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All four pictures were taken today in Lake County, Il.

#2 is a small bird with a bug in its mouth. Is it a Flycatcher, Warbler, or what?

#1 & #3 are of a Thrush, but which Thrush?

#4 Looks like a Vireo ?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.



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I'm taking a stab at pictures 2 & 3:

#2 - Ruby Crowned Kinglet...????
#3 - Swainson's Thrush (as well as possibly #1)
#4 - No clue... :-(

1. ? Is this the same bird as the one in # 3? If it is then it is a Swainson's Thrush.

2. Least Flycatcher
I believe you can make a complete eyering (if you "work at it"). The bill to me looks a little large for a kinglet. I don't think a kinglet would take a prey item this large. The wings look too dark for a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Also there appears to be a little dark area above the top wing bar (not good for Ruby-crowned Kinglet). A Ruby-crowned Kinglet would have a dark area below the bottom wing bar, whereas the Least Flycatcher would have all dark wings with the whitish/buffy wingbars.

3. Swainson's Thrush

4. Red-eyed Vireo (probably a juvenile with brownish eyes)
I'm still going to go with Ruby-crowned Kinglet, as I think I can see some red on the crown of the bird. Could just be an artifact though.
I just recalled that some flycatchers have a red spot on their crown that's often hidden. Is the Least one of them?
The Least Flycatcher does not have any red in the crown. The only flycatcher I can think of off-hand with red in its crown is the Eastern Kingbird, but some of the other tyrannidae might have some red on their crowns also.

The red in # 2 is an artifact of the photo I believe. That same "red" coloring is on the throat and on the bend of the wing. All artifacts.
Thanks to all,

Pictures #1 & #3 must be Swainson's Thrushes, a website for our area Illinois IBET has been reporting many sightings of these birds.

Picture # 2 does look more like a Least Flycatcher, because of the two distinct wingbars, whereas the Kinglet's top wingbar is faint in most pictures.

Picture #4 I agree is a Vireo, but could it be a Warbling Vireo? I did not hear it sing.
I just think that the Red-eyed Vireo has the more contrasting crown in relation to the mantle. The Warbling Vireo is usually more uninform in its overall coloration,crown and mantle. To me the Red-eyed shows the greenish cast in the mantle and the Warbling is more grayish.

The dark eyeline is a little subdued in your photo (a little more like a Warbling's eyeline). I would think this should be a little bit darker for a Red-eyed. But I am still staying with Red-eyed Vireo for this bird.
#4 is not a Red-eyed Vireo. I think it's either a Philadelphia Vireo or a bright Warbling Vireo.

I agree #2 is an Empidonax flycatcher.
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