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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

australian magpie

  1. Young


    I had a little wander round the houses in the early evening. The only bird I saw was this Australian Magpie. rather nicely lit by the sinking sun. I'm not too sure if this is a juvenile or immature magpie. You can tell it's young by the brownish plumage.
  2. Keeping a low profile

    Keeping a low profile

    In the morning, a juvenile Australian Magpie was sitting on the fence in deep shade - I've managed to lighten it a little.
  3. Australian Magpie

    Australian Magpie

    Australian Magpie
  4. Friendly


    This was a rather friendly Australian Magpie, who used to come in on occasion and entertain June, who fed him in payment LOL. It was the only one she fed. This is one of the two the white-backed subspecies; I believe this one has more white than the other, but don't quote me on that LOL as I've...
  5. Braving the heat

    Braving the heat

    We eventually wound our way to the top of the hill where the war memorial is. Such a beautiful and peaceful setting. Little shade, though so very hot in the afternoon sun. An Australian Magpie seemed to be the only bird around, didn't see or hear anything else while up there.
  6. Australian Magpies

    Australian Magpies

    I think this is an adult magpie teaching its young one the art of survival or telling it, it is time to go. When you have backyard birds it's amazing what you get to see.
  7. Silhouette


    Another black and white bird silhouetted against the greyness of the sky. It seems ages since I showed you an Australian Magpie.
  8. Another tree of character

    Another tree of character

    They seem to be popular, but there really wasn't much choice of tree to sit in LOL. However, this Australian Magpie found it. This is a black-backed magpie, some have white backs. Perhaps Peter is able to nail down the actual subspecies for me? Unlike our magpies, the Australian ones have a...
  9. Australian Magpie

    Australian Magpie

    Australian Magpie
  10. Alone


    Australian Magpies aren't related to corvids and they're quite alone as there's no other species in the genus Gymnorhina. That genus is now part of the woodswallow and butcherbird family of Artamidae; though it has been moved around somewhat in different families. Wonder if it'll get moved...
  11. Australian Magpie & Nankeen Kestrel

    Australian Magpie & Nankeen Kestrel

    Australian Magpie & Nankeen Kestrel
  12. Unsure


    The rain hadn't yet greened things up much, but this young Australian Magpie didn't seem to mind, think he was just relieved to have had some rain!
  13. Maggie with company

    Maggie with company

    An Australian Magpie was another species attracted to Hans' garden, here he is with one of the many Rainbow Lorikeets that visited too.
  14. Teenager


    We rounded a corner of the path and came across a young Australian Magpie was on the path.
  15. Lonely


    Although there are several subspecies, Australian Magpie is the only species in the Genus Gymnorhina. We had moved onto the Eddie Santagiuliana Way park, a couple of miles from the bats, and found him on his own foraging in the grass.
  16. Maggie


    Despite the numbers of people at the top of Mount Coot-tha, this Australian Magpie seemed quite unfazed and wandered around their fee quite unfazed.
  17. Australian Magpie

    Australian Magpie

    Australian Magpie
  18. Australian Magpie

    Australian Magpie

    Australian Magpie
  19. Australian Magpie

    Australian Magpie

  20. Young maggie

    Young maggie

    On the way back from the hide there, rather against the light, was a(nother?) young Magpie up on the power lines.
  21. Maggie


    Wandering round the houses later on I managed to spot this Magpie high up in a tree. The light was just about right on him too I think.
  22. A juvie

    A juvie

    A few from the garden before we went off for the day. Starting off with this juvenile Australian Magpie, still seemingly wondering what life is about and where to go for stuff!!!
  23. Maggie


    This was a very friendly Magpie, that came to the house to be fed. June only fed this one. They have a very pretty song these guys. Sadly I only heard it the once. I kept my phone at the ready to record it too, but no-one else burst into song for me.
  24. Maggie


    The afternoon was spent showing me the views and highlights of various parts in and around Albany. We had wonderful views overlooking King George Sound, especially from the most beautifully laid out war memorial. An Australian Magpie seemed to approve of the setting there too.
  25. Black back

    Black back

    Closing in on the camp site in a stand of trees I found a Magpie. There can be quite a variation of plumage amongst the subspecies, mostly with the amount on white on the back. This one has a black back.