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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

stercorarius parasiticus

  1. Arctic Skua near Fort George

    Arctic Skua near Fort George

    A pair of these birds were chasing and harassing the Sandwich terns for their catch
  2. Arctic skua near a nest

    Arctic skua near a nest

  3. Parasitic Jaeger

    Parasitic Jaeger

    Stercorarius parasiticus
  4. Arctic skua in flight

    Arctic skua in flight

  5. Arctic skua in flight

    Arctic skua in flight

  6. Arctic skua in flight

    Arctic skua in flight

  7. Arctic skua in flight

    Arctic skua in flight

  8. Arctic skuas mating IV

    Arctic skuas mating IV

  9. Arctic skuas mating III

    Arctic skuas mating III

  10. Arctic skuas mating II

    Arctic skuas mating II

  11. Arctic skuas mating

    Arctic skuas mating

  12. parasitic jaeger

    parasitic jaeger

    not so common here, a nice surprise
  13. Arctic Skua

    Arctic Skua

    AKA Parasitic jaeger. This is a 2nd year pelagic bird that is mostly seen far offshore. So I was really lucky to find this one blown to shore by the rough winds. A proper rarity for us in Kenya.
  14. Parasitic Jaeger

    Parasitic Jaeger

    Quite a common bird on Iceland. Before this trip I only saw this species far away at sea during migration counts. Such a cool experience to encounter them so much and in pairs.
  15. Arctic Skua and Sandwich Terns

    Arctic Skua and Sandwich Terns

  16. Arctic Skua

    Arctic Skua

  17. Parasitic Jaeger

    Parasitic Jaeger

    Jaegers are kleptoparasites, obtaining much of their food by stealing it from other birds. This species sometimes goes under the name, "Arctic Skua." It is highly variable, occurring in dark, light and intermediate morphs. This is an adult light morph in breeding plumage. In the North...
  18. Arctic Skua

    Arctic Skua

  19. Arctic Skua - 3

    Arctic Skua - 3

    Another Skua shot - or as they call it in the US, a Parasitic jaeger.
  20. Arctic Skua -1

    Arctic Skua -1

    Another from my recent trip to Svalbard
  21. Arctic Skua - 2

    Arctic Skua - 2

  22. Arctic skua

    Arctic skua

    Arctic skua
  23. Arctic Skua

    Arctic Skua

    Oo'ps, chopped a bit of its tail off
  24. Arctic skua

    Arctic skua

    PAKHI DEKHOON PAKHI CHINOON #626... OBSERVE THE BIRD AND RECOGNIZE...ARCTIC SKUA... WATERCOLOUR...4*9 INCH.. 2015...[From the photograph of MR. JINESH PS] ... The parasitic jaeger (Stercorarius parasiticus), also known as the Arctic skua or parasitic skua, is a seabird in the skua family...
  25. Arctic skua (Parasitic Jaeger)

    Arctic skua (Parasitic Jaeger)

    You can see why the Arctic terns puke up their catch with this bearing down. Hounding a tern colony on Amsterdamoya, Svalbard. Light morph