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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

anas crecca

  1. eurasian teal

    eurasian teal

  2. Caught napping ... not

    Caught napping ... not

    Low winter sun skimming over the water made a great setting for this handsome duck.
  3. Lakescape-1K45


    Life : Dream of a Dream ______________ I dream ... of A dream ... Nights ... Merge with ... Days Passing through A seamless ploy Spokes of Endless wheel ... ... That moves Yet It moves not Moments ... Fixed ... and Permanent Part of In-destructible Essence ... Percolating Transcending...
  4. Lakescape-1K28


    Lake Aerial ... _______________ Gadwall Common Teal Village Bhindawas Jhajjar Haryana India 7 December 2023
  5. Lakescape-1K13


    The lake ... ... and the lake aerial There is a raptor ... ... Marsh Harrier at the top ... ... then there is a gang of Godwits ... below them is the mixed group of ducks and teals ... six species ... all these are part of the lake aerial ... whereas the Bar-headed and Greylag Goose...
  6. Lakescape-1K9 : Winter Waterfowl in flight : six species : Amazing wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    Lakescape-1K9 : Winter Waterfowl in flight : six species : Amazing wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    Waterfowl in winter ... Common Teal ... Gadwall ... Northern Shoveler ... Northern Pintail ... Bar-headed Goose ... and Black-tailed Godwit At one point ... as they bank ... ... there's a glimpse of the seventh species as well ... Common Pochard Bhindawas Jhajjar Haryana India 7...
  7. Lakescape-1K6


    The lake gets aerial again ... ... as a female Western Marsh Harrier ... alights on the far bank ... ______________________ Common Teal Village Bhindawas Jhajjar Haryana India 7 December 2023
  8. Common teal

    Common teal

  9. Green Winged Teal

    Green Winged Teal

  10. Male Eurasian teal

    Male Eurasian teal

  11. Making ripples.....Common teal

    Making ripples.....Common teal

  12. Common teal

    Common teal

  13. The happy couple

    The happy couple

    They're usually quite skittish, these wee ducks, but that day they were apparently preoccupied with recent courtship and came quite close (as long as I sat still on the riverbank and didn't make any sudden moves). I didn't get to see them displaying this year, though. While the Goldeneyes are...
  14. Sir Greensleeves

    Sir Greensleeves

    And here's one of the males. They're now all paired off and hiding in less accessible parts of the river, or up in the hills at small ponds. We won't see them at that riverside park again until probably pretty late in the Fall.
  15. Lady Greensleeves

    Lady Greensleeves

    European Green-winged Teal is a separate species from American Green-winged Teal, but for some reason eBird only offers the one option. I need to check my life list to see whether I'm registered as having seen Anas crecca (European) or Anas Carolinensis (American) or perhaps both. They do look...
  16. Teals, sounds and calls (Anas crecca)

    Teals, sounds and calls (Anas crecca)

    Spring Common Teals (Anas crecca) emit sounds and calls more often, unfortunately, the background noise cannot always be eliminated and more planes pass by than birds, unfortunately...
  17. Lakescape-867


    It was a lovely winter morning ... lazy was the wind ... with thin mist hanging around ... this stray waterbody in the agrarian hinterland was agog with migratory species ... and more arriving ... ___________ Greylag Goose Bar-headed Goose Eurasian Spoonbill Black-headed Ibis Common Teal...
  18. Anas crecca

    Anas crecca

  19. eurasian teal (female)

    eurasian teal (female)

  20. eurasian teal

    eurasian teal

  21. Lakescape-856


    This handsome guy is the third largest species of deer ... behind Moose and Elk ... The IUCN status currently is Threatened > Vulnerable One of the species that is regularly spotted at Keoladeo ... _______________ Sambar Deer ... young male Rusa unicolor Greylag goose Common Teal...
  22. Teal on a cold day

    Teal on a cold day

    I think this guy was working on his breeding season "mane". The Goldeneye males were already challenging for rank in the flock (although the females didn't seem interested, and the challenges were only brief between feeding dives). The Wigeon males were "wolf whistling". But mostly they were all...
  23. Don't be fooled by the colour

    Don't be fooled by the colour

    Green-winged teals are only green in the right light angles.
  24. Male Teal

    Male Teal

    On a local pond, feeding with the ducks. Unusual to get anywhere near these birds, extremely timid.
  25. Common Teals in spring (Anas crecca)

    Common Teals in spring (Anas crecca)

    Common Teals (Anas crecca) in spring migration, bothered by the usual coots