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Mr Nakamura's invalid Swift and ditto Jacana (1 Viewer)

Björn Bergenholtz

... earlier a k a "Calalp"
As a mere consequence, of the recent developments in thread Tanygnathus lucionensis koikei [here], Nobuhiko Osawa at the same time, simultaneously (somewhat accidentally), delivered a pure bonus!

In his PS he mentioned a certain Mr Yukio Nakamura, that he himself had met [!], as well as remembered as "Uncle Bird", which ought to be the guy commemorated in ...

nakamurai as in:
• "Hemiprocne major nakamurai" HACHISUKA 1930* [for the OD, see the attached excerpt (from a somewhat twisted scan, of p.172), even if it doesn't include any dedication, nor an explanation], a k a "Hemiprocne comata nakamurai", alt. "Nakamura's Whiskered Swift" (also by Hachisuka, in 1934, here, equally on p.172, also see Plate 29, fig.2).
• "Irediparra gallinacea nakamurai" HACHISUKA 1935*/** [here, on p.261; not published in "1932", as told on the Richmond card, here]; no out-spoken dedication, nothing but: "Collected by Nakamura, 2nd February 1930, ...".

Regardless of the lack of out-spoken dedications and/or other obvious clues; I suspect that we now, simply by Nobuhiko Osawa's reply, suddenly also, as a nice surprise, got an additional piece (a Death year) for the Japanese Ornithologist Yukio Nakamura [according to The Eponym Dictionary of Birds, by Beolens, et al (2014): "(b.1889)"], who apparently died in: "... 1974, 84 years old".

Not bad! What can one say? Having a clever and experienced neighbour is truly a good thing.


PS. James, if this additional fact (i.e his Death year) is/was included in the dear old HBW (now defunct, no longer Alive) Key, or if it's present in the MS for the future BoW Key is unknown to me (and impossible to check/verify). ;)

Either way; enjoy!


*According to John E. Du Pont, and his book Philippine Birds, 1971 (here, pp. 189 resp. 76);
synonyms of the "Lesser Tree Swift" [i.e. today's Whiskered Treeswift] ssp. Hemiprocne comata major,
resp. the Comb-crested Jacana Irediparra g. gallinacea (nominate). If those taxonomic standpoints are
still accurate, or not, is unknown to me.

**For publication dates/years of Hachisuka's latter work, see p.iv, in Vol.2, Part 1 (i.e. first link above),
apparently originally edited/published in four parts: "... Pages 257 to 469, published 31st July 1935."



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