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Nice to have a couple of year ticks on the last day

207. Red legged Partridge
208. Egyptian Goose

Highlight of the year has to be the Snowy Owl down in Pembrokeshire. A mad dash with Kev after work was fun.

Target for next year is a ruddy big Grouse. Got 5 nights booked in Nethy Bridge at the start of March and we'll be going all out - well apart from when Wales are playing the Scots of course

The routine for tonight is different to normal though we will be watching The Big Year. Usually I'm looking at the weather forecast to see where it's raining the least in Wales and heading off there. Being in Norfolk at the moment though I'm going to have another crack at the the Holkham Shore Larks before going for a wander around Titchwell. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute a couple to the BirdForum New Years Day count.

Good luck for 2019 all.

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