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  1. Common and neglected

    Common and neglected

  2. Blackbird


  3. B

    Help with Blackbird and BirdNET issue?

    Hi, I have a recording here and BirdNET in Raven is detecting it as a Blackbird (with a low confidence score). I have never heard a blackbird make this type of call before, is this a mistake or do they produce this sound and why? Thanks in advance.
  4. 20230618_Amsel_m_mit_Maus_Jork.JPG


    Blackbird, m, with mouse prey
  5. J

    Bird Drawings in Pencil - Celebrating Britain's Feathered Friends

    Hello! I have recently started work on some original bird pencil drawings. My aim is to educate myself about each species and produce a lifetime collection that celebrates the beauty of our feathered friends that co-inhabit Britain. Whilst I have been showing these off on social media...
  6. Common blackbird

    Common blackbird

    A blackbird singing among the pines
  7. Blackbird


    I went to a botanic garden, saw many beautiful birds and took lots of photos! Ill post some more when I finish editing them
  8. Denny Woodthorpe

    The Quest Continues.

    I am moving forward with my quest to photograph garden birds in flight, instead of just having them sitting on a perch. I have recently bought a new remote sensor system. It is a LiDAR sensor from Cognisys, called the Sabre. It is fairly expensive, but great. It is similar to radar, but uses an...
  9. Himalayas-721


    Grey-winged Blackbird A species that nests in this area ... Dalhousie : Altitude 6900 feet Chamba Himachal Pradesh India 1 June 2023
  10. Himalayas-719


    These beauties have such a rich repertoire of songs and calls ... And ... they were singing gleefully when we were there a week ago ... ... we could do some recording as well ... ... taking our chances during rain-free periods ... Grey-winged Blackbird ... male
  11. W

    Amsel (Blackbird) Innsbruck, Austria

    Here my blackbird-cam (Amsel), here in SAGEN.at-Forum, this time edition 2023: https://www.sagen.info/forum/threads/amselkamera-2023.5387/ and here live stream: Wolfgang
  12. Female Blackbird with nesting material

    Female Blackbird with nesting material

  13. Male blackbird

    Male blackbird

  14. Blackbird


    Lady bb took a bath.
  15. Blackbird


    The perfect weather for the croci to brighten up the lawns.
  16. Eurasian Blackbird

    Eurasian Blackbird

    Male blackbird in shrubbery
  17. Blackbird Portrait 3042

    Blackbird Portrait 3042

    Very close to the blackbird
  18. Kiwi plant and small birdlife (Coronavirus time)

    Kiwi plant and small birdlife (Coronavirus time)

    Birdwatching in the time of the Coronavirus: Leaving kiwis on the tree helps many small birds, even in late spring
  19. Blackbird


  20. Common blackbird

    Common blackbird

    One of the little rascals who enjoy my raisins. She looks a bit surprised. Normally do they only see me when I put out their food. Not used to me with my camera. Snowing the whole day. Not an option without a waterproof camera housing.
  21. Eurasian Blackbird (male)

    Eurasian Blackbird (male)

    At the substation pool in March (the heavy rain which was forecast recently didn't persist, so the pool's just a puddle at the moment). Thank you for your comments, good birding! John
  22. The last Thrushes of spring

    The last Thrushes of spring

    Thrushes in return migration the last days of March, the following species are visible in the video: Redwing (Turdus iliacus), Song Thrush (Turdus philomelos) and Blackbird (Turdus merula), especially in ivy intent on feeding.
  23. Eurasian blackbird

    Eurasian blackbird

  24. Blackbird's feast

    Blackbird's feast

    Evergreen ivy makes blackbirds happy with its berries and makes a nice backdrop for photos when no other foliage is around.
  25. RubidiumRubecula

    Quiet birdsong

    I've seen (or rather heard) Common Blackbirds and Black Redstarts quietly singing during what seemed their resting time. The birds were just sitting on their perches, not too high from the ground. I encountered such songs outside of their breeding season too, so it seems to be something other...