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3 weeks with the EPL5 (1 Viewer)


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i will put my experience in points:

1-my first impression when i got the camera body out of the box and mount the Lumix 100-300mm is that it uncomfortably tiny, even to my little hands and short fingers.

compared to the EPL1 which got really perfect grip and size, to me at least, and i got use to it instantly, but with the EPL5 it took me several days to get use to it very small size.

the grip was on the bottom of the box under the TV cable which i never use, i found it also after 4 days, installing it made the grip a bit better but still not comfortable 100%, the main problem comes when using the relatively large 300 mm lens that one have to hold tightly to the lens you will have to by mistake push one of the tiny buttons on the right of the rear panel. that makes using touch screen a real nightmare, so for me i turn it off.

but i have to say that using it a the a bit long 12-50mm macro lens is a real fun for closeups to flowers and bee as you can with one hand slowly get the camera as close as 30 or even 20 cm and get the focus very fast, a fantastic combination for those who like nature closeups.

2- i found the OIS on the lens more effective than the IBIS specially if one is using the sequential 9 fps shooting mode. wich brings me to the third point.

3- the 9 fps is marvelous only if you got the focus right other wise you will get 9 disappointing shots , but who cares this is digital photography, just send the to the bin and no one will know:-O

4- best feature that also surprised me, as i did not pay much attention to it when was reading about the camera, was the digital tele converter, which makes my 300 mm works as 420mm lens that means 840mm on the full frame. that is so wonderful for bird photography, wonder how it works but it sure is better than attaching a TC between the body and the lens as you don't lose any stops on the lens, LOL.

5- if you are a pen lite camera user you will find changing the f and using the ev just the same, but if you are not then you will need time to understand it, not rocket science but not as straight forward as it is in the E620 and E5 or also the old E300 which i used before.

6- take a looks at my recent uploads int he gallery here like this whaeatear shot, and tell me what you think of the IQ, personally i find it a bit less than what i get form the E5 and Bigma combination, wonder why maybe i need more time with it.
also the Arabian sparrow shot, which is taken at ISO 800, i seldom go above 800 here.

7- the rear panel is comfortably large i can preview my shot without my reading glasses. and although i did not use the titled screen until yesterday but it proved to be useful for low angle shots if the bird on the ground, this way you don't have to lay down to get it, it just need some practice to use it.

8- wonder why there is no ISO bellow 200, there use to be in the EPL1, that will upset those who like to take landscapes and also i like to take my macro at 100. but this is the case also with the OM-D, maybe someone for OLYMPUS can explain to us.

in the end i can say its fabulous compact camera with capabilities to get some nice results, and a super travel camera even if you want to go birding, with the all you need is the Lumix 100-300mm or its Olympus sister 70-300mm and the Zuiko 14-150mm, and you can travel light.

i did not say anything about the flash because i don't use it, wish there is an option to get a body that does not have art filters that i will never ever use, if its will deduct 100USD form the price.

attached is a shot i took with ISO 800 without noise reduction, as taken form the camera. just cropped and re-sized for the thread.


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