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  1. Resting in the shade

    Resting in the shade

    Drake Eurasian Teal
  2. Female Blue-winged Teal.jpg

    Female Blue-winged Teal.jpg

    It has been slow for me to capture new photos. I hope this one you like. I think her little brown eye is adorable.
  3. Shoveler Sexual Dimorphism

    Shoveler Sexual Dimorphism

    Only saw these for the first time yesterday, from far away. I was happy to see these a bit closer up, and to take some shots like this. I like photos that show off sexual dimorphism like this. It's a shame the pictures I have which show a tiny patch of green on the female's wing don't have very...
  4. Dragon Duck

    Dragon Duck

    Domestic muscovies are, shall we say, interesting-looking. Particularly around the face. This one was particularly striking, though. The black and red face made an impression. I like to look at feral muscovies at parks. They all seem to be a unique mix-and-match of shapes and patterns. Like...
  5. Handsome Gadwall

    Handsome Gadwall

    A lovely bird. All those fine little markings.
  6. Hooded Merganser Male and Females.

    Hooded Merganser Male and Females.

    I rate these up there with the Wood Ducks. In other words, they are like my favorites of the Duck World here in the North America Continent.
  7. R

    What bird/duck is this? New Hampshire, USA

    I saw this duck with a large group of mallards and a couple of American Black Ducks. The duck I am having trouble identifying is the black one with the white breast/chest. Is it some sort of hybrid/sub species?
  8. Common Goldeneye

    Common Goldeneye

  9. Drake Goosander

    Drake Goosander

  10. Goodbye 2020

    Goodbye 2020

    GOODBYE 2020 __________________ Oh ... !!! What a year It was ... Just as It is About to Disappear Like These ducks ... Into corridors ... Of history There were Reasons And There were Seasons When things Were not What They should Have been For you And me Nay !! For all ... I'll...
  11. Female Goosander

    Female Goosander

  12. Goosander in a flap

    Goosander in a flap

  13. Eurasian Teal

    Eurasian Teal

  14. Muscovy duck

    Muscovy duck

  15. Muscovy duck

    Muscovy duck

    Don't we all love the young Ducklings.
  16. Ring-necked Ducks

    Ring-necked Ducks

    Ring-necked Ducks (Aythya collaris) One drake with two hens.
  17. Goosander


  18. Drake Red-breasted Merganser

    Drake Red-breasted Merganser

  19. Gadwall Ducks in Close Formation.

    Gadwall Ducks in Close Formation.

  20. Mareca strepera in Flight

    Mareca strepera in Flight

    I'm trying more birds in flight atm because of the new camera and thanks to Mark Smith's You Tube tutorial on the Sony A7R IV settings.
  21. Gadwall Ducks in Flight.

    Gadwall Ducks in Flight.

  22. Drake Common Goldeneye

    Drake Common Goldeneye

  23. Trio of Ducks

    Trio of Ducks

    Trio of Ducks, taken at Ira Trailhead CVNP, Cuyahoga Falls OH.
  24. Quartet of Ducks

    Quartet of Ducks

    Quartet of Ducks, taken at Goodyear Metro Park, Akron OH.
  25. Mr & Mrs Gadwall

    Mr & Mrs Gadwall