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Originally Posted by EagleEyed View Post
Sancho, Good work and congrats! Let us know what you think!
Thanks, EE!!! The angled ED50 arrived today, I gave both a quick amateur "test" outside as the light was fading (best time to test them, I suppose). The angled version was unsurprisingly far more comfortable to use on a tripod....absolutely no contest. The angled version was, however, well-nigh impossible to use on a shoulder-pod, so consider that, prospective buyers, if you want to use a 20x and a shoulder-pod. I prefer 27x now, so I´ll go with the angled plus light tripod. It was really hard to compare the angled and straight versions as regards brightness, because I only have one 27x eyepiece, and I was trying to quickly switch it from one t´other and "remember" what I´d seen. The straight version may have been a tiny bit brighter, but I may have been imagining that because that was what I was expecting to find. I´ll try the angled in the field at the weekend (especially if that Cattle Egret is still at Kilcoole!), but after even a short while using it, I´m happier with the angled, definitely. Thanks for all the advice, everyone, stand by until Sancho´s next obsession kicks in.....
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