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  1. hannibalscannibal

    Caterpillar ID (CT 6/25/23)

    hello all! someone sent me a picture today and asked if i could identify this caterpillar, but i'm kind of stumped image was taken on 5/25/23 in Connecticut, USA the eyespots remind me of a swallowtail caterpillar but the color is throwing me off, any insight?
  2. Long-tailed Tit with Caterpillar

    Long-tailed Tit with Caterpillar

  3. K

    Caterpillar ID

    Hi guys, I've been seeing alot of these stunning caterpillars on a lavender patch recently but am unsure what type they are. The closest one I could find was possibly a mullein moth, the colours are the same but the pattern is slightly different. Can anyone help identify it for me? Thanks in...
  4. Large Yellow Underwing caterpillar

    Large Yellow Underwing caterpillar

  5. Angle Shades Moth caterpillar

    Angle Shades Moth caterpillar

  6. Z

    Identification needed

    Hello everyone, was wondering if anyone could help identify this beautiful creature. Not sure which caterpillar this is. Best regards, Ziv.
  7. Caterpillar...


    Whole admiring the thunbergia flowers in a friend's garden I saw this elegant caterpillar.. Thank you for your kind appreciation of my previous posts. Image cropped, re-sized, levels adjusted and minimally sharpened.
  8. IO Moth Caterpillar

    IO Moth Caterpillar

    IO Moth Caterpillar (Automeris io: Saturniidae) Caterpillar 4.0-5.0 cm (1.6-2.0 in) long.
  9. Caterpillar Hunter

    Caterpillar Hunter

    Caterpillar Hunter Beetle (Calosoma scrutator: Carabidae) 2.5-3.5 cm (1.0-1.4 in) long.
  10. Puss Caterpillar (Asp)

    Puss Caterpillar (Asp)

    Puss Carterpillar (Asp) known as a Southern Flannel Moth as an adult (Megalopole opercularis: Megalopygidae). These are the ones you do not want to touch!
  11. Yellow Bear Caterpillar

    Yellow Bear Caterpillar

    Yellow Bear Caterpillar (Spilosoma virginica: Erebidae) Ca. 4.5 cm (1.8 in) long. As an adult it is known as a Virginian Tiger Moth.
  12. unknow Caterpillar

    unknow Caterpillar

    2 inch Caterpillar in Colombia
  13. unknown Caterpillar

    unknown Caterpillar

    1 1/2 inch long colourfull caterpillar
  14. Caterpillar


    Caterpillar. Showing its warning colors but whether it can back it up is another story. I did not want to pick it up to find out though (lol). Bosque de Sholett, southeast of Oxapampa, Oxapampa, Per. Elfin forest at ca. 2,400 m (7,874 ft) elevation.
  15. Caterpillar


    Not sure what he turns into but every year these terrors invade the garden and devour a number of plants.
  16. Banded Sphinx Moth (caterpillar)

    Banded Sphinx Moth (caterpillar)

    Banded Sphinx Moth Larva (Eumorpha fasciata: Sphingidae) Caterpillar is very large ranging from 11.4-12.7 cm (4.5-5.0 in) long. Found on Mexican Primrose-willow (Ludwigia octovalvis: Onagraceae). Veterans Park, College Station, Texas, USA. In drainage with native vegetation. The park itself...
  17. Unknown Caterpillar

    Unknown Caterpillar

  18. traces...


    left by a caterpillar in a leaf
  19. Gotta love the Hair do!

    Gotta love the Hair do!

    Can anyone out there ID this beauty for me?
  20. blue tit, green food

    blue tit, green food

    A couple of blue tits settled their nest in a hollow wall only three meters away from window.Feeding the family is a full time job, but they must have found an unlimited source of green caterpillars, they bring a fresh one every five minutes all the day long !
  21. Owl Butterfly Caterpillar

    Owl Butterfly Caterpillar

    Owl Butterfly caterpillar (Caligo sp.: Nymphalidae) This large caterpillar ca. 7 cm (2.75 in) long was on our glass balcony door at Canopy Lodge in El Valle de Antn, Cocl Province, Panama. There were several species of Owl Butterflies around the lodge but the Boomerang Owl Butterfly (Caligo...
  22. Elephant hawk-moth caterpillar

    Elephant hawk-moth caterpillar

    I took this shot some time ago and did nothing with it apart from finding its title. I took the photo while walking the Crinan Canal, Argyle, Scotland. I read that it is common in England and scattered here.
  23. Noctuid Moth Caterillar

    Noctuid Moth Caterillar

    Noctuid Moth Caterpillar (Noctuidae) This caterpillar is ca. 2.5-3.5 cm (1.0-1.4 in) long. Photographed at Lick Creek Park, College Station, Brazos County, Texas, USA. Bottomland hardwoods dominated by cedar elm and water oak with some water hickory at ca. 96 m (315 ft) elevation.
  24. Drinker


    there was quite a number on the reeds at the weekend
  25. Caterpillar on the menu

    Caterpillar on the menu

    I had not seen any Yellow-rumped Warblers yet this year and knew they had to be around so I played their song on my iPhone and before I knew it this one flew to the branch in front of me. Then he flew to the ground and back again, this time with the caterpillar.