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  1. Grey-headed Lovebird Female MAD SER

    Grey-headed Lovebird Female MAD SER

    Flocks of this species were feeding on flowers in the spiny forest. This species is endemic to Madagascar. I used fill flash for the photo.
  2. Forest Rock-Thrush Male MAD SER

    Forest Rock-Thrush Male MAD SER

    I took this photo in late afternoon of a bird that was perched just inside the mouth of a shallow cave in the rainforest on a hillside in Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar. Ambient light on the bird was insufficient, so I used flash as the primary light source. This species is endemic to...
  3. Crested Drongo MAD SER

    Crested Drongo MAD SER

    I took this bird photo using fill flash at the grounds of Relais de la Reine resort by Isalo National Park in Madagascar. This bird species is endemic to Madagascar, where it is widespread, and nearby Anjouan Island in the Comoros.
  4. Crested Coua MAD SER

    Crested Coua MAD SER

    This species, endemic to Madagascar, is common in the west and southern parts of the island. I photographed it around sunrise using fill flash at the dry, spiny forest of the southwest.
  5. Common Newtonia MAD SER

    Common Newtonia MAD SER

    I had to use fill flash for this back-lit bird. This species is endemic to, and widespread in Madagascar.
  6. Collared Nightjar MAD SER

    Collared Nightjar MAD SER

    This bird was at its day roost in a shaded recess that had been eroded into the side of a sloping trail. It sat on a tree root that had been exposed by erosion. One side of the rufous nape that gives the bird its name can be seen. Its red eyeshine also showed in its partly open eyes. This...
  7. Chabert's Vanga MAD SER

    Chabert's Vanga MAD SER

    This bird was in a tree in an area of predominantly spiny forest at Ifaty, Madagascar. It is endemic to, and widespread in Madagascar.
  8. Broad-billed Roller MAD SER

    Broad-billed Roller MAD SER

    This bird was sitting on a rocky outcrop on the grounds of Relais de la Reine by Isalo National Park, south-central Madagascar. It is a common species whose range covers all of Madagascar and much of continental Africa.
  9. Archbold's Newtonia MAD SER

    Archbold's Newtonia MAD SER

    I photographed this bird in late day light in a shrubby, weedy, slightly brackish flat behind the beach back-dune just north of Ifaty Beach Club Resort. This bird species is endemic to an area bordering the coast of southern and southwestern Madagascar.
  10. Madagascan Kingfisher

    Madagascan Kingfisher

    Sitting on a foot bridge hand rail. Taken at Verkona Lodge Madagascar.
  11. Madagascar Bee-eater

    Madagascar Bee-eater

    A pair were perched and very confiding on this open branch.
  12. Sakalava rail - Madagascar

    Sakalava rail - Madagascar

    A very rare Madagascar endemic birds and in critical position. May be 20 couples all over Madagascar in maxima. Go on http://www.madagascar-birders.com for more informations.
  13. Madagascar Green Pigeon

    Madagascar Green Pigeon

    Another new pigeon for the database - despite its scientific name this is only found in Madagascar and Comoros Islands) not in Australia as name may suggest!). Sorry didn't get a closer shot of it, I only just caught this one as I craned my neck leaning precariously from the dugout canoe before...
  14. Rock Thrush to be ID'd- Pseudocossyphus sp.

    Rock Thrush to be ID'd- Pseudocossyphus sp.

    Taxonomic status is not clear as yet. Originally I thought this was a Forest Rock Thrush, but after discussion with Cuckooroller (Steve) and others, it seems it may yet be a new species of Pseudocossyphus only found in this forest. The bird was found in disturbed forest (near limestone...
  15. Madagascar Red Fody (imm)

    Madagascar Red Fody (imm)

  16. Madagascar Red Fody m)

    Madagascar Red Fody m)

  17. Madagascar Coucal

    Madagascar Coucal

    one of my most satisfying photos in Madagascar - rarely do I get the chance to stand so close to a Coucal without being noticed!
  18. Coquerel's Sifaka

    Coquerel's Sifaka

    Coquerel's Sifaka on a tree in North West Madagascar
  19. Milne-Edwards's Sportive Lemur

    Milne-Edwards's Sportive Lemur

    Sportive Lemur at Ampijoroa, North West Madagascaar
  20. White-browed Owl

    White-browed Owl

    Berenty is a superb place for roosting Owls. Our guide found this one roosting at eye level. http://www.steveblain.co.uk
  21. Green tree frog

    Green tree frog

    Tree frog with frosting at Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar
  22. Yellow tree frog

    Yellow tree frog

    Near Port Dauphin, Madagascar
  23. Sifaka in tree

    Sifaka in tree

    White sifaka in a tree at Berenty
  24. White-browed Owl

    White-browed Owl

    In the Gallery forest at Berenty
  25. Madagascar Scops Owl

    Madagascar Scops Owl

    Early evening, luckily the guide knew where to find him