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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.


  1. Table manners

    Table manners

    At our new feeders I spotted a Great Tit on a branch eating a seed. This is the the tit species favourite method of eating. Get a seed and fly to a branch, holding it between his toes to peck at it. Thanks to Ann (Doc Duck) for pointing this out to me many years ago.
  2. The fierce look

    The fierce look

    A Nuthatch giving his best "go away" look LOL. It's still such a treat for me to see these guys at the feeding station just about every time we go there.
  3. Is it going to rain?

    Is it going to rain?

    A day rather like this one here. Heavily overcast! Seems this Great Spotted Woodpecker isn't too sure of the weather. Saturday Fun
  4. The first

    The first

    I don't remember if I told you before, but my birdwatching friend suggested we start a new feeder station a mile or so away from where the Craighall one is sited; it's on the same road but much higher up with farmland all around. We started it on the 7 November and wondered how long it would...
  5. Fattening up

    Fattening up

    This Great Spotted Woodpecker took a wee breather before going at the fat balls again. It was almost as if he thought he'd never see them again. I had to take my chance of getting a picture at that point LOL Saturday Fun
  6. Blooming divas

    Blooming divas

    I was so nicely focused on the Jackdaw when who should appear but a Starling, very nearly blocking everything else out of the shot!! Although Jackdaws are around quite a lot, they don't usually visit the feeders, so I was a bit miffed LOL Saturday Fun, TTTW
  7. Dropped it!

    Dropped it!

    Dunnock's are regular at the edge of town feeding site we discovered a couple of years ago, but not always in a photographable position. Even this one was taken through the car windscreen. Saturday fun
  8. Counting practise

    Counting practise

    The only species that come to the feeders in flocks is Long-tailed Tit. Between us we try to count how many there are. This feeder has, I think, 8 and I think that was the most I saw at one time on it. But there was so much coming and going and some sitting near the feeder waiting for a space...
  9. Happy Christmas everyone

    Happy Christmas everyone

    I hope you're enjoying the day. After not having seen one before the image I showed you last Hogmanay the Eurasian Nuthatch has become a pretty regular visitor, though hardly saw them during the breeding season. Here he was back again in September.
  10. Swing time

    Swing time

    There seemed to be a bit of "push, pull" going on with this feeder, as it was swinging around a bit. Not sure if the House Sparrow knew the Greenfinch was on the other side LOL Saturday Fun
  11. A record shot that's....

    A record shot that's....

    .... only suitable for Saturday Fun. I hardly ever get the chance to photograph Treecreepers and I do find them tricky at the best of times. However, my friend had seen one at the feeding station we go to so I was on high alert to see if he'd return... which he did this day. He showed well and...
  12. Escaped


    Back in August, a cousin and her husband visited Scotland and we arranged to meet up at Loch Leven RSPB reserve, as it was about half-way between us. It was good to catch up with them after many years. This reserve used to be called Vane Farm. We had lunch there then a wander round the reserve...
  13. Stand off

    Stand off

    It looks like these two big gulls were preparing for battle!!! I don't often get both Herring and Lesser Black-backed Gulls arriving together. Saturday Fun
  14. At last

    At last

    I've rather neglected my local pictures of late, sorry. Back at the end of April, I saw the first Hedgehog in the garden for years, here he is foraging on the steep bank at the back of my flat where the bird feeder is. I started putting food out for him but haven't seen him again; the food was...
  15. Middle Spotted Woodpecker

    Middle Spotted Woodpecker

    I first saw it being driven away by the larger Eurasian Green Woodpecker. The bird was pretty cooperative and perched still, so I took twenty-odd closeups only to discover that somehow I could tell the woodpecker from the tree on just two of those. This is the sharper one. My first for this patch.
  16. Stealth Attack

    Stealth Attack

    Very occasionally I get a visit from a Sparrowhawk. This one landed on the clematis and honeysuckle covered fence which I can see from my 'other' window (not the feeder one). He crept along it before suddenly taking flight and was off!! TTTW SF
  17. How do I get one out?

    How do I get one out?

    He seems to be doing his best to extract a peanut from the feeder. Guess it's defeated him LOL A Great Tit visiting the feeders at the Craighall feeding station. Saturday fun
  18. Shall we say Grace?

    Shall we say Grace?

    Looks like this cute Red Squirrel is about to thank the Lord for his lunch. Gorgeous creatures. Saturday fun
  19. Heading the ball

    Heading the ball

    Thought that title rather topical, so I'm making this Robin into a female LOL. A spring picture from a visit to the feeding station at Craighall. Saturday Fun
  20. Working towards the next generation

    Working towards the next generation

    I managed to get to Kinnordy at last and got into the hide. The last time I attempted this the car park was full of construction vehicles as they're 'improving' the path to Kirriemuir. Seems they have now moved on to the second phase, further along. Anyway.... I got into the Gullery hide to see...
  21. Mystery solved

    Mystery solved

    I didn't have a suitable Saturday Fun image until I woke up this morning and spotted this Rook feeding on the coconut fat! For days I'd discovered the coconut shells were on the ground and couldn't understand how it was happening. Now I can see, so will have to make sure that top feeder tray...
  22. Who has the upper hand here?

    Who has the upper hand here?

    My feeling is the Collared Dove who seems to be guarding the feeding point LOL SF
  23. I need a brolly

    I need a brolly

    The look on this Wood Pigeon's face says it all, doesn't it? No fun sitting in the pouring rain!! TTTW Saturday Fun
  24. The big one in the scrub

    The big one in the scrub

    A late February visit to Craighall and the feeders were busy. This Great Tit was waiting for a chance to get in to one of them.
  25. Out numbered!

    Out numbered!

    January at the Craighall feeders, my first visit there this year produced a large flock of Long-tailed Tits. However this Blue Tit was quite determined he was going to fill himself at the feeder, despite being heavily outnumbered. They're quite feisty, so I guess the Long-tailed weren't going...