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parus major

  1. Great tit looking for food in tree bark

    Great tit looking for food in tree bark

  2. GreatTit


    He seemed to pose to have his photo taken...
  3. BF Great Tit.jpg

    BF Great Tit.jpg

    Some of you will remember that I've had great difficulty getting a picture of a Great Tit that, very occasionally, visits the garden, and was so quick I didn't even have time to lift the camera. However, this visit he'd found the 'new' perch and seemed to like it 'cos he sat there, and sat...
  4. Lemon in the yellow

    Lemon in the yellow

    Another accommodating bird was this Great Tit that came and settled nearby. Nice birds, aren't they (well... sometimes LOL)
  5. Saw him off!!

    Saw him off!!

    There was a Great Tit and a Coal Tit either side of that feeder when I started to click. But the Coal Tit flew. Surprised I managed to catch him in the frame (identifiably) LOL.
  6. Great Tit

    Great Tit

    Great Tit
  7. Help me someone!! SF

    Help me someone!! SF

    That Great Tit I showed you the other day continued to struggle with that nut and now appeared to be calling for assistance. He gave up on that one after this picture LOL
  8. It's stuck!

    It's stuck!

    The Great Tit came back and obviously had his eye on this rather large piece of peanut. Think it was too big to get through the mesh though.
  9. Look what I got!

    Look what I got!

    He seems to have teased out a decent sized piece of peanut, doesn't he. Proudly showing it off to me too LOL.
  10. New Year's Day

    New Year's Day

    My first visit to the feeders this year and the first bird was a Great Tit. The feeders were pretty empty, so it was a good job I went, the birds soon started arriving. Thanks for you good wishes on my eye op. It went well, but is going to take a few days to settle. It's rather sore this...
  11. Great Tit and a House Sparrow

    Great Tit and a House Sparrow

  12. Great Tit.jpeg

    Great Tit.jpeg

    Great Tit, Another regular visitor in the back garden.
  13. Waiting in the wings

    Waiting in the wings

    The back view of a Great Tit with a Coal Tit at the side of the stage waiting to put in an appearance.
  14. Supervising


    I'm sure that Blue Tit was supervising the Great Tit's feeding moves.
  15. Great Tit

    Great Tit

  16. Swing time

    Swing time

    A Great Tit seemed to be having fun getting the nut feeder to swing about. Didn't make photographing it very easy in the dim light!
  17. And then there were three

    And then there were three

    Then two Blue Tits joined one of the Great Tits - they must have ousted the other! It sure was all go... I'm sure I could have had another tit in an image if I'd been quicker off the mark LOL - I did get a few blurs!!
  18. Doubled up

    Doubled up

    It was a bit dull down at the feeders, and as my back wasn't feeling too bad, thought I'd wander up the road and see if I could go a bit further than I'd walked before. Gad I did, as I found another feeding station up there too. And this was pretty busy with birds flitting all over the place...
  19. Keeping an eye

    Keeping an eye

    I think the Great Tit top left was keeping an eye on what the Coal Tit bottom right was up to! I didn't see the Great tit until I was processing the picture. There were birds everywhere that day, not that I managed to get many usable pictures of them though.
  20. Loving the nuts

    Loving the nuts

    Back at the Craighall feeders for a short visit (it was rather cold standing around)! A Great Tit was the first to come in to check out what I'd offered them.
  21. Great Tit

    Great Tit

  22. Yellow in the grey

    Yellow in the grey

    I'm wondering if this might be a female, as the black stripe is less broad than the ones I associate with the males. Soooo.... she stopped for a wee look round before heading to the feeders.
  23. Great


    The Great Tits often make a quick stop on the guy wire that is used to raise, stabilize, and lower (for filling) the main feeder. They don't stop long, though. Just long enough for an overview before either flying to the feeder or flying away.
  24. Great Tit

    Great Tit

  25. Stuffing his face

    Stuffing his face

    I kept getting a glimpse of this guy... but he was generally far too quick for me. Eventually I seemed to have tempted him with something tasty and he stopped for just long enough for a few frames... this was the best of them!