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AidenD Wednesday 15th May 2019 22:12

1080 in Hawaii?
Why hasn't anyone considered using 1080 in Hawaii? Surely it would be quite efficient at eliminating invasives without much impact to native wildlife? It's authorized for use in poison bait collars, why wouldn't it be available for conservationists? Does the black hand of animal rights activists preclude any form of environmental advancement?

andyadcock Saturday 18th May 2019 12:13

It would be usefull to know what 1080 is?

PYRTLE Saturday 18th May 2019 12:23

Apparently it is a "biodegradable" synthetic poison used on small invasive mammal species, particularly in New Zealand. There are some concerns about it entering potable water supplies.
My view, another man made chemical entering the natural world. Don't know the question let alone the answer in that country, nor why it is suggested for Hawaii.

viator Saturday 18th May 2019 14:40

Refer to the following;

It's derived from a naturally occurring chemical in a variety of plant species across the southern hemisphere. Hence being very effective against northern hemisphere introduced species to Australia.

In Australia mostly used on foxes and rabbits.

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