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scrub jay

  1. Scrub Jay harassing Turkey Vulture

    Scrub Jay harassing Turkey Vulture

    A scrub jay harassing a turkey vulture. Ultimately, after repeated angry chirps and fly-bys, the vulture had enough and flew away - which is what the jay wanted.
  2. E

    Woodhouse’s vs California scrub jay - red rocks canyon Nevada

    Best shots I could get, modified/edited jpegs, on a windy day. Red rocks canyon overlook. Thanks in advance E2
  3. Florida Scrub Jay with a Florida sized Acorn

    Florida Scrub Jay with a Florida sized Acorn

    Florida has one bird that is endemic to the state, the Florida Scrub Jay. Sadly, their numbers are in decline. It is the only species of bird endemic to the U.S. state of Florida and one of only 15 species endemic to the continental United States. Because of this, it is keenly sought by birders...
  4. S

    City Birds Of San Diego

    We do a daily live stream of our backyard feeders and watering dishes. We have a variety of birds that hang out in our yard including scrub jays, hooded orioles, house finches, sparrows and crows. We enjoy watching them to relax and have included some enjoyable reggae music in the background to...
  5. A

    Greetings from Oregon!

    Hello! Like many others, I got into birding during the pandemic. It all started when I was quarantining with my partner in our tiny apartment, and I kept hearing this loud, obnoxious sound outside our window. It used to annoy me, but then I looked up what I thought the sound was and it turned...
  6. Western Scrub Jay's

    Western Scrub Jay's

    I was sitting by my feeders today and had the opportunity to photograph these two beautiful birds! I am not quite sure why, but they prefer shelled peanuts to ones still in the shells. My only guess is that they want an immediate and easy food source. I hope they come back! It honestly came out...
  7. Scrub Jay

    Scrub Jay

    It's looking more like another early spring for us. This jay didn't look too happy with the light rain falling but we really need it. The buds are on a redbud tree that grows wild in our area.
  8. Western Scrub Jay

    Western Scrub Jay

    I'm getting the hang of the new camera, this being my favorite shot yet.
  9. Scrub Jay imm

    Scrub Jay imm

  10. Hey, I was here first!

    Hey, I was here first!

    The jays think they own the chopped peanuts on this log. This is what happens when the doves try to take over. The good part is that some birds prefer to eat their share on the floor of the deck so nothing goes to waste. Sorry I haven't gotten to everyone's pictures this past week. I've been...
  11. Western (Interior) Scrub Jay

    Western (Interior) Scrub Jay

    Scrub jay seen at Big Morongo noticeably different from those at the coast
  12. Western Scrub Jay

    Western Scrub Jay

    Common but beautiful scrub jay seen all over California, this was at Muir Beach near Point Reyes
  13. got another

    got another

    In the 3 weeks I was there, the jays emptied out two whole sunflowers and were working hard on the rest. This is just about the last shot I took from Mom's garden. Ever. Brother and SIL are finishing packing and staging the house for sale. By next visit it will have been sold. I hope the next...
  14. Got Any Ticks?

    Got Any Ticks?

    This is the time of year our jays start hunting for ticks and fleas on the local deer.
  15. Scrub Jay

    Scrub Jay

    A year round bird in our garden, I watched three of these jays try to stop a hawk from grabbing what I thought might be one of their young from a nest this morning. Certainly not a fun part of nature for me.
  16. Scrub Jay

    Scrub Jay

  17. Scrub Jay

    Scrub Jay

  18. I'd have to be a wryneck ...

    I'd have to be a wryneck ...

    to get them from down here
  19. Too much of a stretch

    Too much of a stretch

  20. Acrobatic scrub jay 2

    Acrobatic scrub jay 2

    Last 3 of the jay-and-sunflower series today. This shot was my Mom's favorite.
  21. Acrobatic scrub jay

    Acrobatic scrub jay

    The next day both the jay and I had benefited from practice ;) I'll post the best shot next time I'm on line.
  22. Riding the grain elevator

    Riding the grain elevator

  23. Going uuuup!

    Going uuuup!

    More of the jay-and-sunflower antics.
  24. Going down!

    Going down!

    Abseiling down the grain elevator ;)
  25. Hanging in there

    Hanging in there

    with seed in beak