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  1. M

    Masked/Black-faced Bunting - Taipei, Taiwan; 3/25/2023

    Hi all, looking for some help with identification of two buntings observed a couple of days ago in an agricultural area on the outskirts of Taipei. The male in particular struck me as significantly yellower below than most of the Black-faced Buntings I'm used to seeing around Taipei. I was also...
  2. M

    More Buntings in Eastern Mongolia, early September

    Hi there, maybe you can help me with the following two bunting individuals. 1) This bird was seen on 2nd of September 2023 in Chalcha river valley in Dornod, East Mongolia. Unfortunately, I only got a few shots from this perspective, before the bird disappeared. I would assume it to be a...
  3. M

    Bunting in Eastern Mongolia in September

    Hi there, this bunting was found in Chalcha river valley in Dornod, East Mongolia, on 2nd of September 2023. Can you confirm a Chestnut Bunting? Thanks
  4. Indigo Bunting

    Indigo Bunting

    Gorgeous male Indigo Bunting snowbird visiting my fountain today.
  5. A

    Any personal observations concerning attracting indigo buntings to backyards? What are they drawn to?

    Hello, folks! Growing up in New England, I must admit that I've seen a lot of birds in my lifetime. However, I can't say I've seen every bird common to our area. And one bird I've never seen, not even once, is the indigo bunting. And I'm still not sure why that is so. Compared to other...
  6. Lakescape-871


    Passage ... ... and then came ... the buntings colorful ... and and elegant to have a drink and ... move on to ... their place destined imparting joy in the passage ... __________________ Red-headed Bunting m & f ... passage migrant Agrarian Wilderness Gurugram Haryana India
  7. Paul Collins

    Pine Bunting? - Thessaloniki, Greece (January)

    Hi, I was birdwatching with a guide around Lake Kerkini and Thessaloniki in mid January, and there is a site which had 3 or 4 Pine Buntings overwintering. I mainly saw Reed and Corn Bunting, but we spotted one individual (pictures attached) which looked a bit different to us. My guide noted a...
  8. Lakescape - 737 : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    Lakescape - 737 : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    Watch these colorful passage migrants in the habitat ... ... in this short video clip .... Red-Headed Bunting
  9. Lakescape - 736

    Lakescape - 736

    It was wonderful to get this lovely gang ... by the poolside ... passing through our area ... ... visible here for a very brief period ... Red-headed Bunting ... males and females Jhajjar Haryana India
  10. Lakescape - 721

    Lakescape - 721

    The day ... was about to sum up ... Most of its chores done ... We waited for them ... and waited ... and ... then they came ... ... to spread joy ... _________ Red-headed Bunting ... males and female Gurugram : India
  11. Corn bunting

    Corn bunting

    Corn bunting, elevation 2400 m
  12. Rock Bunting

    Rock Bunting

    Male Rock Bunting singing
  13. Painted Bunting

    Painted Bunting

    I never thought in a million years that the stick on window feeders would "work." Not only do they work, but I have several species using them and almost don't care about humans being on the other side! Great way for my kids to experience song birds up close!
  14. Lazuli Bunting at my feeder

    Lazuli Bunting at my feeder

    The Lazuli Buntings appeared today and will probably be gone tomorrow. I look forward to them coming through my area every year.
  15. Crested Bunting - male (Melophus lathami).jpg

    Crested Bunting - male (Melophus lathami).jpg

    The bird is feeding at the time of capturing.
  16. White-capped Bunting - female (Emberiza stewarti).jpg

    White-capped Bunting - female (Emberiza stewarti).jpg

    Grassland, comes for drinking
  17. Tom St

    Passerines in Germany--Taunus

    I need some ID/confirmation for the following birds, observed in March/April 2021 in the Taunus region. Bird 1a-c: European Serin or a similar finch? Bird 2a-c: I'm drawing a blank here. Bird 3: Bad photo, I know. But is that a Yellowhammer? Many thanks!
  18. Grey-necked Bunting - drinking (Emberiza buchanani).jpg

    Grey-necked Bunting - drinking (Emberiza buchanani).jpg

    This bird comes to a water point for drinikng.
  19. Chesrtnut-eared Bunting

    Chesrtnut-eared Bunting

  20. Dimitra_v

    passerine ID (Thessaloniki, Greece)

    I saw this one at a wetland with lots of reeds yesterday. It looks like an emberiza species to me but I am not quite sure, because I've never seen it before. Maybe a female reed bunting? because I saw a male near there a few weeks ago.
  21. Painted bunting - male

    Painted bunting - male

    Taken last weekend (Feb 27th), I am always happy to see this gloriously colored fellow...definitely one of the most colorful birds in North America
  22. Cirl Bunting

    Cirl Bunting

    Just at midday with a dark background
  23. Painted bunting female

    Painted bunting female

    Less colorful than the male, but still a lovely green bird with fine feather detail
  24. Tom St

    More birds in Slovakia

    All encountered in Slovakia in August 2020. Thanks for any help! 1: ? 2: maybe a bunting? 3: ? 4: maybe a buzzard? 5: some thrush
  25. Snow bunting

    Snow bunting

    Male showing well on North Wales shingle