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  1. Becoming a regular

    Becoming a regular

    After years of only seeing an occasional Siskin (usually 1 day in the autumn), a couple descended in the early spring and continue to come in. This is the male. I'm guessing they have a nest somewhere nearby. TTTW
  2. Think it might be time to go

    Think it might be time to go

    Just checking LOL! The last bird up on that visit was a delightful, but scruffy looking, Blue Tit on the peanuts.
  3. Looking on

    Looking on

    This Robin was, of course, in the most awkward place for light you can imagine, I had quite a lot to do in post-processing to get this result. Hope I've not overdone it. To add to the difficulties, it was taken through the car windscreen.
  4. Zygodactyl toes (SF)

    Zygodactyl toes (SF)

    The arrangement of toes in some species such as woodpeckers is known as Zygodactyl. You can read more about this, and the other toe arrangements in our Opus article on Topography; https://www.birdforum.net/opus/Topography#Toes .... or Ooops! If you prefer. She dropped her nut, which you can see...
  5. Busyness


    Hungry birds by the looks of it.
  6. Nut lover

    Nut lover

    The last days of March had come and I saw my first Woodpecker of the year. This lady popped in to feast on the nuts.
  7. Just checking

    Just checking

    He seems to be making double-sure that no-one else can see what he's found, before he tucks in.
  8. Loving the fat balls

    Loving the fat balls

    It was time for me to visit the fee feeders again. The first bird to appear was a Long-tailed Tit .... what a surprise LOL. They must be on constant watch for someone to refill the feeders.
  9. Resident Woody

    Resident Woody

    I have a pair of Wood Pigeons here, just sometimes they're joined by two or three others, which causes a bit of display and consternation. This guy is on sentry duty I think! TTTW
  10. Now how do I attack that (SF)

    Now how do I attack that (SF)

    Red Squirrels make great subjects with their variety of poses. This one appears to be wondering which would be the best way to get into the nuts.
  11. Resting up

    Resting up

    Middle of March.... guess it wouldn't be long before they set off back north for the breeding season. Not the clearest of images, but taking through the trees, the focusing was bothered by the intervening branches, twigs and reeds. And they were rather distant too, right over on the other side...
  12. My local rarity

    My local rarity

    The last Goldfinch I saw was when I was with Peter and Adrienne in South Australia would you believe! That was in October 2019!! Ok we've been locked down more-or-less since I got home from there so not a lot of birding done. However, I very, very, rarely see them in the garden. And I believe...
  13. Branch line

    Branch line

    I had to go to Forfar for a post-op checkup and eye test in March, for my new specs; so on the way home decided to call in at the Kinnordy reserve. The hides weren't open, of course, as we were still in lock down, but there's a feeding station in the woodland. So armed with some feed to top up...
  14. Gated


    I park my car beside a gate. My friend usually has put some feed on top of the gate post before I get there. It proves pretty popular as you can see by this Robin tucking in. Unfortunately I often have to take the pictures through my windscreen.
  15. Little did I know...

    Little did I know...

    When I showed you that picture of the Siskin a while ago I never dreamed that he'd be back... and back with a partner. They came in daily for weeks and are still around, so I guess you'll be seeing a few more pictures yet. I'm presuming they've a nest somewhere nearby so maybe... maybe...
  16. Lockdown walkabout

    Lockdown walkabout

    During Lockdow we were only allowed an hour's exercise a day, so I used to go out round the local streets, taking a different circuit each day. This particular day the weather wasn't great but I took my camera anyway, just in case. On the other side of the road, was two lots of houses and a...
  17. Wonder if it's the same one

    Wonder if it's the same one

    ..... or a different Greylag. I've not idea of course, but doesn't he look in fine fettle, all set for the coming summer season.
  18. Black ball

    Black ball

    My Saturday Fun image this week is a quiz. What is it then? Drink for the first correct answer (or the funniest maybe;) Judges decision is final!
  19. Blackie getting ready

    Blackie getting ready

    .... for the coming busy season of breeding. It was nice to see some fresh foliage coming through on a bright and sunny spring day. TTTW
  20. The evil eye

    The evil eye

    .... aaaw.... well perhaps that's a bit harsh is it LOL. One of the first birds to appear for their brunch that bright and sunny morning - the last day of March. TTTW
  21. Mrs C

    Mrs C

    Now tor the last image of that end of March visit to Kinnordy. I'd gone to the feeder are, exceptionally quiet, the only birds around were the two Chaffinch. Most unusual. And she was in the dark too!
  22. The big bruiser

    The big bruiser

    Briefly back to the water to show you this Greylag. Big guys up close, aren't they
  23. Mr C

    Mr C

    The feeder area was pretty quiet that day, though I did see a couple of Chaffinch. First up the male, in a pretty dark spot.
  24. The little ones

    The little ones

    A pair of our smallest ducks, unfortunately they didn't come very close to me.
  25. Flypast


    Four more Oystercatchers flew in to join the flock on the bogbean. A shame they all completely ignore the raft for their breeding attempts. The Black-headed Gulls aren't interested in it either... and it was installed espcially for them.