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Originally Posted by Apodidae49 View Post
Shot a dozen or so with it, had VC on 1 and AF on and it found focus very quickly but some of the 600mm shots were blurred as I was only shooting hand-held, sitting in a chair. However I also had some pin sharp shots. It was very dull so had ISO on 800 and was getting around 1/125th shutter at f6.3 so I suppose at that zoom and aperture the depth of field was virtually non-existent.

Totally different animal to anything I’ve ever used before. HEAVY, but I suppose in the grand scheme of things, it’s a lightweight.

I’m going to sit back, take a breath and decide if a big lens is really for me or do I just want to increase my interest in general photography as the Nikon is head and shoulders above the LUMIX FZ72 in everything but reach.
A couple of things ......

Firstly, 1/125th sec is a slow shutter speed for this lens, even with the VC. There is probably some variation depending on your technique and the frequency signature of the vibrations of your hold and how this works with the focal length you are shooting at, and the distance to, and size of your subject, and how this works in concert with the particular unit sample of the lens that you have. I've found a bit of a sweet spot for my lens in a pinch around 1/400th of a second, but really you want to be 2x, 4x this or more. The reciprocal rule recommends 1/1000th sec, but really even 1/1600th sec is a reasonable minimum. Really, you have to balance lighting conditions (bright - dull, direct - indirect), ISO (desired or available), subject(high/low contrast), and hold conditions, and yes, as you said, depth of field considerations too and focus point on the subject. Sometimes it's pointless and you're just better off packing up and going home.

Secondly, something like a Black Rapid Strap will help brace your hold and minimize vibrations along with stable stance and minimized leverage braced locked hold and breathing techniques. The Nikon D5600 body and grip is quite small, and so is unlikely to balance as well as some other more substantial cameras.

Thirdly, the G2 is about as light as it gets for 600mm (until Nikon comes out with the PF 600 f5.6 - saving you the grand total of ~200 grams and several thousand dollars weighing your wallet down ! :).
Shooting at 600mm is no casual affair - it takes deliberate effort.

If you want something lighter, there is the Nikon PF 500 f5.6 (again several G) , or more within the budget - the Sigma/Tamron 100-400's , or a bit more, the Canon 400L f5.6 (but there goes being a Nikon man ! :) ..... and the 600mm of native reach .....

You'll have to see where your interests ultimately lie ...... good results will definitely foster more satisfaction and optimism :) ..... while poor results are likely to do the opposite .....


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