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Costa Rica 23/1-7/2/15 (1 Viewer)


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Some notes on our 15 night trip to this amzaing little country!

The trip was sorted out by Andy Latham, also Damon Howells, Jack Shutt and myself joined him on this winter trip out of the birding blackhole of shropshire! Many thanks to Andy for arranging this very successful holiday and for doing all the driving! This was a first trip to Costa Rica for all of us, and my first trip to Latin America...it certainly won't be the last! Between us we recorded around 440 species(including heard onlys).

We flew with american airlines from heathrow to juan santamaria airport, with a stressful change at Miami airport each way. We were all in agreement when we go again, not to go through Miami! Heard rumours that there will be direct flights to costa rica from gatwick from later this year, though not sure how true this is.

We hired our 4x4(essential) through europcar, we arranged to pick it up at 8:30am on the morning of the 24th, we had to wait an additional 2 hours for it to arrive, and listening to arguments at the office when we returned the car, this seemed to be quite a common problem there!

The total cost of the holiday was c£2000 each, including spending money. We mostly used US dollars, but colones are also needed for eg filling the car up with gas in more rural areas.

Weather was mainly hot and sunny, the temperature at savegre was more pleasant in the daytime, jumper worthy at night and early am! Cerro de la muerte was shrouded in a cold and wet cloud, and we caught a lot of rain around la selva, making trying to bird almost pointless at times! All accomodation was average, if a bit basic, to very good, although hot water isn't to be taken for granted! For almost all sites, a decent level of fitness is required. Food was good and plentiful throughout. Although we got bitten a few times, insects were generally not a problem.

I would strongly recommend getting guides in the forested areas unless you are familiar with most of the common species of the area. When we tried doing it on our own we generally saw a lot less, and/or wasted a lot of time trying to work out what the sounds were, and the guides know the calls of target species(very useful in big flocks) and their territory's. I highly recommend Melvin at savegre, Harry at rancho naturlista and Lenin at la selva!

Books used - where to watch birds in costa rica(an update is probably due, some species listed are no longer reliable at certain sites, eg black-headed nightingale-thrush at rancho naturlista), and the helm field guide by Garrigues and Dean(2nd edition) which was mostly reliable. Also downloaded the costa rica bird sounds app for c£13, which was good. In general, playback didn't seem to work at most sites.

23/1 - uk to costa rica travel day. Night Melrost B&B, Alajuela.
24/1 - Alajuela - La ensanada lodge(night)
25/1 - La Ensanada lodge - cerro lodge(night)
26/1 - Carara NP area. Night cerro lodge
27/1 - Carara NP area. Night cerro lodge
28/1 - Talari mountain lodge,la georgina resturant, Savegre hotel(night)
29/1 - Savegre valley,cerro de la muerte. Night Suria lodge
30/1 - Savegre valley, mirador del quetzales, rancho naturlista(night)
31/1 - Rancho naturlista and surrounds. Night rancho naturlista
1/2 - Rancho naturlista,C.A.T.I.E,casa turire. Night rancho naturlista
2/2 - Rancho naturlista - Tapanti. Night Kiri lodge
3/2 - Tapanti. Brief stop el tigre fields. Night La selva OTS
4/2 - La selva(night)
5/2 - La selva am, Braulio Carrillo. Night La selva
6/2 - La selva - Alajuela, via virgen del scorro and cinchona. Night at the courtyard hotel
7/2 - River by wallmart, Alajuela. Flight home(arrived back 8/2)

Area Notes:

Melrost B&B
The hotel has no gardens, but the trees and fields around the block it is on gave us enough to look at on our first morning, nothing unusual but a nice introduction to common costa rican birds. Best birds seen included cinnamon hummingbird, blue-diademed motmot and greyish saltator.
River by wallmart
Jack and myself decided to take a quick look here as Andy and Damon waited for the car on our first morning. Again just common species, mainly north american migrants, with a few herons, but my first ringed kingfisher was nice. When we realised the hotel we booked on our last night was next to wallmart, Jack and I took damo down here as he needed the kingfisher, which we quickly refound, then some movement on the other side of the river caught my attention, and a stunning cabanis's/prevost's ground-sparrow showed itself! We had 3+ that afternoon, and i had 4 together the following morning, so presume this could be a reliable spot for them. Other species seen here included grey-crowned yellowthroat,grey-necked wood-rail,northern beardless-tyrannulet,indigo + painted bunting and blue-diademed motmot, the first 4 the only sightings on the trip. Certainly worth an hour or so if stopping in the area or killing time before your flight home!

La ensanada
These lodges have a nice view over the gulf of nicoya, and the birding is good too! Highlight was the 2 imm male three-wattled bellbirds on the 25th(also heard on 24th). Also seen here, 2 roosting pacific screech-owl, 2 surfbird, ferruginous pygmy-owl, hook-billed kite, streak-backed and spot-breasted oriole,yellow-naped parrot,turquoise-browed motmot and white-throated magpie-jay(inside the reception area!) amongst many other species. The salinas were quiet, just a group of stilt sandpipers of note amongst small numbers of waders and herons. We had double-striped thick-knee along the entrance road to the lodge(2 on 24th, 3 25th).

Cerro lodge
We spent 3 nights here. The feeders were dominated by clay-colored thrushes, with little else visiting them. Steely-vented hummingbird was seen several times around the grounds, and scarlet macaws were also seen on multiple occasions. Before breakfast we scanned the distant trees in the hope of seeing yellow-billed cotinga, as we read this is a site for them, with no luck, but we did have a bat falcon and 2 collared forest-falcon 1 morning. We also hoped to see fiery-billed aracari here, but apparently they are scarce here at this time of year. The 'reliable' black-and-white owl didn't show itself during our stay either. That aside, it is still a good place to stay for access to carara and the facilities are good
Carara NP headquarters trails
We spent a full day here, declining the use of the guides to try and find our own birds. We didn't have a disaster of a day but a guide would have helped a great deal! The following morning when we wanted a guide there were none there! The manakin pools were good in the afternoon, not a great number of birds, but 2 red-crowned and 1 blue-capped manakins and a worm-eating warbler kept us entertained! Other birds of note along the trails were 2+ marbled wood-quail, 2 great tinamou, grey-headed tanager, black-hooded antshrike and band-tailed barbthroat.
River trail
No longer as good as it used to be apparently! The lagoon is overgrown and I would look elsewhere if boat-billed heron is a target. We still saw around 80 species along here in 1 morning, highlight being orange-collared manakin(3 males), and the other 3 saw a green shrike-vireo which i couldn't get on! 1 of 2 distant calling baird's trogons did take an interest to playback, but didn't come close enough!
Villa Lapas
We asked at reception to bird the grounds, which they agreed to at no cost. Didn't see much but c10 painted buntings along the river were good to see. Apparently there is a long-tailed manakin lek on a trail from here, but directions given to us were vague so didn't spend too much time looking.
Waterfall road
Not much seen on a slow afternoon drive up here, our only blue-black grosbeak being the best.
Tarcoles River
A quick look from the tour boat ramp got us our first laughing falcon and several costa rican swifts. We couldn't find access to the river mouth. We didn't do the boat tour due to cost and time.

Talari mountain lodge
A few very productive mid-late morning hours were spent here to break up our trip from carara to the mountains. Access cost $10 i think. Best bird without a doubt was the female white-crested coquette giving extended views near car park 2. Also had good scope views of long-billed starthroat and charming hummingbird, many cherrie's tanagers and our only red-legged honeycreepers. A turquoise cotinga had been regular in the days prior to our visit, but eluded us! Would definately spend a night here if/when i visit CR again! (also had 2 seperate sightings of fiery-billed aracari on our drive south from carara)

Talamanca Mountains
La georgina Resturant - A pitstop in wet and windy conditions here got us our first 'rivoli's' magnificent and volcano hummingbirds, green violetears, sooty thrush and large-footed finch, and a fiery-throated hummingbird made sporadic appearences.
Savegre hotel area - A very nice hotel, we could only get 1 night here(booked in advance, the second night was spent at suria lodge 1km down the valley). An evening guided drive with melvin got us good views of mottled and bare-shanked screech-owl and dusky nightjar. A morning quetzal tour was not as touristy as fiered, and we got good views of 2 of these magnificent birds, including an adult male! Other birds seen in the area were 2 black guans, scintillant hummingbird(we even found a nest!), eventually 10 long-tailed silky-flycatchers, several flame-throated warblers, golden-browed chlorophonia, yellowish flycatchers, yellow-bellied siskin and collared whitestart. When driving out on our last morning we found our own roadside male resplendant quetzal further up the valley, which performed til we got bored of it(!), with no tourist-types trying to take pictures through our scopes!
Cerro de la muerte - A cold, wet, windy and cloud-covered afternoon was very rewarding eventually! We had 1 peg-billed finch and a few timberline wrens around the back of the communication towers, and on a slow drive back down we had 2 volcano juncos after giving up!
Mirador del quetzales - Quiet here, the fiery-throated hummingbirds gave a good show at the feeders, and 3 of us got onto a silvery-fronted tapaculo that responded to playback but very little else.

Rancho Naturlista
The feeders were brilliant first thing in the morning. Snowcap, 2 black-crested coquettes and a few green thorntails gave themselves up easily, a brown violetear made a brief appearence, and there were always good numbers of birds around, including 12 species of hummingbird. On our second morning we had a guided walk with harry, his knowledge of the site and its birds is scary, and we saw many birds we would have missed without him! The 3 white- manakins being an obvious highlight. Rivers nearby have fasciated tiger-heron, torrent tyrannulet, sunbittern and the costa rican race of american dipper, though unfortunately we dipped the latter. Despite the over-priced cost, the birding, food and accommodation is very good.

A brief stop at the lake produced 2 boat-billed herons easily, and with the main target in the bag, we left as we hadn't been asked to pay the entrance fee and wanted to get out incase they had a change of heart!

Casa Turire
Along the entrance road a few red-breasted blackbirds, 4 southern lapwing and 2 green ibis were seen. The hotel let us bird around the lake for free, and we added a few ducks and snail kite to the trip list

Heavy rain blighted our morning here, but we still did ok! Black guan, black-bellied hummingbird, white-bellied and purple-throated mountain-gems, a great black-hawk, red-headed barbet, black-faced solitaire and male elgant euphonia being the pick of the bunch! A black hawk-eagle was watched from kiri lodge as we checked in the previous day! A word of warning, our satnav tried taking us to kiri lodge(from rancho naturlista) along the unpassable road that heads west into the park!

La Selva
We had 2 full days here. On our first morning we went on a complimentary wildlife tour with Lenin. We saw the first of sevral great curassows, roosting vermiculated screech-owls and a pair of sunbitterns sunning themselves. Unfortunately an agami heron seen early that morning had vanished! Impressed with his birding skills we booked him for the following morning. First he found us a broad-billed motmot(more followed), then white-fronted nunbird and 3 purple-throated fruitcrow, when he muttered to himself 'time to try and find the hard one'! We were hoping he was referring to the umbrellabird, and about 10 minutes later we were watching an immature male bare-necked umbrellabird! Certainly 1 we had written off our chances of seeing! Especially as this was apparently only the second sighting here this winter! Later on the tour i saw a raptor go through the canopy, and it did the decent thing and landed, an adult ornate hawk-eagle! We all had good binocular views, but it flew off as soon as Lenin got the scope on it! We also arranged to go on a night tour outside of la selva with him that evening, as he claimed he knew current areas for great potoo and a few owls we needed, including striped, but torrential rain in the afternoon and evening forced us to change our plans. Also seen in and around the grounds, c5 great green macaws, plain-colored tanager, blue dacnis and snowy cotinga. We aslo tried el tigre fields and puerto viejo for nicaraguan seed-finch, with no joy. Heard bad things about the food here but was actually quite good!

Braulio Carrillo
A very wet afternoon guided walk here was hard work. I saw violet-headed hummingbird, and speckled, emerald, black-and-yellow and white-throated shrike- tanagers, but most struggled to get onto few if any of these in difficult conditions

Stopped here for a while on our way back to san jose. Earlier we had a washout at virgen del scorro so went for the shelter as much as the birds! Probably the most exciting feeding station of the trip! Prong-billed barbets, a pair of coppery-headed emeralds, black-faced solitaire and white-naped brush-finch were seen alongside several blue-throated toucanets, amongst good numbers of the common feeder birds like blue-grey,passerini's and silver-throated tanagers! A brief dry period had us heading back towards virgen del scorro, when we picked up 2 distant white hawks drying themselves off, but whilst watching these the rain returned so headed off back towards san jose for the finale of our trip!

Hope theres some useful bits of info in here for people thinking of going to costa rica soon! If your not thinking of going, you should be! Will certainly be returning at some point in the future to get the targets we didn't see and try out new parts of the country! Trip list to follow at some point!


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Fun read! I could take lessons from you on how to write a concise trip report. Can you tell me if Kiri Lodge had any hummingbird bird feeders? Our time there was also wet but a beautiful area of the country.
Thanks for posting-


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Fun read! I could take lessons from you on how to write a concise trip report. Can you tell me if Kiri Lodge had any hummingbird bird feeders? Our time there was also wet but a beautiful area of the country.
Thanks for posting-

Thankyou! Kiri lodge did not have any hummingbird feeders, at least I didn't see any! Just a bird table with a bit of fruit which got occaisional visits from clay-colored thrushes! Agree with it being a beautiful part of the country! Most of the areas we visited had brilliant scenery to be fair, enough to distract me from the birds on many occasions!


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Triplist Part 1

Splitting the list into 3 parts due to time and space! In the order they appear in the Garrigues and Dean field guide(2nd edition)

Species seen by me(417):

Great Tinamou - carara NP,la selva
Great Curassow - several La selva
Grey-headed Chachalaca - rancho naturlista
Black Guan - Savegre, tapanti
Crested Guan - Rancho naturlista, la selva
Marbled Wood-quail - Carara
Black-bellied whistling-duck
Muscovy - only wild bird in carara
Ring-necked Duck
Lesser scaup
American wigeon
Blue-winged Teal
Neotropic cormorant
Brown Pelican
Magnificent frigatebird
Laughing gull
Royal Tern
Cabot's(sandwich) Tern
Sunbittern - Tuis River, La selva
Bare-throated Tiger-heron
Fasciated Tiger-heron - between rancho naturlista and tapanti
Green heron
Tricolored Heron
Little blue heron
Great egret
Snowy egret
Cattle egret
Great blue heron
Yellow-crowned night-heron
Boat-billed heron - C.A.T.I.E
White ibis
Green Ibis - casa turire, la selva, puerto viejo
Double-striped Thick-knee - entrance road to la ensanada
Wood stork
Southern lapwing - casa turire
Grey(black-bellied) plover
Semipalmated plover
Black-necked stilt
Hudsonian whimbrel
Western willet
Solitary sandpiper
Lesser yellowlegs
Spotted sandpiper
Ruddy turnstone
Surfbird - la ensanada
Semipalmated sandpiper
Western sandpiper
Stilt sandpiper
Northern Jacana
American coot
Purple gallinule
Grey-necked wood-rail - Alajuela wallmart site
American black vulture
Turkey vulture
Hook-billed kite - la ensanada
Snail Kite - cas turire
Swallow-tailed kite - Just 1 near san isidro
White-tailed kite
Sharp-shinned hawk - 1 savegre
Bicolored Hawk - pair rancho naturlista
White hawk - 2 between virgen del scorro and cinchona
Short-tailed hawk
Roadside hawk
Broad-winged hawk
Grey hawk
Common black hawk - la ensanada
Great black hawk - 1 tapanti
Red-tailed hawk - both the distinctive chiriqui form and more northerly birds seen
Black hawk-eagle - 1 kiri lodge(tapanti)
Ornate hawk-eagle - 1 la selva
American kestrel
Bat falcon - cerro lodge,savegre,rancho naturlista
Crested caracara
Yellow-headed caracara
Laughing Falcon
Collared forest-falcon - 2 cerro lodge
Mottled owl - savegre. Heard daily rancho naturlista
Pacific Screech-owl - 2 at roost la ensanada
Vermiculated Screech-owl - 2 at roost la selva
Bare-shanked screech-owl - Amazing views of 1 savegre
Ferruginous pygmy-owl - 2 la ensanada(sev more heard at dawn)
Dusky Nightjar - 1 seen very well savegre(couple more heard there)
Common paraque - rancho naturlista,kiri lodge,la selva
Lesser nighthawk - La ensanada,cerro lodge
White-collared swift - mainly savegre and tapanti
Chestnut-collared swift - rancho naturlista
Vaux's swift - san jose
Costa rican swift - several tarcoles river(carara)
Grey-rumped swift - la selva
Lesser swallow-tailed swift - 1 la selva
Mangrove swallow
Blue-and-white swallow
Grey-breasted martin
Northern rough-winged swallow
Southern rough-winged Swallow
Barn swallow
Violet sabrewing - rancho naturlista,cinchona
Band-tailed barbthroat - 1 carara
Green hermit - rancho naturlista,cinchona
Stripe-throated hermit - carara,la selva(lek)
Long-billed hermit - carara,talari,la selva(lek)
Green-crowned brilliant - rancho naturlista(forest feeders better than lodge),cinchona
Magnificent(rivoli's) Hummingbird
Fiery-throated hummingbird - la georgina resturant,mirador del quetzales
Scaly-breasted hummingbird - la ensanada,carara,talari
Purple-crowned fairy - 1/2 carara river trail and 1 la selva only sightings
Charming hummingbird - talari
White-necked jacobin - rancho naturlista
Steely-vented hummingbird - cerro lodge
Crowned woodnymph - rancho naturlista, braulio carrilo
Snowy-bellied hummingbird - talari
Stripe-tailed Hummingbird - savegre,suria lodge
Black-bellied hummingbird - 3+ tapanti
Coppery-headed emerald - pair cinchona
Blue-throated goldentail - several carara
Rufous-tailed hummingbird
Cinnamon hummingbird - melrost B&B,la ensanada,cerro lodge
Bronze-tailed plumeleteer - rancho naturlista,la selva
Green-breasted mango
Ruby-throated hummingbird
Brown violetear - 1 rancho naturlista
Green violetear
Long-billed starthroat - 1 talari
White-bellied mountain-gem - 1 tapanti
Purple-throated mountain-gem - 1+ tapanti
Grey-tailed(white-throated) Mountain-gem - savegre
Green thorntail - rancho naturlista
Black-crested coquette - 2+ rancho naturlista
White-crested coquette - female talari
Snowcap - rancho naturlista
Violet-headed Hummingbird - 1 braulio carrilo
Scintillant Hummingbird - savegre
Volcano Hummingbird - savegre and higher in talamanca range
Pale-vented Pigeon
Red-billed pigeon
Band-tailed pigeon
Short-billed pigeon
Ruddy pigeon - just 1 savegre
White-winged dove
Inca dove
Common ground-dove
Ruddy ground-dove
White-tipped dove
Sulphur-winged parakeet - savegre
Crimson-fronted Parakeet
Olive-throated Parakeet
Orange-fronted Parakeet

Next 150 to follow...


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Trip list part 2

Orange-chinned Parakeet
Brown-hooded parrot
White-crowned parrot
Great green macaw - c5 la selva
Scarlet macaw - cerro lodge/carara area
White-fronted parrot
red-lored parrot
Mealy parrot
Yellow-naped parrot
Smooth-billed ani - from car near quepos
Groove-billed ani
Squirrel cuckoo
Black-headed trogon
Gartered trogon
Black-throated trogon
Collared trogon
Resplendant quetzal - up valley from savegre hotel
Slaty-tailed trogon
Blue-diademed motmot
Rufous motmot
Broad-billed motmot
Turquoise-browed motmot
Ringed kingfisher
Green kingfisher
Amazon Kingfisher
White-necked puffbird
White-fronted nunbird - la selva
White-whiskered puffbird
Rufous-tailed jacamar
Red-headed barbet - tapanti
Prong-billed barbet - cinchona
Blue-throated(emerald) toucanet - savegre,cinchona
Collared aracari - rancho naturlista,la selva
Fiery-billed aracari - 2 seperate sightings from car(prob near quepos)
Keel-billed toucan
Black-mandibled toucan
Acorn woodpecker
Black-cheeked woodpecker
Hoffmann's woodpecker
Red-crowned woodpecker - talari
Hairy woodpecker - very distinct from north american birds!
Rufous-winged woodpecker
Lineated woodpecker
Pale-billed woodpecker
Chestnut-colored woodpecker
Plain xenops
Wedge-billed woodcreeper
Plain-brown woodcreeper
Cocoa woodcreeper
Spotted woodcreeper
Streak-headed woodcreeper
Spot-crowned Woodcreeper
Brown-billed scythebill - rancho naturlista
Tawny-throated leaftosser - rancho naturlista hummingbird pools
Buff-throated Foliage-cleaner
Spotted barbtail
Ruddy treerunner
Streak-breasted treehunter
Red-faced Spinetail
Fasciated Antshrike
Black-hooded antshrike - carara
Black-crowned antshrike - la selva
dusky antbird
Chestnut-backed antbird
Dull-mantled antbird - rancho naturlista
Plain antvireo
Slaty antwren
Dot-winged antwren
Silvery-fronted tapaculo - 1 mirador del quetzales
Golden-crowned spadebill
White-throated spadebill
Paltry tyrannulet
Northern beardless-tyrannulet
Southern beardless-tyrannulet
Yellow-bellied elaenia
Mountain Elaenia
Yellow-olive flycatcher
Greenish Elaenia
Olive-striped flycatcher
Slaty-capped flycatcher
Common tody-flycatcher
Black-headed tody-flycatcher
Black-capped pygmy-tyrant - la selva
Scale-crested pygmy-tyrant
Ruddy-tailed flycatcher
Ochre-bellied flycatcher
Tawny-chested Flycatcher - rancho naturlista
Sulphur-rumped flycatcher
Bright-rumped Attila
Rufous mourner
Torrent tyrannulet - 2 near rancho naturlista
Long-tailed tyrant - 2 la selva
Eye-ringed flatbill
Dark pewee
Tropical pewee
Yellow-bellied flycatcher
Yellowish flycatcher
Black-capped flycatcher
Tufted flycatcher
Scissor-tailed lfycatcher
Black phoebe
Brown-crested flycatcher
Dusky-capped flycatcher
Great Kiskadee
Boat-billed flycatcher
Social flycatcher
Grey-capped flycatcher
White-ringed flycatcher - la sleva
Streaked flycatcher
Tropical kingbird
Western Kingbird
Black-crowned tityra - 1 la ensanada
Masked tityra
Rose-throated becard
White-winged becard - 1 rancho naturlista
Cinnamon becard
White-collared manakin - rancho naturlista,la selva
Orange-collared manakin - carara river trail
White-ruffed manakin - rancho naturlista, braulio carrilo
Blue-crowned manakin - carara
White-crowned manakin - rancho naturlista
Red-capped manakin - carara
Snowy cotinga - 1 male la selva. In bare trees in distance to right from start of bridge
Three-wattled bellbird - 2 imm males la ensanada. Just beyond cattle field near trail 2
Purple-throated fruitcrow - 3 la selva
Bare-necked umbrellabird - imm male la selva
White-throated magpie-jay - la ensanada
Brown Jay
Black-billed nightingale-thrush - above savegre
Ruddy-capped nightingale-thrush - savegre,tapanti
Orange-billed nightingale-thrush - 1 below kiri lodge
Slaty-backed nightingale-thrush - 1 braulio carrilo. heard tapanti
Wood thrush
Black-faced solitaire - tapanti,cinchona. Heard savegre
Sooty thrush - common in high talamanca range
Mountain thrush - A few near savegre
Pale-vented thrush - braulio carrilo
Clay-colored thrush
White-throated thrush - near kiri lodge
Long-tailed silky-flycatcher - 10 spread throughout the savegre valley on 29/1
Long-billed gnatwren
White-lored gnatcatcher - pair la ensanada
Tropical gnatcatcher
Rufous-naped wren
Band-backed wren
Stripe-breasted wren
Riverside wren
Bay wren
Banded wren
Plain wren


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Trip list part 3

Ochraceous wren - savegre,tapanti
Southern house wren
Timberline wren - a couple behind the communication towers cerro de la muerte
White-breasted wood-wren
Grey-breasted wood-wren
Yellow-throated vireo
Yellow-winged vireo - a few savegre
Philadelphia vireo
Lesser greenlet
Ovenbird - 1 carara
Worm-eating warbler - 1 carara
Northern waterthrush
Buff-rumped warbler- carara,la selva
Golden-winged warbler - sev sightings rancho naturlista and la selva
Prothonotary warbler - just 1 female la ensanada
Black-and-white warbler
Tennessee warbler
Yellow warbler
Mourning warbler - rancho naturlista,la selva,puerto viejo, alajuela wallmart
Kentucky warbler - 1 rancho naturlista
Grey-crowned yellowthroat - just 1 alajuela wallmart site
Olive-crowned yellowthroat - 1 puerto viejo, 1 near virgen del scorro
American redstart - 1 rancho naturlista
Flame-throated warbler - sev around savegre
Tropical parula - rancho naturlista,tapanti
chestnut-sided warbler
Blackburnian warbler
Black-throated green warbler
Wilson's warbler
Slate-throated whitestart - tapanti,cinchona
Collared whitestart - sev around savegre
Rufous-capped warbler - waterfall road(carara),rancho naturlista
Black-cheeked warbler - Around savegre
Golden-crowned warbler - rancho naturlista
Black-eared(three-striped) warbler - a couple tapanti
Grey-headed Tanager - carara
White-shouldered tanager
Tawny-crested tanager - braulio carrilo
White-lined tanager
White-throated shrike-tanager - 1 braulio carrilo
Passerini's Tanager
Cherrie's tanager
Blue-grey tanager
Palm tanager
Plain-colored tanager - 2 la sleva entrance road
Black-and-yellow tanager - Males are superb! Rancho naturlista, braulio carrilo
Silver-throated tanager
Emerlad tanager - 1 all-to-brief brief bird braulio carrilo
Speckled Tanager - rancho naturlista, braulio carrilo
Golden-hooded tanager
Spangle-cheeked tanager - savegre,tapanti
Bay-headed tanager
Green honeycreeper
Blue dacnis - pair la selva
Scarlet-thighed dacnis - several sightings rancho naturlista
Shining honeycreeper - pair la selva entrance road
Red-legged honeycreeper - sev at talari
Dusky-faced tanager - 1 la selva
Slaty flowerpiercer - common at savegre and cerro de la muerte
Peg-billed finch - 1 behind communication towers cerro de la muerte
Blue-black grassquit
Thick-billed seedfinch - 1 fem in fields opposite cemetary past rancho naturlista, 1 puerto viejo
White-collared seedeater
Variable seedeater - pacific and caribbean forms seen
Yellow-faced grassquit
Greyish saltator - melrost B&B
Buff-throated saltator
Black-headed saltator - opposite cemetary past rancho naturlista
Yellow-thighed finch - fairly common around savegre
Large-footed finch - high talamanca sites
Orange-billed sparrow
Chestnut-capped brush-finch - rancho naturlista
Black-striped sparrow - 1 rancho naturlista
White-naped brush-finch - cinchona
Cabanis's(prevost's) ground-sparrow - alajuela wallmart site
Stripe-headed sparrow - la ensanada,cerro lodge
Common chlorospingus(bush-tanager)
Sooty-capped chlorospingus - savegre
Rufous-collared sparrow
Volcano junco - 2 cerro de la muerte, down towards main road from towers
House sparrow
Blue-black grosbeak
Blue grosbeak - 1 el tigre fields
Indigo bunting - 1 alajuela wallmart site
Painted bunting - c10 villa lapas, 1 alajuela wallmart site
Black-faced grosbeak - common la selva and braulio carrilo
Rose-breasted grosbeak
Red-throated ant-tanager - rancho naturlista, la selva
Carmiol's(olive) tanager
Summer tanager
Flame-colored tanager - A few around savegre
Red-winged blackbird
Red-breasted blackbird - c4 by casa turire
Eastern meadowlark
Melodious blackbird
Bronzed cowbird
Giant cowbird - casa turire
Great-tailed grackle
Spot-breasted oriole -la ensanada
Streak-backed oriole - la ensanada
Black-cowled Oriole - la selva,cinchona
Orchard oriole
Baltimore oriole
Scarlet-rumped cacique - 2 rancho naturlista
Chestnut-headed oropendola - rancho naturlista
Montezuma oropendola
Yellow-bellied siskin - savegre hotel and suria lodge
Golden-browed chlorophonia - 3+ in orchard near savegre hotel
Olive-backed euphonia
Tawny-capped euphonia - tapanti
Elegant euphonia - male tapanti
Yellow-throated euphonia
Scrub euphonia
Yellow-crowned euphonia
White-vented euphonia - rancho naturlista
Spot-crowned euphonia - 1 male carara river trail

Heard only(most on guides say-so!):
Little tinamou(RN), Slaty-breasted tinamou(LS), White-throated crake(CT), Barred forest-falcon(RN), Spectacled owl(KL), Common potoo(RN), White-tipped sicklebill(RN), Blue-chested hummingbird(LS), Baird's trogon(CNP), Zeldon's antbird(RN), Thicket antpitta(RN), Black-faced anthrush(CNP,LS), Golden-bellied flycatcher(SV,MDQ), Northern schiffornis(RN), Black-throated wren(RN), Scaly-breasted wren(RN), Louisiana waterthrush(SV)

(abbreviations in order: rancho naturlista, la selva, casa turire, kiri lodge, carara national park, savegre valley, mirador del quetzales)

Seen by other 3:
Nutting's flycatcher, Northern bentbill, yellow-billed cacique, roseate spoonbill, green shrike-vireo, short-tailed nighthawk, green-fronted lancebill, black swift, rock pigeon(not ruining my trip list with this!), limpkin,northern barred woodcreeper,long-tailed manakin?, townsend's warbler, barred antshrike.
(also boat-tailed grackle miami airport)

Other animals seen(not good with most groups!)
Mantled howler monkey, spider monkey, white-faced cappuchin, pecary, agouti, racoon, white-nosed coati, tree porcupine, variegated squirrel, red-tailed squirrel; green basilisk(including running over water), brown basilisk, iguana, central american crocodile; blue jeans poison dart frog; owl butterfly(2 species i think), green-celled cattleheart(butterfly).
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