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fringilla coelebs

  1. G Chaffinch.jpg

    G Chaffinch.jpg

  2. Colorful


    Common Chaffinch, however humble the name might seem, is one of the most colorful birds we have in Norway.
  3. You spoke?

    You spoke?

    She was heading for the tube feeder that I'd re-positioned to the 'new perch' branch. Couldn't resist that inquisitive look! TTTW
  4. Dropped it

    Dropped it

    Having buried his face in the snow and retrieved that seed, he promptly dropped it!
  5. Chaffinch (M)

    Chaffinch (M)

    Chaffinch (M) I am back after a short illness.
  6. Replacing


    .... the male Chaffinch; this is more or less where he'd sat at the base of the beech hedge a couple of days before. Had a good old look about before moving on to where she wanted to go. TTTW
  7. Rehearsal


    Practicing her responses to his song. Still a while to wait for him to serenade her. Now a month-and-a-half later, I've heard Great Tits singing but not the Chaffinches yet.
  8. Chaffinch


  9. Base of the hedge

    Base of the hedge

    Lots of birds that day but not very good images as it was dark and very wet!! I guess they were hungry after the snow had melted. TTTW
  10. Starring


    Starling, Chaffinch and Blackbird forming a socially distanced circle but it looks like they've formed a tableau for a new stage play! LOL They all seem to be happily feeding on their own food patch. Saturday fun, TTTW
  11. More snow

    More snow

    Yep... a few days later back the snow came, before the previous lot had completely gone, so we had thick ice under a thick layer of snow. Not a good combination! My first visitor that morning was this colourful Chaffinch. TTTW
  12. Chewing the cud

    Chewing the cud

    .... well a seed actually! The snow does make for a more attractive picture than the grey shed roof, doesn't it.
  13. chaffinch (portrait)

    chaffinch (portrait)

    used the snow and bad weather for some portraits of the "common suspects" hope you like them
  14. chaffinch


  15. Chaffinch (F)

    Chaffinch (F)

    Chaffinch (F)
  16. These are mine

    These are mine

    I don't see so many Chaffinch at those feeders, often spotting them in the trees around or on the ground, but they move around so quickly I didn't seem to get many pictures. This one, though, sat nicely for me don't you think.
  17. Queuing up

    Queuing up

    This male Chaffinch hopped onto a branch and sat waiting for a chance at a feeder.
  18. Chaffinch 1637 (1).jpeg

    Chaffinch 1637 (1).jpeg

  19. Berried


    Not much of this Chaffinch showing really, but liked the image with the red berries and the leaves beginning to get their autumnal colours.
  20. Chaffinch


  21. Oh, oh!!

    Oh, oh!!

    I managed to fit in a very long overdue visit to Kinnordy, what with the long holiday, then winter weather with the lockdown, it was nearly a year since I'd last been there. Unfortunately the hides weren't open (and still aren't BTW), so you can't get views over the water. However, the feeding...
  22. Chaffinch


  23. Common Chaffinch

    Common Chaffinch

  24. Common Chaffinch

    Common Chaffinch

  25. Young Chaffinch, I think!

    Young Chaffinch, I think!

    Looking a little untidy, but with a certain Chaffinch look about it?