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  1. Bird on a hot tin roof

    Bird on a hot tin roof

    The only other bird I spotted that morning was a Willie-wagtail up on a roof. Shortly after that June found me and gave me a lift back home for breakfast
  2. A sort of first

    A sort of first

    What excitement I had a couple of weeks ago, when I got up to have a look at what might be going on at my feeders. I saw a movement in the hedge and what should pop out but this Blackcap! The first I'd seen since a female paid a 1 day visit my first winter in this flat 30 years ago just about...
  3. Going up

    Going up

    One of the species that really gives me a thrill to see at our feeding station. The Eurasian Treecreeper is my favourite woodland bird. Here he is, having feasted on some peanut butter and is now making his way up to a fat log, which he also enjoys.
  4. Some birds....

    Some birds....

    ..... can be tricky to identify from the back, unless you get a handy head turn. Not so with Long-tailed Tits LOL, they can't be mistaken for anything else in our trees. In addition they usually arrive mob-handed. Saturday Fun
  5. Going Boss-eyed

    Going Boss-eyed

    A Great Spotted Woodpecker wondering what on earth is stuck on the end of her bill and how the heck to get rid of it! Saturday Fun
  6. Morning Flight

    Morning Flight

  7. Fight for Fish

    Fight for Fish

  8. R

    Birding in Peru in February

    Hey there, I plan to go to Peru next February. I have two weeks to travel around but I heard that it's rainy season in some areas which I wanted to visit (Tingo Maria, Oxapampa) and now I am not sure if it is still rewarding. Do you guys have experiences with those spots in February or have any...
  9. What a load of bills!!

    What a load of bills!!

    I had my first visit for a while to Kinnordy last month. There were quite a lot of Greylag Geese flying around and on the loch too. It wasn't until I downloaded the pictures from the day that I saw how many bills were showing... how many can you see LOL Saturday Fun
  10. I need a brolly

    I need a brolly

    The look on this Wood Pigeon's face says it all, doesn't it? No fun sitting in the pouring rain!! TTTW Saturday Fun
  11. The big one in the scrub

    The big one in the scrub

    A late February visit to Craighall and the feeders were busy. This Great Tit was waiting for a chance to get in to one of them.
  12. Togetherness


    I was beginning to think they weren't coming that day, but arrive they did in the end. Reduced to a pair now, so I guess the flock had broken up and the rest were off looking for a nesting spot with their mates.
  13. Perky


    A Robin popped out from under a bush near the feeders to forage on droppings in the grass verge.. Behind him is a steep drop down to the river Ericht. Actually there is a crash barrier at this point in case they're going too fast to stop themselves! LOL
  14. What's going on over there?

    What's going on over there?

    This Blue Tit was heading for a feeder when he seem to get distracted by something. Sorry, I'm getting a bit behind in commenting. I've been a bit busy and I've a rather busy week with appointments this week too. (Age doesn't come itself as they say).
  15. Big Boss?

    Big Boss?

    Is he going to be the one to father most of the youngsters this year? I'd not seen a sparrow in a photographable place for quite a while. Now that's not an over-exposed background, it's snow on a roof behind him. TTTW
  16. Snow Fun

    Snow Fun

    How a Yellowhammer enjoys himself in the snow. Thought this picture was rather pretty, as well as being funny. TTTW
  17. A newbie

    A newbie

    I was thrilled to see this wee guy. I've struggled to find Yellowhammers the last two years (they'd disappeared from the usual spots); though I'd heard some about a year before about 10 miles away! But here was one in my garden during that very hard spell in February. A new Garden Tick and Year...
  18. In a tangled web

    In a tangled web

    I don't seem able to get many pictures of my Robin at home for some reason (perhaps this picture goes some way to explain why LOL). Sadly I've not much snow in this picture to make it worth thinking about for a Christmas card... oh well! Wind has dropped here a bit and it's therefore a bit...
  19. High stool

    High stool

    I'd not seen a pigeon since the previous fall of snow back in January a few weeks before. He's found that new perch too. The sharp eyes amongst you may see the top of a seed feeder just below him... yep, I suddenly realised that I could hang one up there... and a bonus is that I can see the...
  20. What a waste of time (SF)

    What a waste of time (SF)

    During that very cold period, I rather upped the feeding rate, instead of just mid morning, I'd make sure they had some at first light, their normal time around 9-10am and in the afternoon too. This particular day, it had snowed in the morning covering the tray feeder. But that was all, the...
  21. Shout or scratch

    Shout or scratch

    She didn't seem able to make up her mind LOL. She'd just chased another female off that perch so was obviously beginning to get a bit territorial, even as early as February. TTTW The good news is that I've got my own car back now!!!
  22. Tucking in

    Tucking in

    The Robin isn't the most common visitor I see in the garden, let alone at the window feeder, so delighted to get a picture of him. TTTW Waiting for the garage to come and sort this courtesy car... flat battery!!! I left the lights on on Saturday afternoon. My own car they automatically turn...
  23. Outnumbered


    Looks like he's pleading with me for help in getting rid of his feeding rivals LOL. The Starlings do seem to come mob-handed, don't they. TTTW
  24. Now really, really careless

    Now really, really careless

    The reason I didn't get any more images of this guy up in the tree was because I opened the window in an effort to get better images (sideways through double-glazing is never good!).... while doing so he flew..... right down to the beech hedge in front of me. Quick re-adjustment of angle, zoom...
  25. Incoming..... "Oh help!!"

    Incoming..... "Oh help!!"

    The incoming Jackdaw looks like he's panicking as there doesn't seem to be enough room to land. The only picture I got of this and can't remember what happened now, but though it would do for Saturday Fun. TTTW Off out in this horrid car - wish me luck. I'll try and catch up later.