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  1. Maybe the last.....

    Maybe the last.....

    ..... picture of one for a bit. Don't think I've seen a Long-tailed Tit up at Mause since this one (did at the other feeders the other day). Actually thinking a bit harder, that's not quite true... had a fleeting glimpse of one, but before my hand had even reached the camera he was gone. But he...
  2. View point

    View point

    Ken has an eye condition which makes it difficult to see some things. Anyway we were having our lunch up at my patch whe he said - "What's that... is it something?". I asked where he was looking. Don't know he said!! Very helpful. Anyway I gave him the camera to see if he could get a picture...
  3. Do you think he'll mind....

    Do you think he'll mind....

    ..... if I go and get some? At our Mause feeders, this cheeky Coal Tit, looked like he was sizing up the risk of being caught by the Chaffinch LOL. Saturday fun
  4. Favourite post

    Favourite post

    We came down from off the foggy ski slopes and decided on taking the 'long road' home; turning off at Cray towards Forter. As we climbed up the hill there we found a couple of Eurasian Oystercatchers on fence posts. Another passing car pushed them into the air but they landed on the other side...
  5. Better not go fishing

    Better not go fishing

    A couple of weekends ago we decided to go up to Glenshee to see if, for once, I could get a glimpse of Ptarmigan in their winter dress. But, as usual, as we climbed to the top the cloud was right down to the road. Cup of coffee later, we changed tack and decided to take the long road home by a...
  6. Robby


    The frustrating Sunday continued, albeit with some quality bird sightings! We entered a sharp bend when we heard a Robin singing, so I pulled in to a field gateway so we could look around. Eventually I spotted it in the hedgerow (which had been well and truly mangled by the looks of it). It was...
  7. Let's Twist Again

    Let's Twist Again

    We had a bit a frustrating day the other week. Decided to go to Balgavies reserve near Forfar. When we arrived it was to find the car park closed, with no other information. We went to the viewpoint car park just along the road and sat there with a cup of coffee. Then moved on driving round a...
  8. M

    Bird ID - Carara National Park Costa Rica - March 2023

    I took this photo at Carara in March. I know, not a great photo but hoping some of you might be able to help with ID. Although the crown isn't visible and the face is partly obscured, I'm wondering if this might be a Golden-crowned Spadebill. The back color, bill, big eye, and short tail look...
  9. Bird on a wire

    Bird on a wire

    Wasn't that the name of a song? The title came to me from somewhere LOL. Another bird we found on that early spring trip up Glen Moy was a Redwing. Some winters I really struggle to find them, but here was this guy sitting right out in the open for us, a tad distant though, so focusing was...
  10. Is that my house? I'd like it a bit bigger

    Is that my house? I'd like it a bit bigger

    A nice day in early March, we decided to go up one of my favourite glens, Glen Moy. There were some Northern Lapwing, a bit distant, so I needed to find some landmarks to get this picture. They seem to get rather large mole hills up there, don't they LOL Saturday fun
  11. How do I get one out?

    How do I get one out?

    He seems to be doing his best to extract a peanut from the feeder. Guess it's defeated him LOL A Great Tit visiting the feeders at the Craighall feeding station. Saturday fun
  12. Shall we say Grace?

    Shall we say Grace?

    Looks like this cute Red Squirrel is about to thank the Lord for his lunch. Gorgeous creatures. Saturday fun
  13. Heading the ball

    Heading the ball

    Thought that title rather topical, so I'm making this Robin into a female LOL. A spring picture from a visit to the feeding station at Craighall. Saturday Fun
  14. He knew!!!

    He knew!!!

    That was the only place he could be to stop me getting a good picture!!! Back at Craighall on my first visit of the year, a Great Spotted Woodpecker parked himself at the most inconvenient spot you could imagine. Saturday Fun
  15. Nut lover

    Nut lover

    It was a good job we topped up the peanut feeder by the looks of it.
  16. Spring Tit

    Spring Tit

    Beginning of March I managed to get myself going again post op. So my first visit to the Craighall feeders for what felt like months! First to show himself was this Great Tit. The birds seem to be ever watchful there and the word soon goes round that the feeders have been filled again.
  17. Becoming a regular

    Becoming a regular

    After years of only seeing an occasional Siskin (usually 1 day in the autumn), a couple descended in the early spring and continue to come in. This is the male. I'm guessing they have a nest somewhere nearby. TTTW
  18. Think it might be time to go

    Think it might be time to go

    Just checking LOL! The last bird up on that visit was a delightful, but scruffy looking, Blue Tit on the peanuts.
  19. Looking on

    Looking on

    This Robin was, of course, in the most awkward place for light you can imagine, I had quite a lot to do in post-processing to get this result. Hope I've not overdone it. To add to the difficulties, it was taken through the car windscreen.
  20. Zygodactyl toes (SF)

    Zygodactyl toes (SF)

    The arrangement of toes in some species such as woodpeckers is known as Zygodactyl. You can read more about this, and the other toe arrangements in our Opus article on Topography; https://www.birdforum.net/opus/Topography#Toes .... or Ooops! If you prefer. She dropped her nut, which you can see...
  21. Busyness


    Hungry birds by the looks of it.
  22. Nut lover

    Nut lover

    The last days of March had come and I saw my first Woodpecker of the year. This lady popped in to feast on the nuts.
  23. Just checking

    Just checking

    He seems to be making double-sure that no-one else can see what he's found, before he tucks in.
  24. Loving the fat balls

    Loving the fat balls

    It was time for me to visit the fee feeders again. The first bird to appear was a Long-tailed Tit .... what a surprise LOL. They must be on constant watch for someone to refill the feeders.
  25. Resident Woody

    Resident Woody

    I have a pair of Wood Pigeons here, just sometimes they're joined by two or three others, which causes a bit of display and consternation. This guy is on sentry duty I think! TTTW