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Jane Turner

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Terry O'Nolley said:
THis seems a great idea - but it only allows for one thread per species? I think someone should just write a module to automate this task.

Automation would be nice. There are many links per species.



Hi Jane,

There was a short thread on Beaudouin's Snake Eagle (I think thread 30878) with a very nice photo and some ID tips. You might want to include it in your Index (which is great by the way!).

I couldn't find it by searching Forums for "Beaudouin's" but if you put in "Eagle" and "Gambia" it should come up!


Wheatear ID

Keep up the good work Jane - I admire your dedication and the end result
So here is the latest ID problem from Bahrain A Wheatear - It has been posted on the networks but I got only a few replies - ALL DIFFERENT bar two
See for your self and great pictures as well -- thanks to Juhani Kyyrö for them
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Jane Turner

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I've just updated the index again. If I've missed any threads where people have taken time to explain ID's, especially tricky ones, or I've missed any unusual/new species (these will mostly be SE Asian and African species) let me know. If the latter also give me a clue in which section to put it!


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...agreed . Wonder if it could all be published in a book. i would buy it. Best identification guide around!

Jane Turner

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the bad news is that I left the latest version with a shedload of updates in Manilla on my external drive. Hopefully its being FEDEXed to me!


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Jane Hi.
Although I never saw the 'Chinatown' warbler, would I be right in assuming that it's jizz on occasion as it moved through the canopy was more Phyllosc like as opposed to the forward thrusting of say Reed Warbler?. I've already examined one of the early best right to left facing images in the birch tree and I'm fairly certain that I have an ID. Have had a lot of experience looking up into the canopy at bland looking Hippos/Acros within the urban setting. It Would be a lot more expedient for me to qualify my reasons by telephone as opposed to the ebb and flow of forums.

Regards Ken


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I don't post much but would like to say what a great idea for a thread!

Must have taken ages to copy/paste all those links!!!

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