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Collared Antshrike

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MalePhoto © by NJLarsenJorupe reserve, Loja, SW Ecuador, June 11, 2019
Photo © by NJLarsen
Jorupe reserve, Loja, SW Ecuador, June 11, 2019
Thamnophilus bernardi

Sakesphorus bernardi


[edit] Identification

16-18 cm (female slightly smaller than male)

  • Black hood from breast to back of head culminates in a bushy crest
  • Collar and underside white
  • Nape rufous-brown, wings brownish with white and black edgings
  • Tail black with white tips and outer edge.


  • Crest rufous or with variable amounts of black
  • Side of head dark grey speckled white
  • Collar and underside buffy
  • Nape and wings brownish, wings with white edges
  • Tail rufous

[edit] Distribution

FemalePhoto © by WilsonDiazChaparri Private Reserve, northern Peru, November 2010
Photo © by WilsonDiaz
Chaparri Private Reserve, northern Peru, November 2010

South America: found only in Peru and Ecuador where found west of the Andes and in the Marañón valley.

[edit] Taxonomy

Moved from genus Sakesphorus to genus Thamnophilus.[1][2][3]

[edit] Subspecies

Two subspecies are recognized:

  • T. b. bernardi:
  • Arid tropical south-western Ecuador to north-central Peru); Isla Puná
  • T. b. shumbae:
  • North-central Peru (Río Marañón drainage in Cajamarca and Amazonas)

Some authorities recognize two additional subspecies, piurae and cajamarcae.

[edit] Habitat

Dry forests, dry and moist shrubland.

[edit] Behaviour

Find its food in wines and other tangles, mostly low over or occasionally on the ground. Food consists of invertebrates and occasionally may take vertebrates or fruit.

[edit] References

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