6/20/09 - Upper Waiakea Forest Reserve, Road R (1 Viewer)

Just putting in a short entry until I get time to fill it in. It was another rainy day, and I waited until noon to leave for the forest again. It rained the whole time, and was a bit breezy. I went up to Road R to check on my usual rare plants and search for more.

I found a couple modestly rare plants...and the second on was nearly my un-doing. :) I found another stenogyne scrophularioides near the ones I knew already, then as I was wacking some weeds I noticed a big nasty himalayan raspberry...and after a double-take I saw a huge adult cyanea tritomantha growing up through it!

After finding a way over there I worked at carefully clearing the massive raspberry from the native plants branch-by-branch. Unfortunately after an hour, and at a critical delicate moment in the work, my machete which was holding back a branch slipped off the branch and wacked my finger good. No hurt, but a deep cut with plenty of oozing blood. It took me another 15-20 minutes to finish and start back to the car, trying to keep my finger still and blood off my raincoat. My hand was soaked, both with rain and blood, so napkins and duct tape had to serve as a bandage. The raspberry was vanquished and the haha (cyanea) was free, so I was happy.

I guess I was a little pumped up for a while. I had worked on the raspberry, walked back to the car, bandaged, drove 18 miles to my office, read e-mail, showered and THEN finally took off the makeshift bandage. With the bleeding stopped I could see that the wound is much deeper than I thought. I could see inside me! Freaky! At that moment, 2 hours after the wound, I must have finally relaxed enough that my blood pressure dropped...through the floor. It all slowly went fuzzy and I got to a chair before I came within a hair of passing out.

Eventually I was back on Earth and re-bandaged with lots of antiseptic ointment. After a cookie and a Coke here I sit typing this. Had to splint my finger so the wound would stay closed - so hard to resist typing with my index finger! I need to get hearty food in me and contemplate whether I need stitches. My ears just stopped buzzing as I finish typing this. The things I do for the flora and fauna... ;)

The 'io are back in the area at the end of Road R, just like they were last year.


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Hope your injury heals soon...the things we do to help a hand to nature .

Reminds me of a few years ago we had really deep snow forecast so I went out to the garden to put some perspex on the ground so the ground feeding brids would have a clear space. Next day we woke to snow 3 inches deep..I went outside to get the perspex sheet off the grass but misjudged where I had left it and ended up sprawled on the snow like a cross between Bambi and a hurdler.

Straight away the pain came to my foot and I knew it was a waste of time trying to shout for help but I managed to eventually get myself up. I rang Ian who immeadiatly started laughing but told me to put my foot in ice [already had been doing outside]. The foot did bruise up and became quite painful. I went to the Doctors who said I had damaged the ligaments in it..it took months for it to recover and even now when it is cold I do feel discomfort where I fell.


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It's fortunate that I went to get stitches. They opened up the wound and I saw parts of the inside of my finger nobody should ever see. Specifically, we saw that I cut part of the tendon and have to see the hand surgeon. It was alarming to see, and odd that it doesn't hurt. Now I'm paranoid about stretching it, though.

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