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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.


  1. Black Stork saying hi!

    Black Stork saying hi!

  2. Black Stork Surprise

    Black Stork Surprise

    Saw a very surprising and unexpected visitor at the rainwater retention basin next to my apartment yesterday, a Black Stork!
  3. White storks takeoff

    White storks takeoff

  4. Lakescape-890


    Quintessential ... ... winter scene at ... Keoladeo ___________________ Keoladeo National Park Bharatpur : Rajasthan India 12 January 2023
  5. Lakescape-861


    Probably ... ... not one of their best days ... The setting was good ... though ___________________ Black-necked Stork IUCN : Near Threatened Keoladeo NP India
  6. Lakescape-817


    Peace reigns supreme ... ... in avian village at Keoladeo ... While this section is dominated by the Painted Storks ... ... Grey Herons and ... Small Hard Shell Turtle add variety to the milieu ... quietly enjoying the balmy warmth of the winter sun ... ___________ Keoladeo National...
  7. Painted Stork : flight : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    Painted Stork : flight : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    Painted Stork is resident species with local migration ... ... depending on the availability of food and water ... Sultanpur 27 September 2019
  8. Greater Adjutant showing neck pouch & breeding color : Amazing Wildlife by Renu Tewari & Alok Tewari

    Greater Adjutant showing neck pouch & breeding color : Amazing Wildlife by Renu Tewari & Alok Tewari

    Globally Threatened and Endangered species Only 800-1200 individuals left ( October 2016 estimate ) Huge bird ... about 5 feet tall ... and a wingspan of up to 9 feet ... Captured in Delhi ... ... that is the westernmost point of their post breeding season dispersal ... _________ Greater...
  9. Lakescape - 774

    Lakescape - 774

    A sub adult ... in a pleasant setting ... Their use of that open bill efficiently ... has generated a lot of debate _________ Asian Openbill Bareilly Uttar Pradesh India
  10. Lakescape - 716

    Lakescape - 716

    Lakescape - 716 A full frame closeup capture of this fabulous giant ... Black-necked Stork male ... A Globally Threatened species... ________ Delhi India
  11. Wood Stork

    Wood Stork

  12. Wood Stork

    Wood Stork

    A stately Wood Stork takes a break from foraging to review the surroundings.
  13. White Stork

    White Stork

    Oftentimes I love to watch birds by what they are doing, and it was really relaxing to watch this White Stork foraging or resting on a field while the wind was blower through the storkā€˜s feathers. I really enjoyed it.
  14. X-mas Eve ...

    X-mas Eve ...

    Christmas Eve ... Stork and El Nino ... The wunderkind is coming ... ___________ Keoladeo National Park Bharatpur Rajasthan India 17 December 2021


    I went out today and this was the first new bird sighting that I have had in a while
  16. White stork flying with nesting material.

    White stork flying with nesting material.

    A white stork flying with nesting material.
  17. Wood stork hauling lumber

    Wood stork hauling lumber

    These giant birds are capable of lifting some serious branches...late winter is time for these storks to nest and breed, so there is a lot of flying back and forth with sticks and branches to build their nests.
  18. Asian Open Billed Stork

    Asian Open Billed Stork

    Usually in Malaysia I see it from March - July. Migratory bird.
  19. Wood storks mating

    Wood storks mating

    One local wetlands here in Florida is inundated this time of year, starting in mid-January, with wood storks who gather in the hundreds to build nests and breed. Some tree islands of 2400 sq. feet in size will host as many as 25 nesting pairs of wood stork...along with a dozen anhinga nests...
  20. Wood stork in flight

    Wood stork in flight

    Found in the southeastern U.S., mostly Florida, this is a large stork, heavy body, and big bald head. They nest starting in January and a favorite rookery spot in my area is Wakodahatchee Wetlands - this time of year, there are upwards of 150-200 nesting pairs in just a square mile or so.
  21. Life - Sunset

    Life - Sunset

    Life - Sunset Keoladeo Magic ... Winter sunsets are magical ... ... almost hypnotic sending one ... into near trnce Painted Stork ... too knows it well ... as it flies across the spectacle ... Recreating moment ... ... A feeling Joy ... ... And ecstasy Letting one Go on ... and on...
  22. Spring-Summer - 372

    Spring-Summer - 372

    Spring-Summer - 372 A proud youngster ... male Black-necked Stork Their nesting time in this area ... is from mid winter to late winter ... One or two pairs of this Globally threatened species nest in Keoladeo ... Total number of individuals combined in South and South-east Asia may be...
  23. Spring-Summer - 350

    Spring-Summer - 350

    Spring-Summer - 350 Pleased ... After having successfully raised their young ... through the winter ... ... this pair has every right to feel satisfied ... relaxed Before ... undertaking any future plans Link : https://ebird.org/checklist/S65703531 Black-necked Stork Pair Keoladeo...
  24. Painted Storks

    Painted Storks

  25. Painted Stork Adult

    Painted Stork Adult