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  1. jurek

    Advice on tour to Kenya / Tanzania / Ethiopia in Oct-Nov?

    Hi, After many independent trips, I am looking for a good company to join an organized bird and mammal tour, suitable for a motivated person who wants to see 110% of what is available and is generally active and enthusiastic. I have 2-3 weeks this autumn, in any of these countries. best,
  2. African Fish Eagle

    African Fish Eagle

    Eye to eye with a true African icon. The African fish eagle! They're one of my favourite raptors! These powerful birds are found all across Africa, wherever there is a water source. And they can prey on anything from fish, waterbirds and even young crocodiles.
  3. Tacazze Sunbird

    Tacazze Sunbird

    This exquisite nectar feeder is only found in the Montane highlands of Eastern Africa.
  4. Blacksmith Lapwing

    Blacksmith Lapwing

    These guys get their name from the metallic 'tink' sound they make, which resembles a blacksmith hitting a piece of metal
  5. Black-fronted Bush-shrike

    Black-fronted Bush-shrike

    This forest shrike species can be quite varied in colour, and is known to have 4 distinct colours morphs.
  6. Little Egret

    Little Egret

    Little egret with a tasty crayfish snack. These common birds are found in much of Africa's ponds, lakes and rivers.
  7. Malachite Kingfisher

    Malachite Kingfisher

    One of the most colourful Kingfishers in Africa. They're a favourite of most people seeing it for the first time!
  8. Narina Trogon

    Narina Trogon

    A very beautiful and shy forest bird that can be found in moist forests across much of Africa
  9. Hadada Ibis

    Hadada Ibis

  10. Smith's Bush Squirrel

    Smith's Bush Squirrel

  11. Tanganyika Mountain Squirrel

    Tanganyika Mountain Squirrel

  12. Plain-backed Pipit

    Plain-backed Pipit

    Race: goodsoni
  13. Banded Mongoose

    Banded Mongoose

  14. Marabou Stork

    Marabou Stork

  15. Lioness with cub

    Lioness with cub

  16. Black-crowned Night Heron,

    Black-crowned Night Heron,

  17. Kori Bustard ♂

    Kori Bustard ♂

  18. Eastern Paradise Whydah, non-breeding  ♂

    Eastern Paradise Whydah, non-breeding ♂

  19. African Golden Wolf

    African Golden Wolf

    The African Golden Wolf was previously classified as an African variant of the Golden Jackal . In 2015, a series of analyses demonstrated that it was in fact, a Wolf.
  20. Yellow-necked Spurfowl

    Yellow-necked Spurfowl

  21. Waterbuck  ♂

    Waterbuck ♂

  22. Mt. Meru

    Mt. Meru

  23. Common Zebra

    Common Zebra

  24. Black Crake

    Black Crake

    This striking crake is quite common in most wetlands across much of Sub-saharan Africa.
  25. Helmeted Guineafowl

    Helmeted Guineafowl

    Race: Reichenowi