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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

Birding at Loch of Kinnordy (1 Viewer)

Sunday 17th March

Not a nice day weather wise but lots of birds to see. At last the loch was ice free apart from a bit in front of the gallery hide. It snowed on and off all day while we were there.

In front of the gallery hide, we watched a female otter for a good half hour while she started to the right of the hide and gradually worked her way across and under the bogbean before disappearing towards the west end. She was catching lots of fish along the way and it was easy to follow where she was due to black headed gulls continually following her, showing their disapproval of her being there.
The ducks also studied her progress and moved out of her pathway. Teal, wigeon, mallards, coot, goosander, shoveler and tufted ducks were all present.
The number of mute swans has risen to about 70, which is really unusual for kinnordy while 30 or so whoopers were also still hanging around.
The Barn Owl continues to make an appearance at the entrance to the nest box now and again. It made a swift return to the box when the snow started.

With all this bad weather still with us, its hard to believe that the Ospreys will soon be back with us. When they see the weather , who could blame them if they turn around and go straight back!!

Other birds seen on sunday were cormorant, heron, pheasant, goldeneye, buzzard, sparrowhawk, treecreeper, brambling, wren, skylark, robin, goldcrest, blackbird, chaffinch, blue tit, great tit, coal tit, common gull.

male smew still present, spending most of his time off the main loch down at the east end,
otter was sitting out from the gullery hide eating a jack pike as i was eating my lunch today.
Spoke with the RSPB volounteers today, they have counted 66 Whoopers on the loch, mainly feeding in groups at the back of the loch.......hard to see them all from the hides.
visited the loch at around 3pm today, road out from Kirriemuir had some drifting snow but nothing serious.
drake Smew is still on the loch , tending to stay at the east end with the Goldeneye.
around 14 coot on the loch which is an unusually high number for here, also quite a few moorhen around.
single Lapwing, Pied Wagtail and Snipe out from Gullery Hide with several Oystercatchers as well as Goosander, Teal, Mallard, Tufties, Shoveller, Wigeon and 6 Gadwall.
Plenty small birds around as the resident RSPB volounteers had topped up the feeders, Brambling, Siskin, Long-tailed tit, Redpoll, Bullfinch and a couple of Treecreepers too.
Fieldfares, Blackbirds, Song Thrushes and a single Redwing were around there too as well as a single Mistle Thrush at the Swamp Hide.
The volounteers have counted 66 Whoopers there just now, mostly feeding in groups well spread out and hard to see among the reeds and sedge tussocks.
A last look from the Gullery hide before coming home produced an Otter again, almost in the same place eating another jack pike.
1 osprey circling in front of gullery hide,this was my second osprey of the day,the first was resting on a nest,1 buzzard,1m shovelar,wigeon,teals,tufted ducks,mallards,2 moorhen,coots,1 heron,1 cormorant,oystercatchers,greyalags,woodpigeons,1m yellowhammer,1 m reedbunting,chaffinch,great tit,coal tit,rook,carrion crow,3 bh gulls on the bogbean,common gull,mute swans including 2 showing aggressive behaviour, 1 red squirrel

2 grey wagtails ,1 pied wagtail,mistle thrush, woodpigeon,carrion crow,goldeneyes m/f , mallards,goosander,mutes,jackdaw,buzzard ,chaffinch,wigeon several hares running around backwater,small flock of fieldfares peel farm


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The last picture looks certainly like a Mountain Hare!! Nice sighting!!
The first 2 pictures of hare not sure of id.

1 osprey circling in front of gullery hide,this was my second osprey of the day,the first was resting on a nest,1 buzzard,1m shovelar,wigeon,teals,tufted ducks,mallards,2 moorhen,coots,1 heron,1 cormorant,oystercatchers,greyalags,woodpigeons,1m yellowhammer,1 m reedbunting,chaffinch,great tit,coal tit,rook,carrion crow,3 bh gulls on the bogbean,common gull,mute swans including 2 showing aggressive behaviour, 1 red squirrel

2 grey wagtails ,1 pied wagtail,mistle thrush, woodpigeon,carrion crow,goldeneyes m/f , mallards,goosander,mutes,jackdaw,buzzard ,chaffinch,wigeon several hares running around backwater,small flock of fieldfares peel farm
Today was my first visit for a couple of weeks and there was plenty to see. The male smew was still present at the east end and was visible for most of the morning. The male Marsh Harrier returned yesterday and we had lots of good views of him over the reed beds. He carried quite a few bits of nesting material backwards and forwards and then flew over to introduce himself to one of the local buzzards which had been perched in a willow bush for at least an hour.
As the harrier flew towards the west, he sent a group of 8 snipe into the sky.
I was also surprised to still see some whooper swans, a group of 8 at the east end of the loch.
I didn't see any Ospreys today. The local ones came back on saturday apparently, but we don't know where they will nest seeing how their usual nest was blown out of the tree during the winter.

Heron, teal, wigeon, goldeneye, tufties, shoveler, coot, goosander, mallard, oycs, redshank, curlew, black headed gullsx10, common gulls, mute swans, reed bunting, tree sparrow, song thrush, redwing, brambling, treecreeper, goldcrest, coal tit, great tit, blue tit, long tailed tit, wren, robin, blackbird, dunnock, chaffinch, great spotted woodpecker, pheasant, barn owl, crow, rook and woodpigeon were all present.


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I popped in to Kinnordy this morning to fill up the feeders. No sign of the harrier while i was there, but the smew was still present along with some whoopers. I counted 16 of them and there might have been more.
Quite a few skienes of geese-pink feet, flying over. Some small groups and also a few larger ones. No reports of swans or geese in Iceland yet, so they must be waiting for the winds to change.
Sparrowhawk, buzzard, mallard, coot, teal, wigeon, oycs, redshank 2prs, curlew, black headed gulls, tufties, goldeneye, greylags, heron, mute swans, treecreeper, brambling, chaffinch, robin, blue tit, great tit, coal tit, song thrush, siskin, wren, dunnock, pheasant, rook, crow, common gull, woodpigeon, snipe were all seen while i was there.

All the usual suspects at Kinnordy this morning. I didn't see the harrier or the ospreys, but the male smew is still there along with some whoopers. We we watching the smew on the far edge of the loch at the east end when a Black Swan appeared!! Not one of the usual suspects. It followed a group of whoopers around all morning. I also heard my first Kinnordy Water rail, to the right of the gullery hide, but not seen.

Lots of gulls around, both black headed and common. a field opposite was being ploughed so they were coming and going all morning.

Cormorant, goosander, tufties, goldeneye, coot, mallard, teal, gadwall, shoveler, wigeon, heron, oycs, redshank, curlew, lapwing, greylags, reed bunting, brambling, long tailed tits, great tits, blue tits, coal tits, song thrush, blackbirds, pheasant, woodpigeon, crow, rook, robin, wren and mute swans were seen.



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It was a cold morning with a few light showers. As i got out of the car, all i could hear was brambling, both towards the feeding station and at the gallery boardwalk. Red squirrels were queuing up at their feeder then chasing each other up the trees.
The male smew was still present as were a few whooper swans. An Osprey came over, had one unsuccessful attempt at fishing, circled round and tried again, just to the left of the gallery hide. This time he was successful. I walked along to the east hide, just in time to see another Osprey dipping in and out of the water to wash himself. He flew off without trying to find food.
It seems that the Ospreys have started to rebuild their nest which was blown out of the tree during the winter. Lets hope they manage to raise another brood this year.
I didn't see the harrier today but it has been seen these past few days, along with a red kite.

Blackbird, song thrush, pheasant, goldfinch, chaffinch, long tailed tits, blue tits, great tit, coal tits, mallard, tufties, goosander, goldeneye, teal, cormorant, heron, buzzard, curlew, lapwing, redshank, oycs, wigeon, gadwall, shoveler, reed bunting, grey wagtail, great spotted woodpecker, wren, robin, goldcrest, mute swans, black headed gulls, common gulls, lesser black backs, herring gulls, rooks and crows were all present.

On Tuesday 9th the male Marsh Harrier was carrying in some nesting material opposite the gullery hide (no sign of a female). He dropped out of view and later re-appeared -or so we thought at first glance but then realised it was a Red Kite that was quartering the reedbed. The Marsh Harrier appeared again later and climbed up to quite a height before drifting out of view.
Later in the afternoon an Osprey caught a sizeable pike in front of the swamp hide.
Still a few Bramblings around by the feeders.
What a difference a few degrees makes!! Sat from 8 am til 3.45 without gloves and without shivering for a change. With the change in the weather came a few different birds today. First Chiffchaff, Sandmartin, Swallow and House Martin of this year!!
The morning was rather wet and dull with some heavy downpours at times. Gus and i were sat talking about sandmartins etc when what showed up!!! A couple of sandmartins at first, then a couple of swallows and then alot more as the morning progressed. They all disappeared for a while before returning later in the afternoon along with a house martin.
A chiffchaff started singing when the rain stopped and i managed to see it as it sung from the trees above the gullery hide.
A pair of little grebes then appeared to the right of the gullery hide and hopefully they might stay around and breed. An Osprey satyed around the loch for most of the day, either on the post at the east end of the loch or the lone pine tree where the owl nest box is. In fact it seemed to really like that tree and we wondered if it was seeking a mate when it wandered off now and again. The local nest has been rebuilt by our local pair and she has been observed sitting on the nest!! Will also have to see if this other one pairs up with another bird.
We followed the osprey as it disappeared over the back of the reserve and off towards the hills when a huge Sea Eagle appeared above the skyline, being mobbed by a couple of buzzards. The osprey appeared back and had a tussle with a buzzard, who had also been occupying the lone pine tree. They chased each other all over the reserve before going their own ways.
Also in the afternoon came the brief appearance of a red kite down at the east end. It flew over the top of the bird feeding station, not to be seen again.
The male smew was present all day, as were a small group of whoopers.

Other birds seen today were, robin, wren, blackbird, great spotted woodpecker, chaffinch, brambling, goldfinch, pheasant, rook, crow, woodpigeon, pied wagtail, meadow pipit, skylark, snipe, lapwing, oycs, redshank, cormorant, shoveler, mallard, teal, gadwall, tufties, sparrowhawk, curlew, reed bunting, song thrush, blue tit, great tit, coal tit and long tailed tit.



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Some more photos from todays visit.

Osprey being chased by a Buzzard
Osprey again
Osprey landing on the lone pine tree
Pied Wagtail
Shoveler flypast



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full car park at kinnordy today, this is always a good sign,a visitor with a scope picked up an osprey sitting on low lying branch just above the water near the perch ,a second osprey flew in dived and caught a medium sized perch, it then flew over landed and landed near the first bird,they both sat for quite a while before the female took off followed by the male ,both birds circled before disappearing,i saw 33 species birds on my visit a big jump from recent visits and certainly a lot warmer,other birds seen
1 little grebe/shovelar/gadwall/lapwing/oystercatcher/redshank/tufted duck/goldeneye/teal/wigeon/greylags/mutes/1 treecreeper/pied wagtail/blue tit/2 fighting great tits right next to the path/coal tit/blackbird/chaffinch/pheasants/3 bramblings/heron/rook/jackdaw/carrion crow/coot/robin/sandmartin/swallows/house martins/reed buntings


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17-Apr - rainy day

Loch of Kinnordy 10am-12pm
Swallows and sand martins flying around. 5 little grebes seen from the Gullery hide. Also Teal, a pair of Gadwall, a single blackheaded gull, coots, mute swans, 1 osprey flying around and sitting in the nestbox tree, a pair of shoveller, greylag geese, mallards, tufted ducks, moorhens, 2 whoopers at the back on the right near the telegraph poles, a single lapwing, a cormorant, 4 wigeon and 2 redshank.
On the path/feeders were woodpigeon, long tailed tits, crows, coal/blue/great tits, brambling, robin, pheasant, blackbirds and 2 red squirrels.
Other species seen from the east hide were a wren, chaffinch, reed buntings, oystercatchers, goldeneye, common gull, grey heron and a woodpecker was heard. Also, an otter popped up briefly on the edge of the water. Also, possibly a chiffchaff but flew off before I could photograph it to confirm.
white wagtail on the loch last night, a common sandpiper and four black-tailed godwits there this morning.
at least 75 tufted duck still around and am sure at least four different osprey are fishing on the loch at present.
water rail becoming a bit more vocal and on occasions even visible.
plenty willow warblers around, several chiffchaffs too. still bramblings coming to the feeders and a sedge warbler was reported on sunday.
Kinnordy Loch has had some interesting birds over the last week;
There are still several Whooper Swans around and Brambling too.
Plenty Willow Warblers, Chiffchaffs and Reed Buntings around with Sedge Warblers heard but being very elusive just now.
Black-tailed Godwits continue to drop in to the bog-bean to feed and rest, highest count was 63 birds a couple of days ago.
Other waders seen were Dunlin, Common Sandpiper,Ringed Plover,Curlew, Lapwing and more Redshank than i've seen before on the loch.
Ospreys are fishing there constantly on pike and perch and Water Rail are being seen and heard more frequently now.
Several Pinkfeet Geese dropped in to rest and on Sunday morning I was lucky enough to find a pair of Garganey and 4 Barnacle Geese on the loch.
A quick visit tonight after work produced my 1st Swift of the year in among a large group of mixed hirundines hawking over the loch for insects.

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