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  1. C

    Hooting, Unknown species - U.S., New England

    Around my house and near a few local businesses I’ve been hearing a hooting, but I can’t figure out who it belongs to. Google can’t help, but so far I can say it’s NOT a Barred Owl, Barn Owl, Great Horned Owl, or a Mourning Dove. The hooting sounds like a sort of hoo, hoo hoo as opposed to the...
  2. R

    Duck Species ID? Location: Three Lakes, Selby, North Yorkshire, England.

    Hello, please can anyone ID these duck species? I apologise for the low quality photos, my dad took them while on a fishing trip and so we don’t have any other photos with better clarity! In the first photo I believe one of the birds is a mallard duck (Anas platyrhynchos) but I’m not sure...
  3. A

    Identification- India. Help!

    Hello! Can someone help me ID the bird in this image: Location: Uttarakhand, India Date: 26/04/2024 Habitat: Bushes Size: Similar to a Streaked laughing thrush (12 cm approx)
  4. R

    Bird Feather Identification? Staithes, Yorkshire, England, UK.

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could please help me identify which bird these feathers came from? They were found on top of a hill in Staithes which is by the coast in Yorkshire, England, UK. They’re quite small, unfortunately I don’t have anything with me to measure them with so I used a coin...
  5. K

    EAGLE? Naples, FL, US

    Saw this large bird while walking today. Kinda looks like a young eagle. Any thoughts?
  6. M

    Masked/Black-faced Bunting - Taipei, Taiwan; 3/25/2023

    Hi all, looking for some help with identification of two buntings observed a couple of days ago in an agricultural area on the outskirts of Taipei. The male in particular struck me as significantly yellower below than most of the Black-faced Buntings I'm used to seeing around Taipei. I was also...
  7. Azan Khan

    An interesting Tit from Pakistan

    Hello everyone, an interesting photo of Coal Tit was captured by a photographer at Haveli, Azad Kashmir, which is in the northeast of Pakistan. In Pakistan, we have Black-crested/Spot-winged Tit (Periparus ater melanolophus) while this individual bird look quite different from that. It look more...
  8. S

    St. Lucia Rainforest - Unidentified Bird

    I’m new to this site so feel free to critique this post. I just went on a birding trip to the inner-island rainforesty area of Saint Lucia around the Eden Estate. I was taking pictures of birds and noticed a small and very blurry bird in one of my photos. I’ll attach it here. It was not a large...
  9. J

    Nest and Egg ID in northern Utah

    I am a novice gardener and came across a nest when I was cutting back an overgrown plant. The “nest” (if you can even call it that) is a hole in the dirt of my raised garden bed underneath an overgrown tarragon plant. I wouldn’t even qualify as a novice bird person so I have no clue what I came...
  10. D

    Which camera?

    There are times I'm out bird watching and am unable to identify a bird. So, I am after a camera where by I can take a photo good enough to identify the bird. I have my binoculars and scope, so nothing to big or bulky. I would appreciate advice, guidance and opinions on which camera would fulfil...