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Originally Posted by colleenc View Post
Its been 3 months since I packed up and moved to start my dream adventure of getting and RV and painting by the sea for the next two years. Wont go into all the ways it twisted and turned you can read some of it on my blog Brush with the Sea there is not a way post the first page of field work I've done in nearly a year, a small page of tuffed puffins, in the non breeding little brown muffin stage. I don't have wifi except on my ipag and BF no longer supports a mobile device format for the US.

But wanted to say hi, I'm back, and I still look in here often and drool over the wonderful work posted. IF BF decides to support this side of the pond I'll post what I'm doing here as well as my blog

I'm happy with all the time off I still did some good sketches in the 20 min I had between rainstorms here. My excellcent adventure is really starting now. Within 5 min of where I have my travel trailer, there is a harbor full of active fishing fleets, a world class aquarium, a famous lighthouse the first one built on the west coast. huge winter surf, flat long accessible beaches and lots of rocky coves....not as many birds as Bodega Bay, but still plenty. The puffins are free in a huge netted aviary, and raise young there, its great to get so close even if they are kinda dull plumage right now.

Hi Colleen,

A hearty welcome back! Not been able to coneect to your blog via the link you posted for some reason, just by way of letting you know..
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