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djolof Monday 1st February 2010 12:22

I.D. for 3 raptors
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Hello everyone,

I was visiting the Kalahari last year and I have 3 bird's shots that I cannot name.
I think they might be juveniles.
- For the one on the ground with a snake, I hesitate between an immature Pale Chanting Goshawk and an immature Black-Chested Snake Eagle.
- For the big brown one in the tree, I was thinking of a young Tawny Eagle, but the beak looks dark and not yellow.
- and for the one with white feathers I have no idea.

Thank you for your help
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birdboybowley Monday 1st February 2010 12:29

You're right on the first 2, last bird looks like an older imm Black-chested Snake-Eagle (they start with warm rufous unders that become paler brown as they get older)

djolof Monday 1st February 2010 12:54

So the first one on the ground is not a Pale chanting Goshawk but a snake eagle ?

birdboybowley Monday 1st February 2010 12:58

Oops, sorry about about that - it's the goshawk! ;)

And welcome to BF!

djolof Monday 1st February 2010 13:10

Thanks a lot for these IDs

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