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  1. White tailed Eagle

    White tailed Eagle

    Distant White-tailed Eagle. I would have got better photos of the Eagles If the boat trips wasn’t fully booked.
  2. Carolina chickadee

    Carolina chickadee

    This chickadee is making himself or herself comfortable at my feeder, sitting back on one of the perches and choosing breakfast bites, while a fall breeze catches the feathers on the back of his/her head.
  3. Dunnock


  4. Grey Plover.jpg

    Grey Plover.jpg

    Winter plumage Gry Plover
  5. Hooded Plover

    Hooded Plover

    Hooded Plover at Cape Arid N.P.
  6. Red-eyed Dove.jpg

    Red-eyed Dove.jpg

    Backlit late afternoon scene in my garden.
  7. Common redstart (Phoenicurus phoenicurus).jpg (Female)

    Common redstart (Phoenicurus phoenicurus).jpg (Female)

    Common redstart (Phoenicurus phoenicurus)
  8. Nuthatch and Blue-tit on bird-feeder, in early Springtime

    Nuthatch and Blue-tit on bird-feeder, in early Springtime

    Nuthatch : Widespread throughout England and Wales, although much scarcer in Northern England. Can be found over large areas of Europe except Iceland, Northern Scandinavia and Southern Spain. Has in recent years begun to Breed in Cumbria and Southern Scotland. It is a resident in the UK and can...
  9. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Was sitting on my front steps when this scruffy looking young jay came along and landed not far away. He regarded me with curiosity rather than fleeing in fear, and I was even talking to him as I snapped a few photos. I think he was just waiting for me to toss him a few peanuts. OOPS I forgot...
  10. red-backed shrike juvenile 1707

    red-backed shrike juvenile 1707

  11. Roufus Hummingbird — golden throat

    Roufus Hummingbird — golden throat

    When the sun's angle is just right!
  12. Surf Scoter

    Surf Scoter

    Had to ask in the ID forum for help with this one. I thought it was some sort of Auk. A new bird for me.
  13. Dual flying Red-tailed Hawks

    Dual flying Red-tailed Hawks

    Parent Red-tailed Hawk closely followed by a juvenile. The parent (she?) has a critter clutched in her talons
  14. House Martin

    House Martin

    Here you can see the remains of a previous nest attached to the wall; and how the bird uses its tail to support itself
  15. BD32813E-652A-452A-A0E7-B2540DFB9638.jpeg


  16. Musk Lorikeet

    Musk Lorikeet

  17. Gray Catbird

    Gray Catbird

    Frequently seen bird in this area at the moment. Has a wide range of calls but most distinctive is the meow....likes to stay in cover.
  18. Green Woodpecker

    Green Woodpecker

  19. Pied Wagtail

    Pied Wagtail

  20. P1110392_cropped.jpg


    female black redstart
  21. Pygmy Nuthatch

    Pygmy Nuthatch

    Pygmy Nuthatch at Fort Mason Community Gardens, San Francisco, California, US. One of my favourite places in my three week trip to San Francisco. I visited this rather unassuming small community garden, but known locally on how rich the bird life is, 3-4 times and think I got about 5 (possibly...
  22. House Sparrow 0351.jpg

    House Sparrow 0351.jpg

    House Sparrow juvenile
  23. Hermit Thrush

    Hermit Thrush

    Hermit Thrush at Cesar Chavez Park, Berkeley, California, US. Not knowing where best to situate over Thanksgiving, I opted on a hotel in walking distance to this park.
  24. Nuttall's Woodpecker

    Nuttall's Woodpecker

    Nuttall's Woodpecker taken at Martin Luther King Jr Shoreline Park, Oakland, California, US. This was part of the Golden Gate Audubon Society (GGAS) walks which was handy to learn the IDs of birds quickly as first trip to the US.
  25. Steppe Eagle

    Steppe Eagle

    This eagle is quite rare in South Gujarat. My first sighting and click of it.