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  1. AndyS56

    Peru, between Puno and Arequipa October 2022

    The last leg of the journey! A bumper bundle this time. #2 looks like an Ibis but I haven't been able to narrow it down further than that. #3Franklin's Gull? #4 Cinclodes? If so, which species? #5 Andean Goose All help always appreciated. A happy new year to you all, Andy
  2. J

    Central Colombia 1-16 July 2022

    Please, hurry up if you are interested. The plan for Central Colombia in the first half of July is on its way. We are already three people (2 gentlemen + 1 lady), maybe also one additional gentleman. We will welcome another lady to share room with her plus additional people in double/single...
  3. andean 8

    Cant identify bird

    Hello i want to know what is this bird...i dont have a picture but i can explain it is a light shade of grey and has a black beak long legs and is medium sized found in the andes in ecuador please respond
  4. andean 8

    2 more identifications

    also i have 2 more identifications that i dont know...i dont have pics of them but ill describe them...the first one is a long tailed and long legged bird with a pretty long neck also lives in the Andes in Ecuador...the second one is a black bird with yellow legs the body looks like a myna...
  5. andean 8

    bird identification, Andes, Ecuador

    hello i cant seem to identify this type of bird (i live in the Andes in Ecuador just for more info) Edit: i forgot to add the pic...just a min
  6. Glistening-Green Tanager

    Glistening-Green Tanager

    The colours on this tanager really do have to be seen to be believed.
  7. Plumbeous Kite

    Plumbeous Kite

    Preening before take-off.
  8. Variable Hawk

    Variable Hawk

    A different view of the same bird soaring.
  9. Yellow-breasted Brush-Finch

    Yellow-breasted Brush-Finch

    Only seen at Yanacochca Reserve on the trip.
  10. Torrent Duck

    Torrent Duck

    Classic male.
  11. Glowing Puffleg

    Glowing Puffleg

    But the male was a different matter!
  12. Green Thorntail

    Green Thorntail

    Another view of the female Green Thorntail fighting to get on the feeders at Mirador (viewpoint) Rio Blanco in the West slope of the Ecuadorian Andes.
  13. Andean Condor

    Andean Condor

    This is a male Andean Condor I had the chance to see in Peru, and it's the picture I chose to start a new website that is replacing "Light as Feathers", where I will upload pictures and talk about birds among other things: www.yerayseminario.com Also, there's another website we've been...
  14. My Trail

    My Trail

    in the thick cloud forests sometimes it is just easier to walk up the river ways. the night this was taken I remained exposed to the worst storm in recent history according to people I talked to later at a biological station. 4 mist netters experiences lightning first hand working on the ridge...
  15. Cock of the Rock

    Cock of the Rock

    Peruvian National Bird
  16. Rufous Antpita

    Rufous Antpita

    Rufous antpita foraging for nestlings, link to video of nesting behavior in the comments
  17. Greater Yellow-Finch CHILE SER

    Greater Yellow-Finch CHILE SER

    This bird was drinking from a small, temporary pond by a grazed meadow near a shepherds cabin at ~2500 m asl in an Andean valley.
  18. Grey-breasted Seedsnipe CHILE SER

    Grey-breasted Seedsnipe CHILE SER

    This bird was foraging in a gravel covered patch of a grazed meadow at ~2500 m asl in an Andean valley.
  19. Correndera Pipit CHILE SER

    Correndera Pipit CHILE SER

    This bird was foraging by small, temporary ponds in a grazed meadow near a shepherds cabin at ~2500 m asl in an Andean valley.
  20. Rufous-banded Miner CHILE SER

    Rufous-banded Miner CHILE SER

    This bird was foraging at ~2800 m asl along a rocky alpine slope. It kept returning to the same locale, and may have been bringing its catch to its brood in an underground nest.
  21. White-browed Ground-Tyrant CHILE SER

    White-browed Ground-Tyrant CHILE SER

    This bird was foraging at ~2500 m asl along a rocky alpine slope.
  22. Crag Chilia CHILE SER

    Crag Chilia CHILE SER

    This bird showed itself only briefly as it foraged among boulders at the foot of a cliff at ~1800 m asl in Andean "foothills" east of Santiago.
  23. Yellow-flowered Cactus

    Yellow-flowered Cactus

    Yellow-flowered Cactus (Tephrocactus floccosus: Cactaceae) Photographed in the High Eastern Andes, eastern-slope between Cusco and Paucartambo, Cuzco Department, west of Ajacanaco Pass, along Peru 26. Puna Life Zone in semidry grasslands and bogs at ca. 3,400 m elevation (11,155 ft) elevation.
  24. Marcopomacocha Area, Peru

    Marcopomacocha Area, Peru

    Marcopomacocha Area situated about 90 km northeast of Lima, Peru in the high Andes, western-slope, at ca. 4,500 m (14,763 ft) elevation. Puna Life Zone; bogs and high altitude grasslands with diminutive herbs. Sony point-and-shoot DSC-W300 with a Carl Zeiss Tesser lens 3x optical zoom, focal...
  25. Torrent Duck female ECUAD SER

    Torrent Duck female ECUAD SER

    Torrent Duck series #3: female resting on flow-covered rock prior to jumping into torrent to feed by diving to bottom to capture invertebrates. Taken 3 Nov 09 in northern Ecuador at Rio Papallacta, east slope of Andes, near Guango Lodge, ~8700 ft asl.