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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

little grove

  1. Rather Fitting I Guess

    Rather Fitting I Guess

    That the very last picture I show you from Little Grove, should be a Western Rosella, one of the endemic Western Australian species. I was really quite taken by the beautiful colours in his wing and tail feathers.
  2. Bird on a wire

    Bird on a wire

    With the tide well out, there weren't many birds close enough for photography, so we started making our way back home. Another young Magpie was waiting to show us the way.
  3. At last

    At last

    My first picture of Black Swans from Little Grove, as although there always seemed to be some Out There, they were far too far away to photograph. These two came over to apologise for their bad behaviour, as if they knew this was my last day in Albany.
  4. Silvery


    My last picture of the day, a pretty little Silvereye in a bush at the back of the garden. I still love them!
  5. Thirst quenching

    Thirst quenching

    A Red-eared Firetail seems at risk of losing his balance and going for an early bath LOL. Cute, aren't they
  6. Likes the scrub obviously

    Likes the scrub obviously

    There was also a White-browed Scrubwren foraging in the border; I think this is the female. One of the little guys that is quite easy to identify with that little white scribble on the wing patch.
  7. Wee grey one

    Wee grey one

    When we got back home there was a Grey Fantail had arrived. This was the only time I saw one in the garden. In fact it appears it was the only one I'd seen since way back with Hans at his forest water hole in Queensland. I really thought I'd seen more than that!
  8. When you've an itch

    When you've an itch

    The last picture from that day was a Laughing Dove I found on my way back to the house. This species has been introduced to Australia, they're actually an African species.
  9. Young


    I had a little wander round the houses in the early evening. The only bird I saw was this Australian Magpie. rather nicely lit by the sinking sun. I'm not too sure if this is a juvenile or immature magpie. You can tell it's young by the brownish plumage.
  10. Keeping out of the sun?

    Keeping out of the sun?

    Maybe, he didn't leave much exposed, did he!! Not quite sure how I managed to see this New Holland Honeyeater.
  11. Long!


    In a parrots usual upright pose, you maybe don't realise how big these Red-capped Parrots are, with that long tail. They're really rather beautiful.
  12. Thirsty dad

    Thirsty dad

    Back in the garden and this time there was an adult Red-eared Firetail, They're really attractive, aren't they. Going through one of those phases. Tooth out at the dentist this morning, then the chiropractor this afternoon. She advised me that I should make an appointment with my GP as I've...
  13. Taking a rest?

    Taking a rest?

    I didn't see too much of the female Red-capped Parrots, I guess they were mostly on nests. Did she come out for a bit of peace and quiet do you think?
  14. Chestnut


    This Zebra Finch seems to be out of his area somewhat, as they're not supposed to be found in coastal areas. I've just realised that this is subspecies T.g. castanotis, which may be split as Chestnut-eared Finch,
  15. Can't be that cross...

    Can't be that cross...

    .... for I've seen a more severe glare from a Silvereye LOL So pleased to have got him that day, as fast becoming my favourite bird LOL
  16. Wagging away

    Wagging away

    Another Willie-wagtail of the morning and this one I managed to get to show a bit of the wagging action. Here you can see another part of it: https://www.birdforum.net/gallery/posturing.649086/ There was another one after this. Quite unlike our Pied Wagtail's action.
  17. Still growing

    Still growing

    Back at home after our run out to Muttonbird, a new guy was waiting to introduce himself; my first sighting of a juvenile Red-eared Firetail. You can tell this is a very young one, as he's not even started to develop his red ears yet (at least I can't see any). I'm sure the adults couldn't have...
  18. Bird on a hot tin roof

    Bird on a hot tin roof

    The only other bird I spotted that morning was a Willie-wagtail up on a roof. Shortly after that June found me and gave me a lift back home for breakfast
  19. Operator?


    The following day I woke early, so took myself for a walk along the road to see what also may be up. All I found was a New Holland Honeyeater sitting on the phone lines near the school.
  20. Wanderer


    The last visitor before lunch was this Zebra Finch. You may remember me telling you it was a bit of a conundrum, as they're not found in that corner of Western Australia, the nearest populations being over 100 kms away. We quizzed a family nearby, who had an aviary of assorted birds, but they...
  21. Long tail

    Long tail

    At last I spotted the female Splendid Fairywren. She has a lovely blue tail, doesn't she.
  22. You look awful wet

    You look awful wet

    A Silvereye, was looking askance at a soaking wet Splendid Fairywren. Not sure, but I think the fairywren may be a young male, as he doesn't seem to be completely blue over the back. Have you ever had one of those days when things seem to start going wrong as soon as you wake up. Such was this...
  23. Simply Splendid

    Simply Splendid

    We got back home for a quick lunch and I got some great views of a Splendid Fairywren in the garden. Sadly I really didn't get too many pictures of this stunner.
  24. A pretty morning visitor

    A pretty morning visitor

    I didn't see many of these Western Rosellas, in fact the only ones I did see were in Alex and June's garden. Thought you'd like to see what the plumage on their back is like for a change
  25. Keeping a low profile

    Keeping a low profile

    In the morning, a juvenile Australian Magpie was sitting on the fence in deep shade - I've managed to lighten it a little.