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Less-than-stellar photos of Pennsylvania birds... Can you guess them? (1 Viewer)


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United States
Hello all,

I've just started using a Panasonic Lumix camera. Sometimes the results are wonderful, but often they are not! Looking at these images reminded me of some quizzes that used to run here about North American birds, so I thought I'd start a thread. Feel free to guess, no limit to guesses per person!

You can assume that all photos are taken somewhere in eastern Pennsylvania, around the time at which they're posted. I'll indicate otherwise.

I'll start out with a little flurry of birds, but I probably will add new photos somewhat sporadically.

Three are quiz birds, photos 1, 3, and 4. The other does not need an introduction and is one of my very few good pictures so far.

Hope everyone has a bit of fun here!


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1. Turkey Vulture
2. Nice picture
3. American Goldfinch?
4. I can’t do gulls :-C
For the warbler... I will add a new picture.

As for the gull, perhaps folks aren't aware of their relatively recent colonization of PA?
LBBG is correct. A visit to any local reservoir can produce 100 or so, up to 400+ depending on the water body and time of year.

Here I attach another warbler photo that should clear a few things up. Also, a new photo which I don't think will be too hard.


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Correct on both counts!

That shoreline does not have public access, but I'd have to guess that trees there include hickory, maple, and some oak, with a mix of others. I'm not superb at tree ID myself!
Here's a new one, taken yesterday afternoon. Habitat might be a clue for some, but don't focus too hard on it.


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    QuizBird (2).jpg
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  • QuizBird1 (2).jpg
    QuizBird1 (2).jpg
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Reviving this thread after I forgot it for quite a while.

Clue may be in the image title, as some photos contain the dreaded 4-letter abbreviation codes.

#1. August
#2: September
#s 3-4: October

All in Pennsylvania.


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