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  1. Piggy back  ride

    Piggy back ride

    After dinner that night I was busy sorting out the day's images when Hans came hammering on the door .... bring your camera .... quick!!! Had to quickly put a card in the camera, put on some shoes and shot across to the kitchen block, where a large crowd had gathered. Someone had found a torch...
  2. Exploring


    Not far from the Galah was a juvenile Pied Butcherbird plodding around the grass. There was another up in a tree watching what he was up to.
  3. Smelling the flowers

    Smelling the flowers

    We were now exploring the hilly rural suburb of Bonogin above Gold Coast. We came across a Galah foraging at the back of a wide grass very beside the road.
  4. Preening


    We headed off back down the valley and stopped at a pool beside the road to see what was around. A few nice things flew over but didn't manage to photograph them. However this Australian Ibis was cleaning up, rather aptly, as this pool is call "Pisspot" apparently!!
  5. A better look

    A better look

    After we'd had our breakfast we had another, very slow, drive up the Austinville Valley. For a large part of it Hans walked ahead of the car, and we held back so our movement and noise wouldn't disturb anything. At one point he motioned for me to join him as he'd found this beauty up in the...
  6. Taking advantage

    Taking advantage

    This Noisy Miner looked so cute with the clump of feathers on his nape, Hans couldn't resist throwing him something to eat LOL
  7. Spoiling  them!!

    Spoiling them!!

    Hans really liked to spoil the birds and took every opportunity to put out some crumbs for them!! This Pied Butcherbird soon took advantage of this feast outside the kitchen block LOL
  8. Pappa Parrot

    Pappa Parrot

    As I was making my way to the kitchen block for breakfast I saw a flock of Australian King Parrots flying around. They settled in a tree and I managed to get myself in a position to get a picture or two. It turned out to be a mixed group of sexes and ages, so possibly a family party.
  9. Early Riser

    Early Riser

    The next morning a Laughing Kookaburra was waiting to greet me as I headed off for breakfast.
  10. Handsome


    We were now returning back down the steep mountainside when we came across a few Whiptail Wallabies browsing in the verges. Think he was wondering why we were disturbing him.
  11. Grey in the sunlight

    Grey in the sunlight

    Didn't make for an easy picture especially as, for the second time that day a Grey Shrikethrush gave me the run-around of a car park!!! At least I managed an image of this one. We had a lovely meal in the retreat's restaurant with the most wonderful view looking down over the rainforest canopy...
  12. Shy


    Not the best of pictures, but the only one I got of a Paradise Riflebird and the only bird of paradise that I have ever seen. This is the female just poking her head out between two trees, so I wonder if there was a nest back there somewhere.
  13. Surrounded by Royalty

    Surrounded by Royalty

    Another 'royal' bird was watching us from a tree. This is a juvenile Australian King Parrot with his rather, as yet, muted colours.
  14. A regent comes down to earth

    A regent comes down to earth

    I'd met up with Hans and Judy again and they were looking at this splendid Regent Bowerbird. Hans got them at his forest waterhole and it was lovely to be able to see one again.
  15. Another tree beauty

    Another tree beauty

    Aren't they stunning!!! I'd first seen one of these Crimson Rosellas the day before in the Springbrook mountains and here was another up at O'Reilly's and in a pretty tree too (well it was, I seem to have cut out all the lovely flowers..... ooops!
  16. Unique tail

    Unique tail

    I think this is the only species that has the tail flattened vertically, whereas other birds have a horizontal tail! Australian Brushturkeys aren't the prettiest of species, but interesting all the same.
  17. I don't think I'd dare....

    I don't think I'd dare....

    ... use eye make-up as bright as this Red-browed Finch is sporting LOL He was just outside the visitor centre where I'd somehow lost contact with Hans and Judy LOL No idea where they'd disappeared to. We soon joined up again though.
  18. A beauty in the trees

    A beauty in the trees

    Moving along from the Whipbird, an Eastern Spinebill was up above our heads. A beautiful bird, not my first sighting, but my first picture as I'd seen one at Hans' waterhole. He was so quick and I was too slow LOL - this guy was more co-operative.
  19. Heard, but rarely seen

    Heard, but rarely seen

    The road up to O'Reilly's is long, narrow and winding with a few hairpin bends. Worth it though, as walking from the car park into the reserve we found Eastern Whipbird grubbing in the border beside the path. I'd been hearing their amazing calls many many times but a sighting had eluded me...
  20. A first for the first of the day

    A first for the first of the day

    The following day we had a really early start travelling to O'Reilly's. Before starting the steep climb up there we stopped for refreshments at their vineyard. I didn't get any good pictures of birds there, however shortly after we set off again we found a Straw-necked Ibis in a field. Now...
  21. What's through there?

    What's through there?

    I've really no idea where we#d got to in the park now, we stopped and started in so many areas. One of the stops produced this Lewin's Honeyeater, quite pretty birds when (unlike this one) seen in good light.
  22. Pretty in yellow

    Pretty in yellow

    A pretty bird to post on this sad day, as we note the passing of the Queen. I think she liked yellow, certainly yellow and white flowers. We'd made our way back into the rainforest and at another stop found a Pale Yellow Robin; the only one I was to see on my travels. There's few of these in...
  23. Tree hugger

    Tree hugger

    We dropped down out of the forest to explore some more open agricultural land. We stopped briefly near a farm where there were several birds hanging around. My only decent pictures though were of a Galah on a tree. Such attractive birds, so full of character!
  24. In the gloominess

    In the gloominess

    Another of our numerous stops saw us wandering through the rather dim rainforest. A sudden movement and scuffling in the undergrowth and Australian Logrunner was spotted by Hans. I struggled to see it through the viewfinder, so just kept clicking in the area where the movements were. I've...
  25. Tea for two

    Tea for two

    The guest house cafe was well named, as there were a few Crimson Rosellas around. Here's just a pair of them. Beauties, aren't they. I remain confused about how to identify some of the subspecies!!!