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Meade MasterClass Pro ED 10x56 (2 Viewers)


Not Sure.
United States
Meade MasterClass Pro ED 10x56mm flat field binoculars.

These came the other day. Here are some of my observations and opinions so far.

Their color really ISN'T even close to the blue in the online vendor photos. Even my photos make them a but brighter color than they are. But pretty close.

The focuser is very smooth. Feels great. There is almost exactly two turns, from stop to stop. They are chunky, but when I pick them up, they really don't feel overly heavy for their size. At all. They are extremely clean inside. Not a speck of dust to be seen, and no traces of oil or fingerprints.

It was raining, and rather dark and gray, but I sat out on the porch for a while, and viewed the squirrels in my yard. These binoculars show great detail. Individual hairs and the details in their eyes really stood out to me. The close focus is really great. I also observed some Ruby's Hummingbirds at my feeder at close range. No loss of visual quality, even at 6 feet or so. Very sharp views of the hummers with great colors.

The FOV seems bigger than advertised, and the view IS flat. Really flat all the way out until the very last few degrees. I was able to read some small print on a sign for a towing company thats across the street, with ease, and panning left or right didn't change the focus on the print. There is some "rolling ball" but I've never been bothered by it, and it's not very severe. They have a nice balance, as I mentioned above. I had no trouble holding them still for minutes at a time. Eye pieces are solid and fit my skull structure very well. Eye relief is perfect for me. I don't wear glasses, and in the fully extended position, I get no blackout or beans. One click in, and I do. So no issues in that regard.

They seem pretty bright. The day is dark and dreary, but the views have excellent brightness and the colors are very accurate. Kunming, or whoever actually made this did a really nice job. There is no issues with the construction and the glass seems to be of quite good quality.

The objective lenses are really close to the end of the barrels. That's a little troublesome to me. Not sure why they needed to do that. But I usually lay large binoculars flat, and not standing on the objectives. I like the stippling on the sides of the barrels. They privide a nice non slick surface to hold onto. I can see them not being slippery even if they get rained on.

They came in a nice box. The case is actually decent, and there's a perfectly fine carry harness, and a neck strap.

I am pretty impressed with these. Not sure there's anything that I would be as impressed with, for $450.



How do they compare to the Toric 10X50. Better to get an idea here than on CN.
Quite favorably. The Toric, the colors have a tad more pop. Just a tad. The Toric is slightly sharper, but not by much, and it's very hard to tell the difference for my eyes anyway. The Meade holds its focus closer to the field stop. But not by a lot. The Toric is pretty flat for not having a field flattener. Close focus is around 6 feet with the Meade. Around 12 feet for the Toric. The field of view is much wider on the Meade, I think it's 341 feet vs. 305. The FOV is impressive on the Meade.

The Toric weighs 32.6 ounces and the Meade weighs 40 ounces. The eyecups on both are superb. They are both very well constructed. Both focusers are very good, but the ratios are quite different. 2 full turns on the Meade compared to 1.25 on the Toric.

Now we are talking about comparing a $450 binocular with an $750 binocular. But the Meade is no slouch. It the Tract worth $300 more? Maybe, maybe not. The Toric is made in Japan and uses Schott HT glass. The Meade is made in China, I think at Kunming. But whatever the glass is, in the Meade, it's pretty good.
Thanks for the response, the FOV is quite a difference as is the weight but a 56 vs a 50 would mean more glass. I am waiting until I can get a discount on the 12.5X50 Tracts, I am very pleased with the 10X42 so far.
I would guess the Meade would be good on the night sky as well.
In my opinion, Tract Torics are alphas without the alpha price. I have viewed through quite a few much more expensive binoculars that aren't as good.
Even my buddy who only owns Swaros, and he has quite a few, was impressed with my Toric's when we were on a group camping trip not too long ago.

The MasterClass Pro ED 10x56 should be great under a nice dark sky. No clear sky since I got them, and none in sight for at least a week. My Toric 10x50's are really nice at night, pointed upward, sitting back in my zero gravity chair.

BTW, since my last reply, I took both pairs out on my front porch and did a swap back and forth, looking at trees, and brush, into the shadows. the Toric has the edge, but damn, the Meade hangs right in there, and the field of view is glorious.
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