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  1. Poor mallard

    Poor mallard

    I took this photo of a flying duck yesterday morning; much to my dismay it turned out to be badly injured. Based on the bite to the wing, I would say it was a coyote or a dog. Odds are pretty good that it was mauled by someone's pet.
  2. Rather monotone

    Rather monotone

    The colour of the water didn't really strike me at the time, I just thought it was nice looking at the two Mallard swimming across the loch. End of November did seem rather early to be pairing up though LOL
  3. Team Mallard

    Team Mallard

    A team water landing. I like how they splash forwards and backwards.
  4. Mallards


    Coming in for landing
  5. Common and neglected.....Mallard

    Common and neglected.....Mallard

    Autumn colours in a lake
  6. Mallard


  7. Still before breakfast

    Still before breakfast

    Also out for a wander was a female Mallard with her two ducklings. Still very young too.
  8. Wood_Duck_and_Mallard.jpg


    Male Wood Duck dating female Mallard (since no female Wood Ducks around anyway!)
  9. I´am walking ...

    I´am walking ...

    The almost transparent dot, not a dust spot, at the tip of its beak, is called "nail". https://www.bird.bot/post/duck-bill#:~:text=The%20nail%20is%20a%20small%20bump%20on%20the,or%20shape%20that%20can%20help%20identify%20the%20duck. In adult males is it black. Females show a dark grey nail.
  10. Having a wander

    Having a wander

    I made the long journey down to stay with my brother and his wife in South Wales (we were going to my nephew's wedding in Sussex as part of my trip). Anyway, close beside my brother's house is the Brecon Canal and I did a short walk along it one day. There was a family of Mallards who'd come...
  11. Mallard chicks (Anas platyrhynchos)

    Mallard chicks (Anas platyrhynchos)

    A brood of Mallard chicks (Anas platyrhynchos) just come out of the nest in the woods and are accompanied by their mother in the water with care and then disappear into a dense and hidden point on the shore !!!
  12. Mallard Meme

    Mallard Meme

    I was trying to explain why I couldn't share my sandwich with him (white bread). He had a hard time grasping the concept of carbohydrates.
  13. Daddy Drake-Mallard

    Daddy Drake-Mallard

    Daughter spotted this wary drake near the Mississippi River.
  14. Mallards Mating

    Mallards Mating

    I'm sure he's got a smile on his face!
  15. Duckling


    First brood there: After three days all nine ducklings predated. This brood: Seven of eleven are already taken.
  16. A male multi-tasking????

    A male multi-tasking????

    My friend and I spent an extended lunch break at my old patch "Up the Hill" on Sunday, quite a bit to be seen but this was a record shot taken through the windscreen of a couple of Mallards. It wasn't until I downloaded the pictures that I realised one was scratching his neck. A bit of...
  17. Mallard


    With several pair under a bridge on the river.
  18. Inching forward foot by foot.  Mallard

    Inching forward foot by foot. Mallard

  19. male mallard.jpg

    male mallard.jpg

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  20. Forager


    Early January, we decided to go on a long ignored Loch of the Lowes, seemed to stop going there since the start of Covid. Also my friend wanted to try a monocular due to his failing sight. He managed to test it out first, through the window at the feeding station. A Mallard came through...
  21. Putative Intersex Mallard

    Putative Intersex Mallard

  22. Mallard


  23. SandhillCrane02

    Nonbreeding Mallard or Hybrid? (Central FL)

    So I've seen this duck around a local pond before and I was just curious, is this a mallard in between breeding and nonbreeding plumage, or is it some kind of hybrid? In general, is there a good way to tell the difference? I'm not very experienced with identifying ducks and potential hybrids, so...
  24. O

    Black&white duck;Medium size;South-West Romania[banat region]

    Description: see pics Seen at the Timiş river flowing in Lugojel, started at 12 and stopped at around 13:48 Sounds unknown as they did not produce any call: There were ones with black head and ones with brown head, Im guessing this is a difference between sexes; The weather was warm especially...
  25. Mallard


    Floating downstream on the Mississippi River.