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23 September 2006 (Continued again)

More pictures of birds rescued and seen.

As we left the area a bird I had not seen for 23 years when I visited the Carmargue in France showed itself.

390. Wryneck------------------------Tianjin----------------------China

This was followed by a bird I had thought I had already seen in 2006, evidently not!

391. Black Drongo--------------------Tianjin----------------------China

We then headed in land to an extensive reed bed interspersed with stretches of water and dry land. We stopped near some more buildings amongst some trees where I guessed our purpose! Before we checked the miss nets we were able to view another superb lifer (my 100th for 2006) for me high up on a power cable looking like a washed out Hobby!

392. Amur Falcon*------------------Tianjin-----------------------China

Not only did we find miss nets, we also found birds that had been caged placed in trees near the miss nets to attract more of their species. Picking up another lifer really didn’t register as that important at the time as I helped to release all the live birds from both the nets and the cages. The worst sight was a small cage containing three frightened Chestnut Flanked White Eye’s with an equal number dead and left to rot in the bottom of the cage. Once all of the birds were released the equipment was left in such a state it could not be used again.

393. Common Rosefinch*------------Tianjin-----------------------China

We then headed off to a long straight concrete road that went straight through the reed beds on each size. We met up with a few more Chinese birders from Beijing here, equipped with their Swarovski scopes and binoculars. It was so hot at this point, the heat coming straight off the concrete into your face. It was worth it though as a lifer started calling in the reeds before showing itself while another bird I had only seen once previously, in France in 2005, showed up later in the walk

394. Black Browed Reed Warbler*----Tianjin-----------------------China
395. Bluethroat---------------------Tianjin-----------------------China

After lunch, which I was horrified to see was at the hotel we had stayed at the previous night but turned out ok, we set off to another area of open water. By now there was not a cloud in the sky, a simply beautiful day except for the dust and diesel smoke emitted by the thundering lorries. Making our way to where there was a large flock of gulls another lifer was added to my list, in fact there were a number of these birds mingled in with the Black Headed and Black Tailed Gulls.

396. Relict Gull*--------------------Tianjin-----------------------China

Our final push for the day, as the sun started to set was yet another large shell fish lagoon, which was simply brimming with waders, plovers, gulls and cormorants. But by far the largest numbers of birds were Grey Herons; there must have been several 100!

Walking a little way along the sea wall another Siberian bird caught our attention on the edge of the lagoon.

397. Siberian Blue Robin-------------Tianjin----------------------China

Then came along my penultimate lifer of the day, flitting amongst the vegetation.

398. Two Barred Warbler*----------Tianjin----------------------China

Finally, sitting to watch the sun set, we carefully scrutinised the waders and plovers Ge Ge providing the 75th bird of the day!

399. Temmink’s Stint---------------Tianjin----------------------China

It had been a wonderful day for birds but a bad one for mankind, I will never forget the awful sight of those helpless birds in those miss nets!
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