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Hello all member, due to certain circumstances I will be unfortunately selling certain bird books and other titles. Also I have certain brand new Craghopper trousers, ladies and gents. Never worn and brand new. I also have a pr of Meindl Glockner, wore once or twice on the garden. Size 8, excellent condition. Cost myself £269 will accept£190 plus £10 postage as the boots are really heavy. My brother's same model are still going strong after 8 years of wear and tear. These are perhaps the finest boots on the market. Certainly normal walking, even up and down dale, through loch or stream, they will never let you down. Many of the Keepers and shooters wear the their higher Meindl Dovre. Pm if interested. Would be willing to swap boots for good binoculars and I'd forward some cash depending what the binoculars are worth. Regards, Woodcock.

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