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  1. Blackbird


  2. Red-winged blackbird female

    Red-winged blackbird female

    Quite different from the male, yet still very pretty pattern
  3. Female Blackbird

    Female Blackbird

    This beauty caught my attention when I heard its cheeping in an old graveyard. Hope you like it :)
  4. Male red-winged blackbird adult

    Male red-winged blackbird adult

    That common North American black bird with the colorful wing patches in full, adult, male color.
  5. Juvenile male red-winged blackbird

    Juvenile male red-winged blackbird

    A juvenile male red-winged blackbird, still working on getting to that black coat with the red and yellow wing patches
  6. Red-winged blackbird female

    Red-winged blackbird female

    A lone female at the top of a branch looking out over the wetlands
  7. Blackbird (male)

    Blackbird (male)

  8. Mr and Mrs Blackbird

    Mr and Mrs Blackbird

    Today the tree in my backyard is the ´´Blackbird´´tree, due to the frost and snow, I suppose. On one moment six blackbirds were sitting in the tree; this couple was close enough together to make some close-ups.
  9. Blackbird


    This female blackbird is a dayly visitor in my backyard
  10. Yellow-headed blackbird

    Yellow-headed blackbird

    A relative rarity in Florida, they do pop up in winter and spring at times especially in the western farm areas of the Everglades. In my local wetlands, this was the first, and so far only, time I ever spotted one.
  11. Blackbird (f).jpg

    Blackbird (f).jpg

    Blackbird (f) posing for the camera
  12. Hungry Hen

    Hungry Hen

    Back Garden photo on a cold day
  13. Resident Female Blackbird in the garden

    Resident Female Blackbird in the garden

  14. Feeding himself

    Feeding himself

    Quite likely the same fledgling as I showed you yesterday with his dad This is 6 days later and he's found the pole feeder. TTTW
  15. Daddy and son

    Daddy and son

    Leaning out of the window to take this picture... couldn't resist when I saw the two of them together. I reckon this was the fledglings first morning out of the nest. TTTW
  16. Berry nice

    Berry nice

    Making a meal of it
  17. Blackbird


    Huge crop of berries this year
  18. Blackbird


    In the early light, looks like a statue constructed of two metals
  19. Blackbird


    About to land
  20. The juvenile drops the food

    The juvenile drops the food

  21. Youngster gets the food

    Youngster gets the food

  22. Blackbird feeding a juvenile

    Blackbird feeding a juvenile

  23. Blackbird


    young Blackbird.
  24. Himalayas - 480

    Himalayas - 480

    Himalayas - 480 ... This is ... ... female juvenile Grey-winged Blackbird ... she was foraging with her parents ... ... soon after day break ... Moments later ... a Yellow Throated Marten ... a vicious raiders of birds' nest and family appeared in the vicinity to transform the peaceful...
  25. Himalayas - 478

    Himalayas - 478

    Himalayas - 478 __________________ Life - Play of Primeval _________________ Primeval ... ... Flows Back and forth A Continuum ... ... And I feel touched By ... ... Your Grace My beloved ... ____ Another wonderful juvie ... ... male Grey-winged Blackbird _________ Dalhousie Hill...