birding combo?

    Hi, I’ll be interested in any replies too. I tried Panasonic a couple of years ago with the Olympus 300mm f4, but I found the micro four thirds sensors just aren’t up to much cropping. cheers, Mark
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    Falkland Islands moth

    Hi Martin, The moth arrived as a vagrant on Bird Island, South Georgia following recent strong west/north westerly winds (hence presumed Falklands in origin). It has been kept and will be exported back to the UK at the request of the environmental unit at British Antarctic Survey. Many thanks...
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    Falkland Islands moth

    Hi Martin, Thanks for replying, I’ve put some more photos in the ID forum. Hopefully they are helpful. All the best, Mark
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    Falkland Island moth ID

    Hi, Can anyone ID this moth from the Falkland Islands? Many thanks, Mark
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    Falkland Islands moth

    Hi, Can anyone identify this moth from the Falklands? Many thanks, Mark
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    Equipment overhaul?

    I have the same combos (1.4xIII TC tho) I use the 300mm pf + 1.4 for travelling light and the 500mm pf when I can carry a little more. Highly recommend both set ups. both used with a d500. I found the 200-500mm optically ok but awkward to use too.
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    TSN 773 - any experience?

    The 883 image is way better than the 773 in my opinion, I went through the same process when I bought mine. look for a 2nd hand one if you can't stretch to a new one.
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    EL 10x42 casing deterioration.

    Swarovski SV 8x32 Crikey, I thought mine were bad! These are mine, 6 years old and the second time that they are going in for the armouring to be replaced (first time was a single split). First to go was the glue on the eyecups - fixed with superglue, then the underside go the oculars where...
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    Leica 8 x 42 Noctivid Case

    Hi, Where was this 20%, so did you pay £1399? I've been looking to get a pair, and that would be cheaper than the current second hand offers. Cheers, Mark
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    Nikkor 500mm f5.46pf lens - any users yet ?

    Have you shot with both? I have. It's my my opinion, I'm entitled to it just as you are yours. Goodbye
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    Nikkor 500mm f5.46pf lens - any users yet ?

    Hi, I've had my 500 pf for a year now and I'm always blown away by the image quality. I used to use (and still do) the 300mm pf with the 1.4x III on a D500, I was impressed by that combo, but the 500mm pf is on a different level all together. I the past I also had the 200-500, image quality...
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    ATS and ATM scopes

    Thanks for that, My reason for asking is that I have been playing with the idea of upgrading my 65mm ATS HD to the 80mm ATM HD version for a while. Cheers, Mark
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    ATS and ATM scopes

    Hi, My understanding is that the ATM is made from lighter materials than the ATS and is therefore an up grade over the ATS (?). Why then are they no longer available? where they optically the same or where there problems with the ATM version? Cheers, Mark