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  1. Green heron with a little pot-belly

    Green heron with a little pot-belly

    This adorable, very small green heron (only stood maybe 9" tall) preened when talked to, but really loved whistles.
  2. W

    Heron - Possible Purple Heron

    Hi All, Just spotted this near Taif, Saudi Arabia. I think it may be a Purple Heron but any assistnace is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Ian C
  3. A Heron in Flight.jpg

    A Heron in Flight.jpg

    Heron coming into land
  4. Great Blue Heron

    Great Blue Heron

    Magnolia Gardens Rookery
  5. Grey Heron in flight (Ardea cinerea).jpg

    Grey Heron in flight (Ardea cinerea).jpg

    I seen it in the water body
  6. Tricolored heron in breeding plumage

    Tricolored heron in breeding plumage

    Sitting in the shade, yet still popping with color and adornment - this tricolored heron is showing the bright blue bill, the red legs, and the long aigrette feathers on its back, all dressed up to impress a mate
  7. Green heron showing its hidden neck

    Green heron showing its hidden neck

    The short, stocky looking little herons that seem to have no neck at all, reveal that they actually have quite a long neck hidden inside those feathers when they perch on a branch or reed over the water and stalk a fish
  8. Yellow-crowned night heron

    Yellow-crowned night heron

    Trying to have a little afternoon nap on a warm day, this yellow-crowned night heron would open one eye to watch people pass by from about 12 feet away - once determined to not be a threat, the eye would close again.
  9. Heron


  10. Tricolored heron flying high

    Tricolored heron flying high

    Another large wading bird common in Florida, and also showing some breeding coloration with the bill turning from yellow to blue
  11. Heron


    This one let me walk right up to about 30 feet
  12. Yellow-crowned night heron

    Yellow-crowned night heron

    A year-round bird for us, often found along the salt marshes and mangroves along the coast as well as in the freshwater wetlands. Despite the name, they're out day and night, and feed anytime on various crawfish and crabs, as well as fish, frogs, and anything else they can nab. The...
  13. Wurdemann's heron

    Wurdemann's heron

    A great blue heron intermediate morph that occurs when a great blue heron and a great white heron (which is a specific morph of great blue heron found in South Florida that presents as all white) mate...the Wurdemann's heron is an odd hybrid that's quite rare and a treat to see
  14. Heron.jpg


  15. Black-crowned Night Heron, Taiwan

    Black-crowned Night Heron, Taiwan

    Taipei Botanical Garden 台北植物園, Taiwan. Feb 2020. My self birding spot visit ;)
  16. Great blue heron bringing home the dinner

    Great blue heron bringing home the dinner

    The always-excellent fishermen, this great blue heron was bringing a nice fish catch back home to its chicks nesting nearby
  17. Heron vs Gull

    Heron vs Gull

    Was lucky to capture this, the gull in the image wasnt happy about the Heron.... Just minding his own business
  18. Green Heron

    Green Heron

    Green Heron
  19. Tricolored Heron.jpg

    Tricolored Heron.jpg

    Formerly called the "Louisiana Heron, "this is one of the most abundant herons in the Deep South.
  20. Green heron

    Green heron

    Short and stocky looking heron, usually found lurking along the water's edge, in the reeds, or on overhanging branches...they have a deceptively long neck that they use as part of their speargun-style fishing method
  21. wind blown heron

    wind blown heron

    very windy day at local lake
  22. Heron


    Here’s something you don’t see every day a Heron just flew by and landed on my neighbour’s shed looking at their pond.
  23. Tricolored heron fishing attack

    Tricolored heron fishing attack

    Unlike most of our herons and egrets who are patient fishermen, waiting perfectly still for the moment to plunge their bill - the tricolored heron is a frantic, noisy fisherman - flying out low over the water or jumping in, and plunging his head down while chasing the fish through the water.
  24. Tricolored heron sunset flight

    Tricolored heron sunset flight

    Flying past late in the day, as the sun was about to drop behind the treeline - catching the last warm light of the day
  25. Great blue heron posed like a statue

    Great blue heron posed like a statue

    Sitting for its portrait, still as a statue, this great blue heron found a dead tree stump over the water to rest and watch over the wetlands